Highland Capital Management Gifts George W. Bush Centre Through Jim Dondero

Highland Capital Management decided to make a $10 million gift start to the Bush center at the start of 2018. HCM is known for supporting foundation, and so when it decided to stand with the Bush Center; it did not come as a surprise. It continues to support the center by donating $10 million. The news was announced on January 9, 2018 by the Dallas Press. The contribution is meant to help the Bush Center maintain ongoing projects, and public programs. HCM is officially the presenting sponsor of the center, and looks forward to working together for the benefit of the public. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

The Bush Center

The center brings together newsmakers, opinion leaders, and authors for thoughtful discussions throughout the year. The news concerning the contribution made by Highland Capital Management was announced by the Bush Presidential Center, Jim Dondero and Kenneth Hersh. Dondero is a co-founder of Highland, and was pleased to make the announcement. He expressed his excitement about the Bush Center, asserting that Highland was pleased to be part of the group that brings positive change to the society. Kenneth Hersh said that Highland has made great efforts to help the center reach where it is and pledged to continue supporting their causes. He thanked Dondero for his commitment to help the company through the endowment gift. Since 2012, HCM has contributed over $5 million to the center and funded the construction of the Bush facilities. Kenneth said that what Highland Capital has done over the years cannot be overlooked or underrated. They are committed and want to ensure programs made by the center push through. Read more at bloomberg.com.

Jim Dondero

When he was given a chance to speak, Dondero said that he was thrilled by the impact the Bush center has on the community. The center works hard to improve people’s lives, and that is why Highland Capital Management is happy to be part of the program. The Bush Center has important events like Engage Series, which encourage crucial dialogue about urgent policy issues. Without such discussions, the community would be stuck, hence HCM pledged to continue supporting the center. Highland is proud to be part of the team and the center’s vision. Jim Dondero was optimistic that the center can bring more positive changes if it gets the support it needs. Through the endowment gift, HCM will support several discussion events in the Engage Series. There will be an annual Highland Capital Lecture to keep discussions going.

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Fabletics Can Help People Succeed in Different Areas

Sometimes, working out can be easier if a woman feels good about herself while she is doing it. It can be something as simple as having a cute outfit or having something she can feel good about that will allow her to make positive changes in her life. Fabletics knew this when they started their company and they used that to show people what they were going to do to continue helping women. They designed clothes that would work for everyone and that led them to making all the right choices for their clothing company. They wanted people to make sure they understood what they were looking at and what they were doing with the clothes they had purchased from the company.


As long as Fabletics was making clothes, publications like the Huffington Post were telling people about them. The Huffington Post was especially impressed with how Fabletics had built their business and how they were continuing to thrive under the direction of celebrities like Kate Hudson who were doing their best to make the brand better. They knew what they could do and how they would be capable of bringing attention to different problems women had while they were working out.


For the brand to truly work, women who shopped there would have to make the right choices. They would need to take the Lifestyle Quiz. The quiz asked questions about what they were going to use the clothes for and how they were going to make them better. The stylists could then take the quiz and pick out clothes that would be perfect for each of the women. When they did this, it gave them a chance to try their best at making outfits and providing women with options that would not be too overwhelming for them.


As long as Fabletics was doing their best at making things better, they knew they would have to try and give the people what they wanted. Kate Hudson worked hard as the brand ambassador so she could show people what she thought they should do. In addition, she found different outfits and style inspiration she could use to create more outfits. There had been many different ways she was making things better for people and that’s what gave her the chance she needed to continue helping Fabletics out. It all went back to the business and how she could help it perform better.

The latest news and information from Oncotarget

Researchers and scientists studying treatments for Triple Negative Breast Cancer have discovered that the hormone-resistant cancer cells are more likely to accept treatment if they release a certain protein named Estrogen Receptor Beta. Specifically, the proteins which tells the cancer cells where to spread and divide, cyclin-dependent kinases, were affected. The Estrogen Receptor Beta can be found in patients without Estrogen Receptor Alpha, allowing researchers to narrow the target receptor down and further explore the effects. Because this form of cancer is particularly aggressive and spreads rapidly, researchers were very excited to discover this information. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

This discovery was tested in the lab on a mouse with the TNB breast cancer cells attached to it. The estrogen used helped slow or even prevent further growth, as well as potentially cause the tumor to regress. The head of the research department, Dr. Hawse, is looking forward to further evaluations in the lab as well as in animals. If they are able to move on to clinical trials, they believe this discovery might lead to improved effectiveness when treating Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9KZZbhJRXBvBdwE97az3GQ

The oncology publication Oncotarget provided four researchers with sponsorships to the Frontiers in Cancer Science 2017 conference. The conference was held in Singapore on November 6-8 and featured some of the world’s top scientists involved in studying potential treatments for cancer. The editor-in-chief of Oncotarget, Mikhail Blagosklonny, sponsored the researchers in order to present research on important topics in the field of oncology.

