Labaton Sucharow Client Awarded $17M In Second Largest SEC Whistleblower Settlement

A SEC whistleblower represented by Labaton Sucharow, a New York law firm specializing in representing Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblowers, was recently awarded $17 million, the second largest settlement ever awarded to a person reporting SEC violations. The largest award was handed down in September 2014 for a reported $30 million. Read more:

The lead attorney in the case, Jordan Thomas, and his team at Labaton Sucharow successfully secured the monies for an anonymous client that provided valuable information regarding serious violations at a major financial institute.

“My client blew the whistle when others in the financial services industry were content to remain silent and allow investors to be harmed,” said Thomas, who is a leading SEC whistleblower attorney and Chair of Labaton Sucharow’s Whistleblower Representation Practice.

Congress implemented the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010 to assist and protect people who report SEC violations in the financial services industry. The SEC Whistleblower Program, which is nearing its 6th year, monetarily rewards clients with 10 to 30 percent of the monies garnered through successful monetary penalties over $1 million.

The SEC’s Whistleblower Program is funded with monies collected from financial institutes that have violated SEC regulations and not from money taken from wronged investors. The SEC believes that the practice of offering incentives to anyone with valuable information regarding securities fraud is beneficial for the whistleblower as well as investors.

As a Whistleblower Representation Practice, the Labaton Sucharow litigation program protects SEC whistleblowers’ identities to guard against possible retaliation. The SEC allows anyone to report federal securities violations anonymously and if the client chooses to make their identity known, the SEC Whistleblower Program assures representation against reprisals, blacklisting, and loss of employment.

Labaton Sucharow has advocated and protected SEC whistleblowers for more than 50 years with the use of internal financial analysts, forensic accountants, and investigators familiar with state and federal law enforcement practices.

As the SEC whistleblower lawyer that represented the first plaintiff to receive a whistleblower award, Jordan Thomas believes that the courage exhibited by whistleblowers protects the public. “In the coming years, I predict that many of the SEC’s largest and most significant cases will be the result of courageous whistleblowers. This is just the beginning,” he says.

Securus Releases Their Best Choice For Prison Calling Technology

Securus has been the best place for people to make prison calls, and there are a lot of people who are trying to make sure they can get their calls into the jails. This means that they are able to make a secure call, and it also means that they can be like me and get in touch when they want to. There are many ways to do this, and I have been able to place video calls with Securus because they have been so helpful.

They also have a lot of information about how police can find people with voice patterns. Their technology is really helpful, and it helps a lot of people who might actually be stuck in jail. I have friends who are in jail for things they did not do, and it is possible that they might get the information that they need from Securus. I hope that Securus will also continue to upgrade their video calling app because it helps them be sure that people like me can make calls to the prison. It is very easy for someone like me to get what I need, and it is also important for me to be sure that I can call when I need.

I have trusted Securus for a long time, and I believe that they are the best thing that has happened to people like me. We are trying to be sure that we can aid my friend and other people who are most in need, and I hope that we can prove that these people deserve more help. The Investigator Pro could help a lot of people, and it I know that the video calling is something that is changing lives every day. Contact with a friend in jail has really helped ease my mind.


Not Just Fabletics: Don Ressler

Mixing the internet with beauty has proven to be a ludicrous and profitable market, in the last few years, but Don Ressler has excelled at creating some of the most well known brands. An early start in the world of business gave Ressler a taste of success, when he sold to Intermix Media. From then on, the bar was only raised for Ressler. Joining forces with the then COO of Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg, a new media idea was born: Alena Media. For a time, the hub of e-commerce focused business did well, until the parent company Intermix Media was sold to News Corp. The takeover allowed the profitable project to fall to the wayside, frustrating Ressler and Goldenberg; the pair decided to try their hands at striking it out on their own.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg gathered a group of other Alena Media alum, and spent two weeks brainstorming in Goldenberg’s living room. Intelligent Beauty became the new brain-child of this knowledgeable pair. When Intelligent Beauty was founded, Ressler wasted no time in recreating a direct-to-consumer business model, giving the company a perfect way to use the internet to it’s advantage on. The first venture of Intelligent Beauty was an online cosmetics and skincare boutique named DERMSTORE, a well known and well loved storefront. Two years later, the Intelligent Beauty team launched SENSA, a popular weight-loss system.

Even if you haven’t heard of the first two of Ressler and Intelligent Beauty’s ventures, it’s almost impossible not to have heard of JustFab. Launched in 2010, the subscription based fashion retailer became wildly successful. In the first two years of JustFab’s life, six million people subscribed to the service, earning Ressler and Intelligent Beauty a strong foothold in the online beauty market.

Don Ressler continued to help bring innovation to the company. After a look at analytics from JustFab’s customer base, Intelligent Beauty realized that most of the people buying their products were parents, quickly giving way to the birth of JustFab Kids.  Ressler and Intelligent Beauty went on to introduce Fabletics with spokesmodel Kate Hudson. Both of these new branches of JustFab did extremely well for Ressler and his team, and led to the inevitable introduction of the JustFab menswear line, FL2.


update: JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group

I Scored Big By Switching My Family Over To FreedomPop

Being a mother who has three children, I think everything is expensive. Since all my children are teenagers, I felt we all needed to stay in touch with one another, so getting cell phones was absolutely necessary. The only problem with getting cell phones is the fact that they would cost a fortune, and a company I chose to get service from was charging our entire family $300 each month for service. I was bewildered by all of those charges, and I switched to FreedomPop when I found out about their service prices. We all had our own cell phones that worked on FreedomPop when we made the switch.

