Investment Maverick, Paul Mampilly Says Precision Medicine Stock A Steal Now

He called it a “breakthrough and said it would revolutionize medicine, and even the Obama’s pledged millions in research. Now, Paul Mampilly, a former hedge fund manager, and present editor of Profits Unlimited, an online investment newsletter, has the ear of millions of investors. Precision medicine combines genetic data and disease information from hundreds of thousands of people, and aims to achieve tailor-made treatments for the individual that are more effective.

President Barack Obama publicly launched a research initiative, funded with $ 215 million. The objective: to improve the treatment of cancer and diabetes, and to gather valuable information for everyone’s health. Mampilly expressed just how important this was for precision medicine. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

Why Precision Medicine?

Many treatments for disease are considered advanced, however, they’re inefficient. Researchers estimate that the ten highest-turnover drugs in the United States work, in the best of cases, in one in four patients. In other words, millions of people take medicines that have little or no effectiveness for them because it is impossible to know in advance who will benefit and who will not. But for some time now, we’ve been discussing precision medicine, also called personalized care. Personalized care is the availability of targeted drugs for specific diseases for which the genetic component is known.

This was first put into practice, as pointed out by Paul Mampilly, in 1998, when the monoclonal trastuzumab antibody was approved to treat breast tumors. But today, says Mampilly, there are several other oncological drugs directed against specific molecular targets, used to treat chronic myeloid leukemia, some forms of lung, colorectal or melanoma tumors.

Another case is a cystic fibrosis drug developed for a small percentage of patients carrying a particular mutation. And genetic tests are used, for example, to evaluate the response to drugs in various other areas of medicine, like psychiatry. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

Mampilly points out that the state of California initiated a similar project, whose first tests were funded with $ 2.4 million. Combining genetic and clinical data should make it possible to obtain more precise diagnoses and consequently more effective therapies, and there are many investment opportunities.

For the past two decades, Paul Mampilly has built a reputation as a trusted stock advisor. Early on, he saw the potential of Netflix, generating personal profits that made him a well-deserved strategist. Some of his biggest stock recommendations this year have been Myriad Genetics, and Tesla, which are leaders in their industries.

Named as winner of a Templeton Foundation competition, he has been duly recognized for his talents.


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