The researchers included Mohd Anas Shamsi from India, Rajni Kumari from India, Ruhi Sandeep Deshmukh from India, and Vladan Milosevic from Italy. Dr. Shamsi presented the latest information on treatments for renal cancer, while Dr. Kumari presented information on mutations of the enzyme Caspase-10. Dr. Deshmukh presented information on the regulator Cyclin F, and Dr. Milosevic discussed the resistance of tumors related to exposure to asbestos.

There were seven research institutes hosting the conference. Research institutes from Singapore included the Cancer Science Institute, the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, and the Genome Institute. Other institutions included Duke-NUS Medical School from the United States and Singapore, as well as the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine. Learn more at researchgate.net

Jason Hope: Internet of Things and the Future of Technology

The Internet of Things is a concept that guides the development of integrated systems. It governs the way that multiple devices can be interconnected while articulating methods for revolutionary sharing capabilities. It provides the foundation for an excellent user experience as well as cross platform compatibility.

The Internet of Things is an important way that technology will continue to expand and develop with the customer in mind. A decentralized approach to integration is clear with this system, as multiple devices and methods can be used to connect the Internet of Things along with other systems.

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to changing the way technology is implemented and analyzed. There are some clear advantages when it comes to improving user experiences. For example, The Internet of Things can influence cyber security threats and the safety of information stored online.

Getting improvements in the process means that it is necessary for greater attention to detail and advancement of core principles throughout electronic technology mediation. There are a lot of results that are possible when the Internet of Things is applied effectively. Jason Hope explains the value of this infrastructure and the persistent need for businesses to address the IoT when designing new systems.

The way that users interact is constantly growing. The IoT revolution takes this into account and increases the ways that technology is integrated with existing methods and systems. There are a lot of advantages to the IoT because it defines and articulates core systems and infrastructure that governs good user experience.

Jason Hope is a valuable resource in this discussion because of his years of experience. There are technical aspects of design as well as implementation that Jason Hope advises to know about in order to have an understanding of technology today. For example, understanding how the Internet of Things continues to advance will help facilitate a well rounded perspective when it comes to how technology works to better the quality of human life.

Not only does this ebook educate, but it provides a brief run down of the advantages that IoT will have in our lives. It explores key concepts about the way that the IoT will make things easier and foster positive relationships between people and their devices. Using the Internet of Things is a valuable way that projects can be developed with the most cutting edge infrastructure kept in mind at large.

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End Citizens United Targets Vulnerable Republican Seats

The upcoming midterms look to be promising for Democrats. The polls indicate great enthusiasm for Democratic voters and the interest in getting big money out of politics is strong. People want to take back power from the lobbies that have taken over politics and it seems that this is the perfect chance. End Citizens United is one of the most important PACs behind the recent grassroots efforts to fight big money in politics and they have their eyes set on taking on 20 Republicans they believe are higlhy vulnerable in 2018. If their work pays off, we may be able to turn things around and change them for the better.

The Republicans most at risk of being replaced are in California. California is generally a left leaning state and that opens up an opportunity to change things if the right moves are made. End Citizens United feels confident they will be able to make a big difference because the Republicans in California appear to have much greater involvement in big money politics than others do. This means a grassroots movement based around giving people the power to fight back against the likes of corporations could do exceptionally well in the 2018 midterms.

End Citizens United has a goal shared by a vast majority of voters. Most people do not want to see corporations treat donations as free speech and they want to see their voices heard. The current political market seems to favor this kind of sentiment and the interest in fighting back against the work of the corporate interests is exactly what End Citizens United is about. The end goal of fighting the unfortunate ruling of the Citizens United ruling is going to take time to change, but we can make significant inroads if we act whenever possible in finding a way to solve things.

