CEO And President Talks About The Future

The President and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank Capital Inc., John Holt, recently addressed the Texas Bankers Association during their 5th annual strategic opportunities and M&A conference. The conference was held in New Orleans, Lousiana. The discussion that Holt joined in was how to reinvent community banking through innovation. The association gives business leaders like John Holt a forum to have discussions with other leader, consultants, and advisors about the challenges in this field as well as to identify opportunities.

NexBank Capital is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and was founded in 1934. The bank has four locations in Texas and has grown into the 14th largest bank in the state. The bank specializes in Mortage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. NexBank also offers checking, savings, money market, and CD’s to their clients with some of the highest interest rates around including 1.25% on a 12 month CD and 1.45% on a 2 year one.

In addition to John Holt, the senior leaders of NexBank include Chief Operating Officer Matt Siekielski, Chief Financial Officer Craig Korbuly, and Senior Managing Director Craig Campbell.

The company recently partnered with the nonprofit Dallas Neighborhood Homes, along with Habitat for Humanity, in order to provide affordable housing loans to disadvantaged families in the Dallas area. In specific, they will target certain Dallas Zip codes in the southern half of the city in order to provide at least 100 loans a year for 5 years for low-income families looking to purchase their first home. In another act of philanthropy, NexBank has also sponsored Lemonade Day on May 7th 2016. This program was designed to teach young students in how to start, found and operate a company using classic business techniques and to foster a sense of entrepreneurship and leadership among the younger people of the Dallas community.

A Review Of How ClassDojo Is Enhancing The Learning Experience

In many schools learning is left to the students and teachers to take care of. Parents are only invited to contribute to the process towards the end of the terms and this does not offer the needed exposure for the students to effectively deal with the problems they are presented with while learning. There are many challenges that require the inclusion of both teachers and parents in the decision making process and in the event solutions are delayed, students lose a lot. However, such kinds of scenarios are no longer things to worry about because the ClassDojo application is offering awesome solutions that are ideal for both teachers and parents.

ClassDojo is a new mobile application that has been offering teachers, parents and students a seamless way of connecting in conversations that are useful to the development of the students. Parents are allowed to share video messages and teachers can do the same in real-time, which allows teachers to offer feedback to parents regarding the progress of students. One of the major benefits of the application is that in the event of a problem among students, respective parents are able to be invited to help in the delivery of a solution that allows their students to resume learning.  Based on

Since inception in 2012, the App has been adopted by 2 in 1 schools across the U.S. and is gaining in popularity. Most K-8 schools use this application and it has grown to a community where parents and teachers are able to control the progress of students by offering them an opportunity to conduct their studies free of problems. It offers many features for free and the founders are not focusing monetizing it, but getting it to grow to become one of the most useful tools for learning.  Check them on their page.

More about the application
ClassDojo is a mobile application that was founded in 2012 that created a learning community where students, parents and teachers can share. This is a tool that has helped to improve the classroom experience by availing new tools that are allowing parents to take part in supporting the learning of their children.

Today, at least 90 percent of schools in the U.S. use the ClassDojo application. It is a perfect platform, where students can air their issues and parents and teachers can deal with any challenges immediately they are posted. With immediate ways of dealing with problems, students gain more by having a conducive learning environment.

Hit this to know more about the App.

Secrets to Investing by Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen, a top investor, and banker in Brazil, said that banks in Brazil are able to tackle tough times by having knowledge of the market and experience. It was originally on that to provide a sense of security the banks led only to firms and individual who have high credit; despite the tough economy, major private banks experience a rise in shares. This leaves people with small credit to go to public institutions of just forget about getting financial assistance at; this affects the economy of the country negatively. Brazil is an attractive country, the natural resources and opportunity for growth of infrastructure makes in a target despite the unstable economy; again, it is the largest country in the continent and a very enormous food producer.

Igor Cornelsen gave the bare-bone of banking, before investing he says, you should know the basics so you can make wise decisions; he gave four basics. The first one, the real value of the real; the currency of Brazil has been overvalued, this make exports to lose competitiveness and create a currency deficit on Devaluation of currency will increase investments in industry and exports to be competitive, and the currency account too will stabilize.

Second basic according to Igor Cornelsen, Brazilian banks have ten major players. There only ten major private owned and state investment and commercial banks keeping in mind that Brazil has the largest economy in South America. The ten are Caixa Economica Federal, Banrisul, Banco Bradesco, Citibank Brazil, Banco Itau, Santander, Banco do Brasil, HSBC, Banco J Safra and
BTG Pactual.

Igor Cornelsen’s third basic is to pay attention to China; China being Brazil largest trading partner, growth in Chinese economy leads to growth in Brazil’s economy on Crunchbase. China is Brazil’s biggest competitor in exports of industrialized goods, and should always keep competitors closer so as to monitor the markets.

