Success in life with The Midas Legacy

You can have the life you deserve. Everyone wants to achieve financial wealth and better health, and The Midas Legacy can help you get there. They want to help each person reach the desired level of success and health they want. They can help anyone reach this target.

They are able to help individuals reach their desired level of success by offering capital to those who have the potential and ability to help others in certain business areas. Those areas include finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, and natural health.

The entire process begins when a person consults with the company. When the client becomes a member on, then that person will receive a guide called The Midas Code, which is free. Then experts within the group will help the member get into the desired area of business they want to be involved with.

Experts within the company include those involved with the stock market, real estate, publishing, and more. These experts have the knowledge and experience to help any member wishing to live a happier and healthier life.

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Jim Samson is just one of these experts. He is a well known author, trading expert, entrepreneur, and success in the real estate business. He has about 20 years in the real estate industry and can help any member who wishes to be better off financially and retire early.

Mark Edwards is the natural health guru within the company on He is able to help you become healthier, the natural way. He is the one the drug companies don’t want you to be aware of. Many people think they need expensive medications to become healthier, but he will help you do that without giving your hard earned money to the drug companies.

Sean Bower is another example of an expert in the group. He is a best selling author and publisher in the area of finance. He can help anyone become wealthier by unlocking their secrets of wealth management.

The Midas Legacy contributes and gives back to the community. They consistently give to charities like The Wounded Warrior Project, which helps American military veterans. They also give to the Give Hope Foundation, and many more.

The Midas Legacy is the group for those who wish to live a life where they are able to retire early and with better health, the natural way. Peace and happiness can be reached, The Midas Legacy way.

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Twenty Three Layers Takes the Lauren Conrad Approach to Event Planning

In a recent article premier party planner, Lauren Conrad, had the honor of being mentioned as “the millennial Martha Stewart”. That is quite a statement but then she is quite the young woman and the praise is well due. At only 30 years old she has managed to conquer three separate industries with her fashion lines, nine books out eight of which have made the New York times’ bestseller list, now a successful party and event planning firm, more than 10 million followers on social media, not to mention her acting career which started when she was very young, she is a dynamo of success.

It’s not just her successful public life that has everyone around her envious however. She also has a great marriage to musician William Tell of former Something Corporate fame and now a solo recording artist. She attributes her marital happiness to the ability to compromise and her business success to the idea of not stressing too much about the little details and trying to be perfect but rather trying to make sure that everyone is comfortable in any environment.
It is the same philosophy of compromise, attention to detail that is not focused on perfection but rather comfort and natural feel, and a desire to make people genuinely happy that the team behind one of New York’s premier party and event planning companies, Twenty-Three Layers has when it comes to planning a social function for their clients. The firm’s founders have been compared to Conrad in their enthusiasm to please their clients and in their ability to pull off the seemingly impossible with ease. The idea is that the party should be near perfect, but that it shouldn’t BE perfect, t should look and feel as if it came about organically. Jessica Boskoff and Sarah Freedman have one goal for their clients. To create an unforgettable event that will enliven, enrapture and inspire guests in attendance.

The firm has unique and highly coveted relationships with some of the worlds must prestigious locations, vendors, and designers. They happily take on every challenge that is given to them, from a simple personal celebration to a romantic evening filled with whimsy, charm, and flights of fantasy, to a high-level corporate event or meeting to wedding related events that will leave everyone awestruck. No matter the event or party the women of Twenty-Three Layers are ready to take it on.

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New York City Real Estate Market Still Expanding

New York City’s large scale real estate developments, are mainly massive office projects. A 1-million square foot project in Long Island City, being undertaken by Tishman Speyer is the largest. The second largest is by Thor Equities. It is a 645,103 square foot office development on Red Hook’s waterfront. The sizes of the projects drop significantly from there. Three of the top 10 are residential buildings, one is a hotel and the rest are office buildings in Queens and Brooklyn.

With the New York real estate market continuing to expand, TOWN Residential has become one of New York’s front runners in luxury real estate services. They have a team of knowledgeable people who understand the marketplace, allowing them to give top of the line customer service to all clients. The firm is one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York. Their reps are industry leaders who provide excellent service and expertise to their clients.