California is going to be an interesting place when th 2018 mid terms come around. Although it isn’t attracting as much attention as certain other races, nobody can deny that the seats up for grabs this year are scaring Republicans. Their lost in Alabama last year has proven that there is a way for Democrats to make a comeback when the conditions are right. Many people want to believe that Trump and the economy will keep big money politicians safe. We can certainly see for ourselves that this isn’t going to be the case and that a tidal wave is coming. The only question is how large the tidal wave is and who will be caught in it. If End Citizens United has its way, we’re going to see a lot less of the big money types in our politics come November 9 2018.

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Lifeline Screening and Longevity

Lifeline Screening gives individuals access to in-depth heart health screenings. People who want to take control of cardiovascular wellness, because of that, are now learning a lot more about them. Individuals who have questions about the conditions of their hearts are now turning to these comprehensive assessments.

Seemingly countless people in the United States pass away due to cardiovascular disease on an annual basis. 600,000 of them do, believe it or not. Statistics suggest that close to 25 percent of all fatalities can be traced back to cardiovascular disease in some way. It, as a result, is the leading death cause for people of both genders in the nation. Studies show, too, that a significant fraction of these deaths could potentially have been stopped. Lifestyle and diet adjustments may have been able to keep many of these cardiovascular disease victims alive, strong and healthy.

People can do so many things to lead lifestyles that are full of wellness. It can help significantly to receive critical preventative screening tests as well. These vital tests have the power to pinpoint issues prior to their worsening. They often have the ability to identity health issues that haven’t yet brought upon conspicuous symptoms as well. People can get a lot out of these regular tests. These tests in many cases prompt individuals to adjust their lifestyles and behaviors in dramatic ways. They sometimes prompt people to eat diets that are markedly more nutritious and balanced. They sometimes give people the incentive to get sufficient exercise, too. High-quality physical activity sessions can do wonders for people who want to live longer. They can do a lot for people who simply want to revel in enhanced wellness, too. The same goes for nutritious eating patterns.

Heart disease can be a pretty insidious and intimidating thing. It can affect unware individuals for extended stretches of time, too. It isn’t unusual for people who have heart disease to be 100 percent devoid of noticeable symptoms of any kind. That’s the reason that getting a Lifeline screening can be so invaluable. A Lifeline screening can assist people who don’t want to be oblivious.

There are many people who have heart disease who have no idea about the whole thing. A Lifeline screening can change everything for these people. It can even help individuals who want to stop destruction from getting more and more out of hand. A Lifeline screening can contribute to markedly longer existences.

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Why Organo Gold Was Ahead Of Its Time

Should Coffee be the beverage of choice for everyone? Reports suggests that the drink not only diminishes several chronic diseases but can help you live longer. Organo Gold, founder Bernardo Chua, says that’s exactly what he’s been saying for decades. If plain ole coffee pretty much bores you, and you’re looking for a healthier drink, Organo Gold may be the perfect beverage.

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A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine says one of the most popular drinks in the world can influence how long we live. Associate professor and lead author of this study, Veronica W. Setiawan, says high coffee consumption can lengthen longevity. More than 185,000 took part in this study over 16 years, drinking two to three cups of coffee each day. The study concluded that those who drank coffee, compared to those who didn’t would realize an 18% decrease in the risk of death. While the study stops short of saying coffee prolongs life, it does make a link between coffee and longevity. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Over the years, coffee has gone through a multitude of changes. One of the most significant are those made by Organo Gold premium coffees and beverages. The company blends Reishi mushroom, also called Ganoderma Lucidum with premium coffee. There are also vitamins, minerals , proteins and fats in the fungus. So many ingredients that it’s a vital element in Chinese herbal medicine.

Nearly ten years ago, Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in British Columbia. Growing up in the Philippines, Chua was accustomed to using Chinese herbal medicine, and conceived the idea of blending a popular element, Ganoderma Lucidum, with the most popular drink in the world, coffee. It wasn’t that tough establishing this company as Chua had prior experience working at Gano Excel. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold has become one of the fastest growing MLM companies, due to their burgeoning independent distributor market. In the beginning, the product went unnoticed by mainstream coffee drinkers, however, recent studies have pushed Organo Gold products further into the spotlight. The products can be found in close to 50 countries. They have also been honored with several international awards, including People’s Choice.

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