Let NuoDB Make Things Simpler, Faster, and Cost Effecient

NuoDB is ACID-compliant and is an advanced, elastic SQL database that will reduce time to market by leveraging application code already in existence and by keeping data management logic within the database. NuoDb will also lower your costs because disaster recovery is built right into the product so there is no need for any additional or expensive components. NuoDB delivers better performance, new features, and availability thanks to its simpler logic.

NuoDB’s architecture makes it possible to make optimizations around storage, replication, and redundancy without having to worry about disk limitations. You can run NuoDb in the environment of your choice and messages between NuoDB’s processes are automatically encrypted by default.

You can maximize all of your resources across many data centers within close-proximity and even minimize latencies through data locality. In-memory caches will automatically adjust for optimal workload performance without sharing the cloud database and you can add or remove compute power without stopping database services.

NuoDb can withstand failure at every level without the threat of bringing down your application and you can easily integrate policy management that is already established through its REST interface. With NuoDB, you can easily migrate applications to cloud, ANSI SQL, and distributed databases.

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