TOWN Residential has a winning formula for unsurpassed industry experience and knowledge. They have a pool of talent that is unsurpassed in the industry. TOWN is leading the industry as a preeminent luxury real estate services firm. They are committed to transparency of all proprietary data. Through the end of 2016 second quarter they had transacted over $1.225 billion in total sales and leases. For 2015, they did a total of $2.7 billion in sales and leases. The company is a licensed real estate broker in partnership with Buttonwood Residential Brokerage LLC and Thor Equities, LLC.

Twenty-Year Swiss Banking Veteran Mike Baur Is Manufacturing New Companies

The Swiss have always been successful creating and building useful items that reek with quality. The Swiss are precise, and they strive for perfection no matter what the task. No one knows that better than former Swiss banker, Mike Baur. Mike Baur spent 20 years of his life in the private Swiss banking industry. During those years, Baur developed a high-profile client list that listened to his investment advice. Those investors continued to be successful, but Baur wanted to expand his talents and focus on young businesses that had the components to be great, but they were missing some ingredients that could make them successful. Baur decided to fine-tune the components by offering an incubator-type program through his company, The Swiss Startup Factory.

Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, and he focused on the digital banking industry. New companies were getting started in a new banking model that save people money, reduced the threat of fraud and were promoting new financial planning methods. This new model was named FinTech by the companies that were born out of the huge banking system that was too burdensome, too money hungry and too out of touch with their clients’ needs. Baur saw the signs while he was with Sallfort, one of private investment banks in Switzerland.

The Swiss Startup Factory is unique in several ways. Baur developed a three-month accelerator program that helps companies address financial, accounting, marketing, operations and networking challenges. The Swiss Startup Factory gives these companies office space, office equipment, and intense training on the topic that will make or break them when they enter the local and the global market. The idea of a company that acts as an incubator for other companies is not new, but the Swiss Startup Factory expanded the incubator concept, so its program is an all-inclusive training program.

Mike Baur gives the companies that signup for his program “the Swiss treatment” which focuses on precision, execution, and results. The results measure the success of the company and the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory has graduated several companies from the program, and all of them are doing great in the Swiss market. Most of the graduates plan to expand into the global market, but they are making sure that they are prepared. That is one of the points that Baur stresses in the Swiss Startup Factory’s accelerator program. Being prepared for anything is one of the basics of a profitable business.

Marc Sparks Helping Talented Entrepreneurs through Spark Tank

Marc Sparks is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist based in Dallas, Texas. Although he doesn’t have much of a formal education, having only graduated high school with a C+ in the year 1975, he has successfully founded and operated more than a dozen companies. He attributes all his success at what he does to his keen instinct. He also acknowledges God in everything that he has acquired. Marc has also written a book “They Can’t Eat You,” which can be found on Amazon. The book elaborates on his success journey.

Marc Sparks believes that with great success, comes greater responsibility. This is the reason why he is involved in numerous projects, giving back to the community and helping others raise their social statuses. It was in endeavor of this great course that Sparks decided to start Spark Tank.

The idea sparked from Lynne Sipiora, whom he met over 15 years ago and together have started a number of charitable projects. Lynne saw potential in entrepreneurs who had excellent ideas but had to means to materialize them. She managed to convince Sparks that tapping on such high raw talent would achieve high success, both for the entrepreneurs and the community.

Sparks welcomed the idea and together they started the Spark Tank. Spark Tank is a program that allows entrepreneurs get access to a $ 5, 000 grant to develop their ideas. This program is sort of a competition where applicants that have been recruited are given opportunity and resources to showcase their talent and what they would do if they got the grant. Read more:  What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From a Presentation and They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success

The recruitment for this program will be happening around mid- July of this year. All applicants are supposed to have filed their applications by then.

After the recruitment, those selected will be allowed to present their ideas on a designated date in August. Here the applicants will address the Spark Tank panel, will have to show their creativity, innovativeness and passion. Also, they will need to elaborate on what adjustments they would make to match the success achieved through their projects.

So who are eligible to apply? Companies in most industries are free to apply, including arts, human service and animal service. However, faith- based charities, United Way Charities, National Charities and Political Action Committees are not eligible for this program.

Through this program, Sparks hopes to reach to entrepreneurs within and without the boundaries of Texas. Entrepreneurs, who have the passion and everything else that it takes to succeed but do not have the capital. This program is bound to make the dreams of many seed entrepreneurs come true.

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