The Career of Betsy Devos is Not Slowing Down in 2018

With an already significant career in place, Betsy Devos achieved a major advancement when she was appointed by President Trump in 2016 to be The Secretary of the Education in Washington, DC. This has been the culmination of her life’s work in education in Michigan. As a persuasive leader and businesswoman, she and her well-known husband, Dick Devos, have been leaders in business and education and philanthropists in the Republican Party in Michigan as well as the national party.


Both the Devoses came from influential families, but Ms. Devos’s appointment to Washington, D.C has been the culmination of her career. Most of her family are respected in strategic business adventures and advancing education, so Betsy naturally fell into working to for better education for students in Michigan where she was born.


Ms. Devos was instrumental in establishing charter schools and other programs that enabled students in low-class situations to attend higher-rated schools that would allow them to have a better chance at success. Today, Detroit has the largest concentration of charter schools in the U.S.


Betsy Devos’s father-in-law is founder and CEO of Amway, the multi-million dollar, multilevel marketing company, which has become a household name around the globe. Betsy and Dick are heirs of the Devos Family Foundation, and together, they have donated over $140 million to benefit new educational endeavors and the Republican Party.


There is a strategic business sense that flows through all generations of the Devos family. They are known to be movers and shakers in the business world both in Michigan and the U.S. Ms. Devos is also co-founder with her husband of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is the first premier charter school that is directly on the grounds of the Grand Rapids Airport. The school specifically prepares students for advanced careers in the aviation industry within a charter school structure.


In Washington, Betsy Devos is developing a reputation of having extreme tenacity, though she appears simply sophisticated. In a recent election, Senate passed her with a 51-50 vote for the position of a cabinet officer. Vice President Mike Pence cast the tiebreaking vote, which only confirms her upward success.


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Sahm Adrangi Presents on Short Selling Fraud

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the Kerrisdale Capital Management Company. Kerrisdale mainly focuses on long-term investments and special event-driven situations. It is also very research-oriented and includes industries such as mining and biotechnology. Under Adrangi’s leadership, the company also specializes in short activisim exposing short-selling advertising.

Sahm Adrangi recently did a presentation about short selling advertisement fraud with Kase Learning. In it, he stated that Kerrisdale regularly posts new findings on their website,, Twitter, and Seeking Alpha. He used the Wikipedia definition of ad fraud, which is defined as the practice falsely representing the number of data events and click conversions for the sake of generating more profit.

How that sort of ad fraud typically works is when a company is looking to spend x amount on advertising. Sometimes, their ads end up on artificial websites that are viewed only by bots and bot nets. The majority of those bots are designed by Eastern European hackers who get that profit instead of a legitmate publisher that actual users can see.

The more that ad fraud is discovered, the more hesitant that business owners will be to post online ads. It is often the intermediaries who are making the ad fraud so pervasive. They are the ones who are benefitting the most from the clicks and the exchanges. If a company is found to have at least a 25 percent exchange, from what Sahm Adrangi says, that’s usually when a short activist lets the business owner know what’s going on.

Sahm Adrangi states that in the case of click fraud, instead of humans making the clicks, it’s often the bots that are entering in all the data. Those sites are often blank with no visible content to the human eye. Vague display ads are another. In the case of videos, there’s often a large amount of other videos behind and around them. The one-pixel videos displayed in the vague ads are another. The videos end up being charged to the business owner but don’t actually get seen by anyone. As a result, Sahm Adrangi recommends going to the company site to watch their videos.

The Controversial Shervin Pishevar

The social media in today’s generation can be used for various reasons including improving different industrial sectors. When fully utilized, it can bring great returns to the organization as well as foster change within the company due to feedback.

Shervin Pishevar graduated from the University of California with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. He has founded and operated technology aided organizations including the social gaming network and hyper office among others.

He serves as the entrepreneurial ambassador n state department delegations and the foreign scholarships Board. Shervin Pishevar was also chosen by the government as the Outstanding American by Choice and selected as the Ellis Island Medal of Honor award winner.

After the United States recent market drop, Shervin Pishevar come back to the limelight posting a fifty point tweet opinion stating the reasons for the market failure. It is not the first time that he created an internet traffic, but this time he showed his ability to beak or create companies in the market.

