Rona Borre Narrates Her Success Story

Rona Borre serves as the chief executive officer at a woman-owned staffing company based in Chicago, Instant Alliance. In her recent interview, she confessed founding the company from a spare bedroom in 2001. Rona outlined the need for having great work ethic. She further mentioned the need to offer unique products and services.

During the interview, Rona stated that her success comes from the good relationship she established with her clients. In her statement, a good rapport is key to developing customer confidence. It also sets the pace and culture of operating the company. As a result, the good relationship makes both clients and recruits fit into the enterprise.

She added that hiring the staff of her company was challenging. While starting up, she outsourced experienced account executives. Hiring these experts was desirable, but on the contrary, it brought financial crisis in her firm. Being a start-up company, the resources were insufficient to meet their salary expectations.  For the full interview, hit

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For this reason, Rona settled to train her own staff to avert these challenges. To boost her business, she also came up with excellent data analytic systems to aid in cost-effective decision-making. Lastly, Rona’s success is as a result of her objective leadership skills.  Related article on

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