Benefits of Investing in the US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve was established by the gold market veterans. These individuals recognized a need to pool expert market knowledge, customer service and trustworthy guidance that is necessary whenever purchasing precious metals. Being one of the largest distributors of the US Government issued precious metals in the country, they are able to work with clients numbering hundreds of thousands who have grasped the opportunity of the various advantages of owning precious metals.

At the US Money Reserve, they continually put their best efforts to offer the most exceptional Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins that are issued by the US Government. Over the years, they have been able to amass various customers who have placed their trust in their ability to help pick the topnotch quality and most relevant precious metals for their portfolios. Owing to the wise purchases made by customers, most of them have been able to enter into profit making positions.

Why choose US Money Reserve

• It is highly ranked

The US Money Reserve prioritizes on a customer’s satisfaction. The Business Consumer Alliance rated it with the highest rating of “AAA” for its ethical and trustworthy business practices. The firm is capable of providing the support, experience and resources that one may be in need of. The firm’s target is establishing a durable relationship with each of their clients. Having served over 300,000 customers to date, the firm believes that a secure portfolio starts with secure peace of mind in coming up with ideal financial decisions.

• Maximizing profit potential

When you are a customer with the US Money Reserve, you are capable of accessing some of the best precious metal coins available anywhere in the world. The buying power of the US Money Reserve according to a CBS Review allows them to offer their clients with only the highest-graded coins that they believe could fetch high profits.

• Experienced professionals

Clients at US Money Reserve have the advantage of working with executives who are professionally experienced in the industry. Regardless of if you are experienced in ownership of precious metals or you are new to the benefits of possessing gold, silver and platinum coins, a team of professionals will take time to guide you through all essential details about purchasing the US government-issued legal tender.

• Buyback guarantee

Supposing your order does not satisfy you, a return of any certified coin within a 30-day duration since purchase will be accepted. You will receive a full refund that will exclude shipping, insurance and handling charges, provided the certified coin is untampered with.

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FreedomPop Makes Big Plans for Europe

FreedomPop is sweeping across the globe. The budget mobile phone company originated out of Los Angeles, and has become a worldwide success story. The idea of a budget mobile service offering free phone, text, and minutes was just too good for over one million U.S. customers to pass up.

Now, the good people of Europe are finding FreedomPop deals too good to pass up. Fierce Wireless has the whole story.

FreedomPop has made it clear the company intends to launch a “free MVNO service in Europe with 25 carriers”. These plans were announced in very early 2016, and the plans are on track to be carried out. FreedomPop does have a strong foothold in the United Kingdom. The company has only been running in the U.K. for about a year, and the subscriber numbers are well into the 250,000 range. A lot of investment capital has been spent on building up FreedomPop in the U.S. and the U.K. $190 million is one figure mentioned. The company has a lot to show for its fundraising, and its business model does make sense.

FreedomPop does not only offer free services. The free services are the baseline in which customers can then expand. Procuring a second number delivers a fee to FreedomPop. Someone may wish to buy an additional 500 MB of data for $10. For those who just want the free service, the company is fine with that as well.

What is the next big thing planned by FreedomPop? The company is looking to launch a massive global hotspot across 25 countries. Afterwards, the number is to be increased by 40 more countries. FreedomPop truly is ambitious.

Has George Soros Lost Confidence in the Energy Industry?


George Soros is not just any investor. He is possibly one of the most noted financial experts in the world. That is something that happens when a person is able to earn themselves a tidy profit of $1 billion in a single day. A task he accomplished in 1992 in England on a day now dubbed as “Black Wednesday.” So, it only makes sense that many cautious investors look to his actions to determine what their own investment moves should be. These facts are discussed in a recent article on the investment website The Street.


The article states that Soros’ investment group, Soros Fund Management, just recently dropped all of its shares in three notable energy companies. It is well known to everyone that the oil market has had its share of problems over the last couple of years. An overabundance in oil production coupled with a reduced worldwide need for oil has lowered barrel prices 73 percent from where they were in 2014.


While these lower prices are great news for the average consumer, they have been devastating to many companies within the oil sector. This could eventually lead to employment woes in the U.S. as over 5 percent of the country in employed in the energy industry. Recent news has not been good for the industry, according to the Street article, including a decision by the World Bank to reconsider its previous forecast of increasing barrel prices.


