Building Confidence through White Shark Media

At White Shark Media, increased growth through enhanced marketing campaigns is one of their primary goals for your business. As a digital marketing company that serves a growing need in the online business community, White Shark Media offers solutions–when you have a business, you want to ensure that people find you! With all of the […]

Thor Halvorssen’s Views

Thor Halvorssen was interviewed by Fox News’ The Intelligence Report about the heat the Bernie Sanders has caught lately about the well-known fact that he wants us to live in a socialist country. The first order of business and statement by the interviewer was that the people that are for him and want to vote […]

University Assigns Wikipedia Articles Over Essays

Lecturers over at the University of Sydney have decided to carve a new route for students in order to increase creativity, dedication, and interest while writing academic papers. Instead of the usual essay these lecturers have assigned students the tasks of making Wikipedia revisions and creating correctly informed Wikipedia article creation. While the majority of schools are […]

The Supreme Court Puts An End To A 226 Years Same Sex Marriage Stand Off By Legalizing Gay Marriage Countrywide

For over 226 years supporters of same-sex marriage have been fighting for legal recognition of this union under the laws of United States. In the more than two centuries period that this crusade has been going on, they have been making major steps to the right direction. Over the years, this group supporting same-sex marriage […]

Revolutionizing Hair: WEN by Chaz.

WEN by Chaz, best known as Chaz Dean, is a product line on the Amazon website that consists of his hard work, motivation and success. Chaz started out with a passion for photography, which later developed into an inspiration for cosmetology and then transformed into a creative product process. Being invited into the product development […]

Benefits of Investing in the US Money Reserve

  The US Money Reserve was established by the gold market veterans. These individuals recognized a need to pool expert market knowledge, customer service and trustworthy guidance that is necessary whenever purchasing precious metals. Being one of the largest distributors of the US Government issued precious metals in the country, they are able to work […]