Whistleblowers Can Now Report Security Violations To The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

With an increase in the cases of fraudulent activities, there has been the need to safeguard whistleblowers’ rights. This way, they will be able to report any instances of violations to the authorities. To this end, the Congress passed a very crucial Act in 2010. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has […]

Lip Balm: Finding The Right One

With winter fast approaching it’s important to prepare for those little inconveniences now. Colds, snow and one very popular discomfort-chapped lips. Keeping your lips moisturized can prove to be a bit of a challenge during those dry months, but with the right product, you can certainly achieve comfortable lips this winter. There is a brand […]

What VTA Publications Has to Offer You

VTA Publications consultant Jim Hunt lately launched wealth wave which is a strategy he revealed where anybody could make money from a deteriorating stock market. He refers the plan as a riding wealth wave as it relates to a surfer catching that faultless wave and riding it all the way to achievement. Jim Hunt added […]

Come And Ride The Wealth Wave

VTA Publications advisor Jim Hunt launched a strategy to make money even in a falling stock market he calls Wealth Wave. According to him, it’s all about timing because when the market crashes, the money doesn’t just go away, but is transferred to somewhere or someone else. Through a series of webinars and DVD training […]

Success in life with The Midas Legacy

You can have the life you deserve. Everyone wants to achieve financial wealth and better health, and The Midas Legacy can help you get there. They want to help each person reach the desired level of success and health they want. They can help anyone reach this target. They are able to help individuals reach […]

New York City Real Estate Market Still Expanding

New York City’s large scale real estate developments, are mainly massive office projects. A 1-million square foot project in Long Island City, being undertaken by Tishman Speyer is the largest. The second largest is by Thor Equities. It is a 645,103 square foot office development on Red Hook’s waterfront. The sizes of the projects drop […]