All About Neurocore

Neurocore Brain Performance Center has been specializing in providing data that is driven, training programs and brain-based assessments which have been helping the adults and children to improve their concentration, be able to sleep and also manage their stress. The organization was established in 2004. it has become a national authority and it is under applied neuroscience where it has nine brain performing centers located in Florida and Michigan. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

It is not many seasons that have passed since the Portland Trail Blazers met themselves in trouble. The strings of being defeated were crushing the spirit they had. They didn’t p[int their fingers on anyone or to give up. They had to pull themselves closer and came with a way they can pull their game up. During that time, the pro football Quarterback was together with Washington Redskins, where was suffering from an inconsistency performance which led to opportunities to be lost so that he could prove himself. The solution he looked upon was the brain training.

This brain training program may become innovative which is part of the athletic training protocol, but what has been successful is biofeedback as the way to cure the conditions which are like high blood pressure and chronic pain. Having this information about the function of brain electrical, a patient is able to learn how to control what is essentially involuntary roles like heart rate. Read more about Neurocore at

So, the reason to ask is why can’t it help the professional athletes? They can be able to achieve a peak performance but they have to keep their head thinking about the game. Both Cousins and Trail Blazers went to seek Neurocore Brain Center Performance for help. The founder of the organization is Dr. Tim Royer and he is much convinced that brain training is the next level that will help the professional athletic performance in the world. this is something that everyone is doing.

The process has been teaching the athletes how they can get into the peak zone performance at will. It will also help to slow the brain down and it will be able to recover efficiently together with other body systems.


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