Skout Surveys Online Friendships

In February, the second observation of International Online Friendship Day, marked the importance the role that social media plays in our increasingly connected lives today. Skout, a popular mobile app that allows people to connect, chat and meet, hosted more than 680 million connections last year, enabling people all over the world to increase their […]

Life in North Korea is Anything But Living

Not many photographs exist of Yeonmi Park in her youth. The few that remain speak volumes. No one featured in them is smiling. Yeonmi was born in North Korea where free expression does not exist. When questioned about life in North Korea, Yeonmi’s memories are as bleak as the subjects in the photographs. “It is […]

Stepping Outside the Box the Doe Deere Way

Doe Deere has become a beauty and fashion icon in recent years because she’s willing to step “outside the box” and break many of the rules that have controlled the fashion and beauty industry for years. To expand on her view, she even started her own beauty line called “makeup for unicorns” that definitely broadens […]

The Dog Food Industry Is Getting A Makeover

Just the thought of popping dog food in your mouth may make you squirm; Richard Thompson does just that to show how technology has changed dog food in recent years. Thompson is the CEO of the Freshpet Inc. brand, and is no stranger to having a bite of dog food. In fact, he regularly checks […]

Ross Abelow Works Hard For His NYC Clients

The legal system in New York City can be difficult to maneuver. There are hundreds, if not thousands of well-qualified attorneys that very for business every day. Handling anything from marital issues to bankruptcy; it doesn’t take much effort to find someone willing and able to take the case. However, one thing that must be […]

Giving Your Dog Luxury Dog Food

If you want your dog to have an unbelievable amount of healthy nutrients going through their body, them you really need to consider looking into giving your dog the best possible dog food on the market. There are all kinds of different luxury dog food options that can provide your dog with the best health […]