In his rant, Shervin predicts that the market will drop consequently by 6000 points in the months into the future. This is because of the financial challenges that most operating companies expect to face. He also indicates that the unpredictability in bonds will wave through the rest of the market due to the uncertainties of the global trade deal.

Additionally, he talks about the falling of bitcoin. He predicts that bitcoin will continue failing due to unavailability of cheap money, spreading inflation, underemployment and crashing stock markets. It will however stabilize after a period of twenty four months.

Shervin Pishevar goes ahead to claim that silicon valley is no longer the mother of technologies. He states that silicon has lost its competitive superiority to upcoming innovations like entrepreneurship.

To add on that, he claims that in the near future, the United States will lose to countries like China in terms of development. He states that the infrastructure being in shreds, decrypt and crumbling due to short term thinking.

Finally, he indicates that monopoly is still far from being eradicated. Huge companies will progressively have too much power over new startups due to market restrictions.

Aloha Construction and The Reasons It Is Able To Offer Quality Services to Clients

CEO of Aloha Construction Dave Farbaky is a remarkable fellow. He is strategic, passionate and compassionate in his corporate endeavors. Through him, Aloha Construction has built a good name in the field of construction. Through his family-led style of leadership for Aloha Construction, he is able to attract the kind of people that would help Aloha grow in scale, quality and expertise. The entire leadership of Aloha Construction would not even be rightly employed to the workforce without Farbaky’s impressive way of employing business strategies.

Farbaky’s leadership has also led Aloha to be a trusted resource in fire prevention. In fact, an article from Realty Times would remind everyone of how Aloha analyses the ways to prevent house fires and other accidents. Farbaky is also able to make sure in his set of tips that not only can clients secure their home from fire, but also make sure to find the next best steps after a house fire accident happens. He shared there some of the tips to deflect vandals from one’s property and how to make sure that the home is safe even if the family or people living there are out of town.

What is also interesting to share about Aloha today is the fact that it is family-owned and operated. With this kind of approach, the CEO Farbaky is able to maintain a kind of stronger unity, honesty and responsibility in its operations. With the way that Aloha is growing, it is not a stretch to say that family-owned businesses have a better edge and a good hedge against the kind of risks that may put inferior companies at risk.

The experts of Aloha are also still growing in their reputation and popularity because of their guarantees. The experts in Aloha guarantee customer satisfaction and are always willing to extend their hand to people who need their assistance. Not only is the company able to assist families in case of fire and other emergencies, but they’re also able to offer the kind of assistance that not many providers are open to doing.

Another recent achievement of Aloha today would be the fact that it is the 2017 BBB Torch Award winner. This indicates that Aloha is indeed a company worthy of everyone’s trust.

Wes Edens: Soccer and Trains

Along with Nassef Sawiris, Wes Edens bought the Aston Villa soccer team from Tony Xia, who will stay on the soccer team’s co-chairman. While the exact amount of the stake isn’t known, it was said that it’s a pretty significant investment. What is known, though, is that Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris now own 55% of the soccer team, which puts them at the majority. Even though the amount isn’t known, it was public knowledge that the soccer team needed around £70 million to take care of their operating costs for next season.

Edens and Sawiris are taking on a pretty big challenge because the team lost the championship in 2016 and they’ve lost some of their best players. They are going to focus on strengthening the team and get them back to winning. They’re confident that they will be able to help the team get back to its roots and be the historic team once again.

Besides purchasing the soccer team, Wes Edens has also made traveling between Miami and Fort Lauderdale much less complicated. The drive should take around 45 minutes, but traffic and other issues rarely make that possible. With Brightline, a privately owned and operated passenger train system, makes it so the ride is just 30 minutes. Passengers can enjoy leather seats, food, and free Wi-Fi.

A one way ticket on this train costs $10, which is much cheaper than what an Uber would charge you. Currently, the train can also be ridden to West Palm Beach and, hopefully, Orlando in the near future. This would make the trip be 2 hours at the max, which is great because driving would be at least 2.5 hours. One of the reasons it’s so fast is because it goes around 80mph, while driving yourself would only be around 35mph with traffic. If you ride to Orlando, it would go to around 135mph! Wes Edens understands the need to get where you’re going when you need to without having to worry about leaving earlier. Most Miami drivers don’t like leaving their cars but, so far, everyone has been relatively happy with the train. Read full article