What Makes James Dondero A Darling for Dallas County

James Dondero has already made a name in the finance and hedge fund markets as one of the most successful investment portfolio managers of the 21st century. Over the last decades, James nurtured and groomed Highlands Capital from a small credit management firm to a multi-billion hedge fund with a global reach. However, the respect and admiration he commands in the financial circles cannot compare to the endearment and high value the people of Dallas have placed on the 54-year-old investment guru and philanthropist.

Despite the fact that James was born in Hoboken, N.J., he possesses a great admiration and has the interests of Dallas, his adopted city, at heart. This explains why he has localized most of his philanthropic activities as well as undertakes risky business decisions, especially in situations that affect the county or the Texas State. Here are some of the reasons James Dondero continues to draw immense admiration from his adopted county and its residents. Visit his website at jamesdondero.com.

He believes in Dallas and Texas

A clear indicator of his belief in Dallas and the well-being of the state to which it belongs was affirmed with his bold and risky decision to invest in Vista Energy. Even when all other investors either abandoned or gave up on the debt-ridden company, James insisted on staking his hedge funds capital towards the revival of the State’s largest power supplier. His efforts helped put the company back on its knees.

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Most of his philanthropic efforts are also highly localized and for the betterment of the lives of the Dallas residents. For instance, the Dallas Zoo was forced to close after its last hippo, the greatest attraction, died in 2001. Years later, Jim helped the zoo re-open its doors to the public with a $1 Million donation that the Simmons Zoo used to build a 5000-foot lodge that gives hippo-lovers a chance to view the strange creatures without having to travel to Africa.

Bottom line

On more than one occasion, James has expressed his love for the city and reiterated his readiness to invest and help uplift organizations and institutions that bring Dallas into the future. His actions have, therefore, allowed him to gradually and unknowingly create a legacy that few have established in the fast-growing city. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.com.

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