Chris Burch Understands Technology Innovations

Technology is one of the most popular business markets in the world today. Over the past few decades, technology innovations have helped to change the way millions of people live on a daily basis. With technology innovations in recent years such as WiFi, smartphones, broadband, and the Internet, the world has become a digital world in many ways. People are able to go online to do many things that once required people to physically go to locations to accomplish the desired tasks.


Among the major innovations that the technology industry has brought to the public over the past few decades, one of the most popular has been mobile devices. Technology such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones have given people the opportunity to go almost anywhere and still do whatever is desired. These technology innovations along with many others have all worked together to make the technology industry probably the most influential industry in the business world.


Technology has become so popular and useful that technology innovations have become news outside of the technology industry. Technology innovations and devices are seen as much in commercials, on the news, and in stores as other popular market items. Technology has become a personal statement. It use to be that technology was purchased to accomplish specific tasks. Today, technology is still purchased to accomplished tasks, but technology is also purchased for other reasons that include style, popularity, and trends.


With the explosion of technology use in the world along with the impact that technology innovations have made in the world, companies in other business markets are trying to utilize technology in a variety of ways to uplift the companies or catapult the companies to higher levels. One of the markets that is using technology to make an impression is the fashion market. For several years, the fashion market has been using technology as part of fashion designs to highlight the designs.


The use of technology and fashion together has been an ongoing trend in the fashion market. People have responded well to the use of technology with fashion. One of the business people who has a firm understanding of how fashion and technology can work together to take both markets to higher levels is Chris Burch.


A well-known executive in the business world, Chris Burch has guided numerous companies to success in his professional career. Chris Burch has a unique talent for understanding what is needed in a particular market to develop a successful company. He has used this talent on many occasions to develop successful companies in various business markets.

Karl Heideck Knows The Law

Litigation is often a complex and highly misunderstood process for most lay people to have a firm grasp of. However, the reality is that in today’s world, the odds are increasingly great that either you will find yourself taking someone to court or that someone will be suing you. The litigation itself is simply the act of bringing in a dispute to a court of law, for the purpose of deciding the outcome of the matter.

The person who brings the case to the courts is known as the Plaintiff. In general, the plaintiff will demand that the person who is being sued known as the Defendant, perform some act of restitution, which is often monetary.

If the litigation process is accepted by the courts then the Plaintiff is expected to begin the discovery process. This process is generally an investigatory procedure to obtain information to prove the guilt of the Defendant. Once the process begins, the Defendant also has the right of discovery to know what the Plaintiff’s case has in their possession. This can allow for the Defendant to more adequately prepare their defense.

Karl Heideck Temple University
Karl Heideck Temple University Alum

Karl Heideck, is one such litigator, out of Pennsylvania. His experience covers a wide variety of court proceedings including but not limited to banking and commercial oriented litigation. His experience also covers risk management and assisting ADA’s with preparation for pre-trial hearings. He has a great deal of experience with women who have been harassed online and worked to review documentation during the discovery period of a very crucial pharmaceutical case.

Karl Heideck earned his Bachelor of Arts from the well respected Swarthmore College in his home state of Pennsylvania. He furthered his legal education by earning his Juris Doctor degree from the renown Temple University James Beasely School of Law, where he studied Constitutional Law, Contracts, as well as Criminal Law, to name only a few.

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His experience as a Certified Legal Intern garnered him experience for the Montgomery County District Attorney while attending law school. Karl Heideck is a practicing litigator for law in Philadelphia, but some of his most evident accomplishments can be best viewed from his Facebook campaigns. Karl Heidwick’s success has allowed him to assist many lawyers to win their cases for their clients through his time spent researching documents pertaining to important legal cases.

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Dallas Man Charged For His Reviews That Ruined A Company’s Reputation

In the world of online reputations, bad reviews can set a business apart from another, in a bad way. One company in Dallas took the reception of bad reviews to a whole new level. This company had a man arrested for his negative thoughts posted on a blog.

This man in question, William Laurence Stanley, was charged in federal court for his blog posts about merger and acquisitions company, Generational Equity. Last year in fact, Stanley was convicted of extorting the company he once worked for after threatening to ruin their reputation unless they paid him.

Generational Equity is now claiming the charge of retaliation. Stanley owned a SEO business and claims that his controversial posts were written before he was released from federal custody. He was arrested on November 30th, 2016 after Generational Equity filed a complaint with the FBI for Stanley’s reviews.

According to Generational Equity, Stanley’s posts have already cost them around $75,000 in potential sales and could stand to lose up to $50,000 per day. Stanley is on the defense, claiming his rights to free speech. He claims that no posts were slanderous in nature as they were true. He is seeking a trial, mounting a First Amendment defense.

There is a hitch in his First Amendment defense, however. Not all comments made online are protected by the country’s Constitution. Experts from believe that all Stanley’s defense will come down to whether his statements posted online are stated as fact or as an opinion.

Stanley’s indictment claims that he posted false comments and reviews about Generational Equity as retaliation against them for reporting his previous crime to the FBI. Stanley claims that he was initially hired by the company for “black hat SEO work” and that the company is involved in illegal activities.

He pleaded guilty at his initial trial, under charges of extortion. Stanley then received 3 years in prison plus an additional 3 months of probation. In the beginning of November, another prohibition was added to those conditions. Stanley was not allowed to post things online that regarded victims without the permission of the probation officer.

Stanley claims he created these posts before this new condition was added, which contained links to about 67 articles and complaints about Generational Equity. Stanley maintains his innocence and also claims that Generational Equity lied to the FBI.


Anthony Petrello a Lifetime of Support and Success

Tony Petrello is an amazing leader based out of Houston Texas who operates within the oil and gas drilling industries. His long tenure as Chief Operating Officer for Nabors Industries continues to be a shining example of exactly how resilient and reliable Anthony is.