Lastly, Mr. Cornelsen said a fresh face would turn things around. Having a new member who was not previously there might help the economy improve. A person with expertise in the field will come up with new strategies to make everything better.

Genomic Research: Omar Boraie Makes a Remarkable Gift to the Cancer Fight

On October 21, 2015, NJ Biz released a story spotlighting cancer research at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. The reporting focused on the establishment of the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. For those who are unfamiliar with endowed chairs, they are widely considered the top standard of continued support for a university that commits to an academic discipline.

In this case, that discipline is cancer research, and the support comes in the form of a $1.5 million pledge from the new Omar Boraie Chair. The article goes on to explain that the chair is named after a New Brunswick developer, Omar Boraie, and is part of a campaign by Rutgers known as the “18 Chair Challenge”. The concept is that an anonymous donor will match the $1.5 million donations resulting in a $3 million endowment for each.

For many years, researchers have battled the scourge of cancer seeking to find more effective treatments and hoping to discover what has long been an elusive cure. According to, the research conducted at Rutgers focuses on the relatively new discoveries in the field of Genomics. The study of genes is rapidly changing the approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Understanding cancer on a genetic level allows oncologists to create precise therapies unique to each patient. Breakthroughs in this kind of precision medicine help doctors to become more efficient at classifying types of cancer. They can then more precisely identify and group cancerous cells by similar characteristics. Reaching higher levels of accuracy of genomic identification leads to much better outcomes for sufferers.

One significant result of genomic sequencing; providing greater value in treatment options to those with rare cancers. To this point, these patients were left with little hope because they have had treatment options that at best were limited, and at worst ineffective. The new research at Rutgers is beginning to help even those patients whose cancers are no longer responsive.

Mr. Omar Boraie is hopeful that his family’s pledge will encourage others to do the same. He is no stranger to chemistry, has long been interested in cancer research, and remains dedicated to moving the cancer research forward by developing translational clinical treatments. The entire article is available here.


Mike Baur Offers An Amazing Avenue For Talented Entrepreneurs To Build Ideas

Mike Baur has been on the headlines several times highlighting the positive effect he has offered to the world of entrepreneurship. He is the founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, an incubation center where talented startups can nurture ideas and get the needed support to build their portfolios. Mike Baur, through this center, offers a three months incubation program, which covers a number of topics including financing for those who lack the financial muscle to launch their ideas. Most importantly, the Swiss Startup Factory provides room for expert intervention, in which case entrepreneurs are able to interact with industry leaders.


Having such an environment allows startups to come up with even better ideas and to configure their arrangements for growth and success. Many of the entrepreneurs whose ideas were refined through this program are successful individuals running successful businesses in various specialties. The Swiss Startup Factory is an environment that brings together creative individuals and professionals who avail tools needed to speed up the progress of small ideas and later transition into bigger plans. Currently, the Swiss Startup Factory is the biggest incubation facility in Switzerland and its influence has continually been spreading across the country.


Business strategy formulation

Having a good idea is not enough for a business to succeed. There is need to have a strategy that is functional and designed to offer easy management. Most startups fail because they lack the strategy and capability to handle the stress that comes with entering into a new environment and this is one of the things the Swiss Startup Factory is looking to address. Having a clear strategy that points to the future and spells out the growth pattern of the startup makes the implementation process easy.


Post accelerator support

Once the three months incubation period is over, that does not mark the end of support to the startup. The Swiss Startup Factory monitors the progress of the startup for an additional five months to ensure all the ideas shared during incubation are adopted and used to build the business.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a renowned venture capital and the entrepreneur behind the establishment of Swiss Startup Factory. He worked in the banking industry for almost 20 years before he made a decision to exit the industry for entrepreneurship in 2014. He immediately went ahead and founded an incubation facility, the Swiss Startup Factory, which has been offering support to young entrepreneurs pushing for the development of their creative ideas.



Makari Helps Women Feel Confident In Their Skin

If there is one thing women crave, it’s gorgeous skin. Gorgeous skin is typically the first thing that someone notices and compliments another person on. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t born with perfect skin. We have to work hard to make ourselves look flawless with an even skin tone. Luckily there are products out there that help and drastically reduce any problem spots or areas. One of those products is Makari.

Makari means beautiful in Swahili and that’s exactly what it helps people achieve. Makari is a line of skin-whitening cream. Makari is a skin lightening cream line for those with dark skin tones. Dark skin is gorgeous but it can be hard to take care of. That’s where Makari steps in to help. Makari helps to create smooth and radiant skin. It does this by evening out the overall tone. It helps create a brighter and glowing look for those who use.

Makari has a whole line of products. They are the leader in skin care. This includes skin care for face, body, and everywhere in between. Makari also sells toners, serums, gels, lotions, soaps, and more! No matter what product you use, you can be rest assured that you are doing something amazing for your skin. Makari helps women feel confident in their skin. To learn more, visit