Duda Melzer: An Iconic Figure in the Brazilian and Global Business Circles

As the Chairman of the biggest media conglomerate in Brazil, the RBS Group, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is not a pushover in the global business world. The Chair title is very prestigious as it is given to the chairperson of shareholders in a business conglomerate in which the chairperson owns the majority of the shares in most cases. Duda Melzer, as his colleagues in business fondly call him, also doubles up as the president of the conglomerate. Besides RBS, Duda owns and manages two other companies in the media industry: Digital e.Brick and e.Brick Ventures. These two firms are doing well in the industry. His third company is wine.com.br, a wine shop that operates in most parts of the South American continent.

Duda’s Early Life

According to Clicrbs, the rise of Duda Melzer did not come as a surprise to many who understand his background. His grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, was the initiator of RBS Group and the top on the list of the most respected business figures of his time. Duda is also a native of Rio Grande do Sul, the state in which RBS Group is dominant.

The better part of Duda’s life was spent in the Rio Grande do Sul. After he was born there in 1972, he went on to attend his basic education in schools within the state. Later, he pursued his BA undergraduate at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, the most prestigious centers of academic excellence in the state.

His Life at Harvard

In a report by Acaert, Duda left his home state for the United States in his mid-20s in pursuit of an even higher education. In the United States, he enrolled in three different courses at Harvard University. The first course was an MBA while the other two were short courses in media management.

Work Experience

Before his entry into RBS Group, Duda had served as an executive in several organizations in the United States. Some of these organizations were Box Top Media, Delphi Corporation, and Booz Allen & Hamilton.

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