George Soros Protecting Minorities

George Soros is known as one of the most active philanthropists in the world. He single-handedly funs his global organization – Open Society Foundation and has directed more than $32 million and counting to it from his personal bank account. George Soros is also famous for his establishment of the Central European University in Budapest which is now the leader in social sciences in the region.For George Soros, the Open Society Foundation has been the center of his life and career. The Open Society Foundation focuses on spreading kindness, helping people in need, protecting minorities, and holding governments accountable for their actions. The name of the organization also signifies it main priorities as it carries the name of a philosophical concept, the one of an open society. Open society became important to George Soros back when he was studying at the London School of Economics before he moved to New York City in the United States.

Over the course of his life, George Sorors has learned the true power of money. According to his own words, money is what makes the world go round. He learned that after watching how the only reason he could lead a relatively normal life was because his father paid off an official back in Budapest to take him in. Later George Soros lived in England where banking was one of the few respected jobs, and so he studied Economics and Finance. After he moved to New York, George Sorors worked on Wall Street, and money proved to be the driving force of the city. Today in 2017 in the United States money is the main topic of discussion. With a president whose purpose in life is business, politics has turned into a land for business deals and bank account growth. George Soros was quick to realize the hidden agenda behind Trump’s candidacy for president, and so he started donating to the political campaign of the opposition.

Even though Hilary Clinton did not win, George Soros is working harder than ever to give more power to organizations that work for people instead of against them. George Soros has been targeted by the Republican speakers, but he has made it clear that his foundation and his philanthropy will oppose very illegal behavior of any institution including Trump’s government. George Soros has stated time and again that Trump is the embodiment of discrimination, negligence, and ignorance which prompts George Soros to double his efforts to protect minorities such as refugees, immigrants, the LGBT community, and more. In the meantime, many have wished for Soros to be president as his giving and acceptance of people has inspired millions of people to try and withstand the hardships of the next four years.

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