It is hard for anyone to not view the move away from the industry by a savvy investor as more signs of bad news for energy corporations. Soros scores a self-made rating of 10 from Forbes Magazine, their highest rating possible. His story of being a child of Jewish heritage surviving WWII, migrating to England and building a fortune that currently stands at an estimated $24.4 billion (with his investment firm currently showing $29 billion in assets) is one that proves his financial wisdom and foresight. Many other investors agree and are happy to use his example to determine their own moves. This is why so many in the media and in the financial district are keeping a close eye on how the market responds.


It is unknown if Soros will prove correct with his decision to move on to what he considers more promising markets. Earnings reports from many energy companies are due within the next few days. Their numbers may shed light on whether it is safe to continue investing in energy, or if everyone should follow Soros’ lead and look for profit elsewhere.

Fabletics Opens More Doors to Physical Stores


The Internet can be great for business, but there are times when some businesses simply grow beyond the Internet. That may seem a bit bizarre at times since most businesses are depending more on Internet sales, but it is true. There are some businesses that are going to thrive by opening physical locations. Kate Hudson has the Fabletics clothing line, and there are a lot of stores that are opening for this brand in the next 5 years.

The research has been done. The potential profit outweighs the costs of opening a physical store. The potential profit apparently outweighs the cost of opening 100 stores. That is what is on the radar, and Hudson seems to be very excited about this shift.

What Kate ultimately realizes is that there are a lot of people outside of the span of the Internet. This is certainly the place where a lot of teenagers and young adults are buying their clothes, but there are still some middle-aged adults that are not shopping online. She must also take into consideration the type of market that she is venturing into.

There are a lot of people that buy fitness clothes on the fly. The person that needs a pair of yoga pants for a class may simply buy these pants before the class starts. People that will be interested in things like tops or leggings may simply want to buy these in an instant without waiting for an online order to arrive. This is the crowd that she will be able to cater to with more physical locations.

Her brand of athletic clothing is a step above the rest because it is something that is stylish. That doesn’t happen very often in the athletic world. In most cases the clothing that is used for workouts is cookie-cutter. There’s not a lot of deviation in the types of garments that are worn, but Hudson has managed to distinguish her fitness gear from a lot of the other fitness clothes.

Kate Hudson is certainly building a brand that she believes in. It would be much easier for her to simply stay with an online business, but she knows that there is a lot more in store if she takes the risk to branch out to brick-and-mortar buildings. In the beginning it will be a bit of a rough journey, but the customer base is already in place. People that shop through the online website will essentially tell others and also look for things in storage that may not be available on the site. Many people that shop at their favorite stores on the web also go to physical stores to look for local sales and clearance items.

Nobilis Health: Why Choose This Company For Your Healthcare Needs

Are you looking for the right healthcare management needs? Want to find out if Nobilis Health has the qualities you are looking for in a healthcare services provider?

Every day, lots of people browse the web searching for information about Nobilis Health and other healthcare management companies. These people are either researching to discover the ideal healthcare center for their needs or they are simply curious and need to know what healthcare advancement and management companies are. Whether you or somebody you know needs the services of a healthcare development and management company or surgical center, or you are merely investigating, you have come to the right place.

Many people have relied on Nobilis Health for their healthcare needs for a long time, and are completely satisfied with the services they have received. If you are in need of a trusted company for this essential service, then consider Nobilis Health.

Nobilis Health is well known for providing complete medical facilities and services in outpatient surgical care and radiology. Their strength depends on the long-term relationships they have developed with their medical facility partners and their medical and competent staff. Their provider and client retention rates are among the industry’s highest, ensuring stability for their clients’ programs and strengthening their reputation for meeting and exceeding their clients’ needs.

Nobilis Health is a well established healthcare management company, with a qualified team of experts. The company has numerous clients and patients who are always raving about the excellent care and services they have enjoyed at Nobilis’ facilities.

Reputation is very important when researching company, especially those in the healthcare industry. There are many healthcare management companies out there but you need to keep in mind that not all healthcare service providers are created equal. You need to take the time to find a company with a proven track record so you can be assured of top notch service.

If you perform an online search about Nobilis Health, you will find out that the company has numerous positive reviews due to their honesty, integrity and dedication to ensuring top performance. There are many articles that have been written about Nobilis Healthcare and the high quality services they provide. Learn more about the company by going to their website. Take the time to look around and you will certainly agree that Nobilis Health is a great company, and can meet your needs.



