Twenty-Year Swiss Banking Veteran Mike Baur Is Manufacturing New Companies

The Swiss have always been successful creating and building useful items that reek with quality. The Swiss are precise, and they strive for perfection no matter what the task. No one knows that better than former Swiss banker, Mike Baur. Mike Baur spent 20 years of his life in the private Swiss banking industry. During those years, Baur developed a high-profile client list that listened to his investment advice. Those investors continued to be successful, but Baur wanted to expand his talents and focus on young businesses that had the components to be great, but they were missing some ingredients that could make them successful. Baur decided to fine-tune the components by offering an incubator-type program through his company, The Swiss Startup Factory.

Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, and he focused on the digital banking industry. New companies were getting started in a new banking model that save people money, reduced the threat of fraud and were promoting new financial planning methods. This new model was named FinTech by the companies that were born out of the huge banking system that was too burdensome, too money hungry and too out of touch with their clients’ needs. Baur saw the signs while he was with Sallfort, one of private investment banks in Switzerland.

The Swiss Startup Factory is unique in several ways. Baur developed a three-month accelerator program that helps companies address financial, accounting, marketing, operations and networking challenges. The Swiss Startup Factory gives these companies office space, office equipment, and intense training on the topic that will make or break them when they enter the local and the global market. The idea of a company that acts as an incubator for other companies is not new, but the Swiss Startup Factory expanded the incubator concept, so its program is an all-inclusive training program.

Mike Baur gives the companies that signup for his program “the Swiss treatment” which focuses on precision, execution, and results. The results measure the success of the company and the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory has graduated several companies from the program, and all of them are doing great in the Swiss market. Most of the graduates plan to expand into the global market, but they are making sure that they are prepared. That is one of the points that Baur stresses in the Swiss Startup Factory’s accelerator program. Being prepared for anything is one of the basics of a profitable business.