Anthony Petrello has a large presence as a philanthropist, his efforts of which him and his wife have grown very fond of. His career stands out as a shining example of how someone can be a businessman while actively being an incredibly influential charitable worker. Petrello’s role as the COO for Nabors Industries has had a large global impact on companies all over the world setting a standard for those in command.

How Petrello’s Philanthropy Began

Unfortunately Anthony Petrello’s daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth. The birth of his daughter pushed Anthony and his wife Cynthia to want to do something to help others in need. Raising a daughter with cerebral palsy proved to be a challenge that would impact Anthony Petrello with his career at Nabors Industries and as a philanthropist.

Continued Support

Anthony and Cynthia Petrello have donated $5 million dollars to help support the initiatives of the Texas Children’s Hospital. The couple has further pledged another $2 million dollars to be donated in the future. Their support continues to be an invaluable gift to the hospital that has allowed it to continue its search for cancer cures and treatments, especially for children with neurological disorders as inspired by their daughter.

The Perfect Role Model

Anthony’s support and success are thanks to a lifetime of hard work. His rise to COO of Nabors Industries has allowed him to spread a global message of generosity and support. Their daughter Carena’s illness has inspired the Petrellos in a professional and charitable manner to continue to share this message to youth and adults alike. Anthony Petrello serves as a businessman for youth to have as a role model in which to strive for personal success and also learn how to support charity and help strengthen others. Petrello’s work as COO has continued over the last several decades to be an incredibly inspiring leadership that is sure to continue for years to come.

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A Career of Success in the NYC Search Industries Supports Uncommon Schools

NYC entrepreneur Keith Mann is an avid supporter of today’s generation when it comes to seeing them finish high school and attend college. Mann has a business degree which has allowed him to become a successful businessman in NYC, and he and his wife know that someday in the future, this generation will be the leaders of the country, and he wants them to be prepared.

Partnering with Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann believes that with the right circumstances, every student could attend college after high school and this would benefit NYC and the U.S. with a great generation of leaders.

In 2013, Mann partnered with Uncommon Charter Schools because they shared the same vision for young people. Uncommon Schools began in Brooklyn and now has expanded into Massachusetts and New Jersey. His first donation was $10,000 for the building of the second Brooklyn school, and then the following year, Mann, combined with other businessmen from DSP, and together contributed $22,000 towards the required testing for new students. Last year, Keith and his wife Keeley founded a college scholarship fund for graduating students.

Dynamic Search Partners is at the Top of NYC Alternative Search Industry

Keith Mann began his career in the search industry when he founded Dynamic Executive Search in 2000. Mann grew up in Manchester England where he was a member of the Animal Liberation Group. This group rescues animals who are being abused, including animals that were being used to test new products. Keith had a heart for these animals because he grew up on a farm, so he was extremely active in saving animals from abuse.

After business school, where he met his wife Keely, he settled in NYC to increase the executive search industry. In 2004, he realized that services for the hedge fund and private equities agencies were lacking.

In 2007, he founded his second company, Dynamic Search Partners, to address those industries. Today, DSP has offices in Europe and Australia and has one of the largest databases in the U.S. In less than a decade, DSP has become one of the top alternative search firms in the U.S.

Buying a New Home in Brazil From Construcap

Buying a new home is an exciting process for many people. There are a lot of things to take into consideration before you buy a home. Construcap can help you during that process. Not only do they have a lot of experience in this area, but they are willing to go the extra mile in doing so. Construcap is a great company that takes the wishes of customers in mind over the long term. This is why the company has done so well in recent years. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to working with this company in buying a home in the future.


If you want to work with a company that has a lot of knowledge in the real estate industry, Construcap is the perfect solution for you. A lot of people want to work with a company that can help them make the right decision. With the real estate market moving quickly in Brazil, a lot of people are worried about missing out in the market. There are many buyers who are looking to purchase a home, and there is simply not enough inventory in a lot of areas to satisfy the needs of the people there. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, this is a great company to work for.

Final Thoughts

Over the long term, buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you can make. It is important to make wise investments into the future so that you can grow your wealth. There are a lot of buyers who are working with Construcap right now, simply because they have a lot of knowledge in the real estate market. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, this is the way to go. A lot of people are excited about buying a new home in this hot real estate market. You can take advantage of the market as well.

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Devco Brings Its Expertise To New Jersey Cities

Devco appears in articles from the Press of Atlantic City often as they are developing much of New Jersey. The company prepares loans and financial products for cities in the state who wish to develop, but they do so with a hands-on approach. This article will show why Devco is unique in their approach, and the savvy city manager will consider DEVCO for a new partnership.

#1: Devco Uses Industry Development Standards

Devco uses industry development standards that are appropriate for their clients. They do not loan money blind to cities with the hope of seeing their cash again. The company sends executives who work exclusively in development, and the executives talk over the process of developing with the city. A plan is agreed upon, and contractors are hired.

#2: Selecting A Proper Location

According to Atty. Chris Paladino, the location of a new development must be chosen with great care. Devco will survey the city for a proper location, and they often focus on areas that are underdeveloped. The whole of America does not rise all at once because development cannot happen concurrently in every community. Devco finds a portion of the city that will welcome new businesses, and they work out a deal to strip the land and start over.

#3: What Is Built?

Multi-use developments are created that include residential properties, commercial developments and retail centers. The area sees new jobs stream in, and they will benefit from tax revenue that is collected. Devco directs building of one project, and businesses will visit with their own ideas for the community. Sparking the fire in the community is the purpose of Devco’s presence.

Every city in New Jersey that requires a new development may approach Devco for assistance. Building anew will offer revived opportunities for everyone who lives around the newest of buildings.