I’m Shocked At How Good Beneful’s Premium Foods Smell

When I was little someone pointed out to me that dogs are loyal, and it took me until I was older and had kids of my own to realize just what that means. My dog will stand by my side through thick or thin. My dog is super emotional, but he won’t hold a grudge, he won’t get mad at me for no reason, and I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not around my dog. I can be myself, and my dog loves me for it. He deserves the love and treatment that a loyal best friend deserves, so that is exactly what I give to him.

I looked into what dogs should eat for their complete nutrient content, and to satisfy this they need to have high quality ingredients. Along the journey of dog food research I stumbled upon a very interesting article from the Daily Herald that discusses what premium dog food companies do that is different than all the rest. Apparently, they care so much about the taste of their foods, which took me by surprise at first. It makes sense though because when I buy Beneful premium food I am shocked at how good it smells. It smells like people’s food. Purinastore’s Beneful Chopped Blends is especially aromatic. I like the smell of the one that has real chicken in it.

My dog likes all of the Chopped Blends from Beneful. I can’t stress enough how awesome it is that Beneful brand of premium food has a wide variety. Some of the other premium foods have only a couple flavors to choose from, but what if your dog doesn’t like the taste? It’s annoying because sometimes my dog will decide that he’s tired of the way that a food tastes, but Beneful has so much to offer. Did you know that Beneful Chopped Blends comes in 20 different flavors?

It’s amazing how much better my dog gets around now that he has been eating Beneful premium dog foods by Purina for so long. If you want to get some more information, check out the Daily Herald.



Skout Surveys Online Friendships

In February, the second observation of International Online Friendship Day, marked the importance the role that social media plays in our increasingly connected lives today. Skout, a popular mobile app that allows people to connect, chat and meet, hosted more than 680 million connections last year, enabling people all over the world to increase their social circle. Skout also took advantage of the Online Friendship Day to conduct a survey to find out what’s trending in online social networks and the results are contrary to pundits who feel many people are wary and suspicious of starting online friendships.

A surprised statistic that was discovered is three out of four people maintain online friendships with people they have yet to meet. And as a testament to our trust in online relationships, eighty-three percent of these same individuals stated they would like to meet their online friends in person one day. Flash back to the past, where having a pen-pal in another country gave people an intimate glimpse into other cultures. The same is true today, as sixty-four percent of Americans surveyed, stated they have online friendships with people in other countries. Meeting people in different lands online can be especially fulfilling for older adults to deter loneliness.

How about for the socially awkward persons in our society. Online friendships can be a welcome treat for those who tend towards nervousness and anxiety in social situations. This is by far not condoning online relationships as preferable to face-to-face relationships, but it is recognizing that a certain percentage of our population has always been on the fringes of being socially accepted. With 62% of Americans surveyed say they have at least five online friends, and 41% say they have at least 10, it would seem to be a good way to practice interaction skills.

With mobile technology making it so much easier to communicate on the spot, you’re not necessarily tied to a computer, sitting a dimly lit room. As a matter of fact, Skout’s survey found that ninety-two percent of people used their smartphone versus a computer. And fifty-nine percent related that the engage in daily communication with online friends. Maybe it’s time to stop viewing social networking with negative connotations. It is obviously working for many people who are enjoying staying in touch with others, even if it is online. With social networking apps like Skout, getting to know people in New Orleans, London or even the community a few miles away from your home, can only offer exciting experiences to enhance life.

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Life in North Korea is Anything But Living

Not many photographs exist of Yeonmi Park in her youth. The few that remain speak volumes. No one featured in them is smiling. Yeonmi was born in North Korea where free expression does not exist. When questioned about life in North Korea, Yeonmi’s memories are as bleak as the subjects in the photographs. “It is dark a lot in North Korea,” Yeonmi explained. “The power would go out a lot, and people are starving.” Yeonmi was born in 1993, a time when great famine swept through the country. Knowing that her family would starve to death, Yeonmi encouraged her mother to illegally lead her family to China. Mrs. Park enlisted the help of two smugglers to guide them. Eunmi, Yeonmi’s older sister, left with others instead. The smugglers led the Parks through forests, mountains, and across frozen rivers until they reached their destination. It was then that Yeonmi and her mother were raped and forced into slavery. Yeonmi was taken as a child by one of the smugglers. She was just 13 years old. Yeonmi was freed years later, as was her mother. They tried to reach South Korea by way of Mongolia, but they were detained by the border patrol. Threatened with deportation, the Parks faced certain death. They pleaded that they should be sent to South Korea instead of back to their native country. They were overwhelmed when the government sent them by helicopter to South Korea, after a period of two months. They were equally overwhelmed by their sense of newfound freedom. “We did not know the concept of freedom,” Yeonmi explained on Youtube. “There are so many things that exist here that we did not have in North Korea. We don’t even have words for most of these things.” The years of oppression took their toll on Yeonmi. Bitter, she threw herself into her studies at Seoul’s Dongguk University.It was there that the concept of human compassion came to life for Yeonmi. “We must not allow China to return refugees to North Korea,” Yeonmi warned on DailyMail. “They will be killed.” Yeonmi now divides her time between writing, working at a think-tank, and engaging as a human rights activist.

