Securus Has Made My Work As A Cop Easier

I know that this sounds crazy, but working as a cop is a lot easier because of the video calling system that was created by Securus. I need to have information that often comes from people who are in jails around the country. This is not like the old days when you called the jail and they put the guy on the phone. You have to have an account, and it helps to see these people when you talk to them. That is why I am using Securus, and they even got a BBB certificate which shows that they do this better than anyone.


I have to place calls to guys all the time who might be able to tell me something important, but I cannot leave the city every time I want to just to talk to one person. That is where I can use Securus to see these people on video. I get what I need, and they can see that I am not just pumping them for information without caring about their situation. We usually have nice talks this way, and it helps them to see that I am a human who is just trying to do their job.


The Securus system has helped me to get information many times, and I am very happy with the way it works. They have given me the video calls that I need to talk to people who are most in need, and I am glad that I can keep using it every day. This means that someone that I want to talk to can at least have a nice talk with me without thinking that I am just a voice on the phone. I can also do this above board because these people can see me. There is no hiding with Securus.


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