Since FreedomPop offers unlimited plans that start at $20 each month, I knew it was a good choice to switch over to their company. I don’t know why the other company was charging such high fees for our cell phone service. Making the switch to FreedomPop has saved me $220 each month, and that’s a lot of money to save for a family of four. I still can call my kids whenever I need to, and the best part about the plans we have is the fact that the data is included.

Not only do we get all the text messages and phone calls we can use but data as well. The data is extremely important because of the fact that I use it for my GPS whenever I have to drive the kids somewhere that I’ve never been before. All my kids love applications, and one kid in particular loves playing games, so having the data is that much more important to them. Since the data is always usable, even if it’s at 3G speeds, I never have to worry about an extra bill for the data that they are no doubt overusing.

I’ve added an extra gigabyte of 4G LTE data to my phone for certain purposes, and it only cost me an extra five dollars each month, which is still an incredibly great deal. I love that when we traveled to another part of the United States, we still were able to use our phones freely because FreedomPop has great coverage. I’ve done a FreedomPop review on my own to prove that they are the company to choose when looking for great cell phone service. I’m also impressed that it wasn’t necessary to buy new phones for the family because FreedomPop accepts unlocked phones from other carriers.

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Why TOWN Residential is Considered a New York Real Estate Powerhouse

TOWN Residential is a prominent NYC real estate company that specializes in residential luxury rentals, sales, marketing, and new development projects. The company is keen on defining New York neighborhoods and offering quality luxury residential properties to its trusted clientele.

Background of TOWN Residential

The company burst into the New York real estate scene back in 2010. As a new startup, it quickly rose up the tough real estate market in New York to become one of the most profitable companies in the city. It identified a market niche in the luxury property market within the city and immediately exploited it. Effective management has allowed the company to become highly successful in under 5 years of operation.

Today, Town Residential has firmly cemented its place as part of the top crème of the New York Real estate space. It has successfully established a firm foundation and continues to build on this foundation to ensure its dominance within the luxury market. Its customer service has been praised as best-in-class in the sector.

Products and Services

TOWN is currently an integral cog within the real estate landscape of New York. The company has specialized in the leasing, marketing, and sale of luxury residential property developments that include retail and commercial. In its short time in the market, TOWN has succeeded in establishing a high standard of service and excellence within this lucrative industry.

Management of the Company

Perhaps the biggest asset that TOWN Residential has is its competent, hardworking and experienced team of employees. The firm is led by a skilled management team that includes founder and current CEO, Andrew Heiberger. Andrew has successfully steered the real estate startup since its inception in 2010. The company’s Chief Operating officer is Jacqueline Pestana.

In the sales department, there are 4 managing directors including Ari Lefauve, Juliet Clapp, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Dorothy Sexton. Other departments in the company include Marketing and Leasing, New Development, corporate & Creative, and Commercial.

All the staff of TOWN possess unrivaled industry knowledge and years of collective experience. By establishing a winning formula of quality leadership and unique organizational culture, TOWN has proven that indeed, human resource is one of the most important assets that a business owns.

The excellence of TOWN’s management is proven by the company’s numerous industry accolades including Best Firm to Work For. In 2015, it was honored as one of the 50 best companies to work in within New York City.

TOWN New Development

This division focuses on all new development projects carried out by the company. In order to remain relevant and retain a competitive edge, TOWN has identified the need to become innovative and offer customers value for their money. The New Development division is tasked with market analysis and research, pre-development planning, Marketing, branding, advertising, and carrying out active sales operations.

TOWN New Development has established a rich network of industry specialists including contractors, architects and interior designers. It is concerned with maximizing value to meet and exceed customer expectations. Today, TOWN Residential has proven that it is an industry force to be reckoned with.

Hair By Wen Makes One Week Test A Success

What happens when a woman chooses to put a product in a week long test to prove its worth? Will she use the product again or will she say it is a bust? can answer that question with a recent article. The girl purchased the product and decided to do her own research.

One week long would give her the time to get the answers she needed about the Wen hair by Chaz Dean hair care cleansing conditioning product. Wen by Chaz began advertising this product on QVC. Chaz Dean introduced the product to the world. This amazing amino acid, vitamin rich formula made a splash among the rich and famous clients in California. Now will it pass the test of a person that works at a salon?

Days one, two, and three proved to be a repeat of each day. The young woman would jump in the shower in the morning before work and by the next morning, she would need to repeat. The Wen gave her hair a lot of extra oils, bounce, and shine. Her hair was thicker and her co-workers and friends made comments on how great her hair looked. She woke one morning and was running late for work. Unfortunately, her hair was oily again. She skipped the shower and chose to wash her hair at work with another shampoo and conditioner. She noticed the difference immediately because her hair went flat.

The whole week her hair looked remarkable. It had the bounce and shine just like the Wen hair commercials. It was thick again but curls did not stay in long. Her hair was so nourished that her hair did not hold a lot of curls. It did have a lot of body and smelled so good. Each week she may choose to wash her hair with the Wen but as a whole, she may use another shampoo to help keep her cost down. Wen was wonderful and gave her hair back some life.

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