Stepping Outside the Box the Doe Deere Way

Doe Deere has become a beauty and fashion icon in recent years because she’s willing to step “outside the box” and break many of the rules that have controlled the fashion and beauty industry for years. To expand on her view, she even started her own beauty line called “makeup for unicorns” that definitely broadens the boundaries of what’s considered appropriate. Recently Deere shared her vision of industry rules that can easily be broken.

1. Go Bold!

Although the beauty industry has always claimed that women should only focus on one bold statement at a time, Deere said there’s nothing more fun and energizing than going bold. Rather than focusing only on a bright red lip then keeping eyes and other makeup subtle, try a bold eyeshadow palette with a vibrant lipstick. One of Deere’s favorites is her rusty-red Venus eyeshadow and vibrant blue Cry Baby lipstick.

2. Multiple Colors Are A Beautiful Thing!

Women have a tendency to fear mixing colors because the industry has always implied such looks are gaudy. Deere, however, believes that with the right color combinations that go naturally together, anything is possible. For instance, pairing green with pink or blue with lavender are perfect examples of colors that go beautifully together. By using a color wheel it’s easy to see what colors pair well together. Shades found in the opposite spectrum, like red and blue, or neighbors, like yellow and green, make a beautiful statement without seeming gaudy. Prada is a perfect example of how the industry is beginning to embrace this new concept with his new line pairing shades of pink with chartreuse.

3. When It Comes To Patterns, the More the Merrier!

Most women are hesitant when it comes to mixing patterns and with good reason. For years the industry has told us that too many patterns can make a person look like a cartoon character rather than a fashionista. Pairing patterns is especially easy when it comes to black and white or shades of gray. Deere stated that once you become comfortable with mixing patterns in those colors then expand to new color families. Her favorite is pink because it makes her really happy. Mixing patterns in different color combinations then becomes less intimidating especially after practicing with color families first.

4. The Right Socks Make Any Pair Of Shoes Look Great!

With the variety of decorative socks on the market today, they no longer have to be hidden beneath long pants or boots. Deere recently stated she, herself, is a socks addict and feels no outfit is complete without pairing the right socks and shoes. She especially loves open-toed shoes and socks that have a contrasting toe displaying an extra bit of color when she looks down. This means that not only can sandals be worn during the summer months, but well into winter as well.

Deere says that fashion and beauty should be about whatever makes a person happy so go for it and start “living out loud.”

Manse and Your New Extended Family Are There When You Need Them

What to expect when you enter an Independent living facility is surprising to some people. Some people think of Independent living as an “old folks home” but it is not like that at the Manse on Marsh. This facility is like home. A beautiful Spanish style home is what you will see when you pull up to the front door. You will find people sitting outside when the weather is beautiful. The birds will be singing and the squirrels will be running around on the hiking trails around the facility. Sitting on one of the outside balconies is people drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying the warmth of the outside. What you will see when you enter an independent living facility called the Manse is a beautiful facility filled with care and love.

Each day you wake up and head down to the dining area. You are greeted by staff members with smiling faces and good morning hugs. The family atmosphere is what you enjoy each day. People that work at the Manse are more like your friends. You sit at your favorite table with some of your new friends. The staff brings you a warm cup of coffee and your favorite breakfast roll. The newspaper is sitting close by for your enjoyment. Why read when you have such wonderful company at the table with you. Your conversation begins with what is on schedule for the day. Your friends begin going over the daily activities and you chose your favorites to attend.

After breakfast, you head to your apartment to shower and get dressed for the day. You are unable to get into the shower so the nurse aid comes in to help you. After your shower, the aid helps you pull on your clothes. You pull on your shoes, swallow your morning pills, and head out the door to the activity room. Once in the activity room, you find your group of friends. You sit down with them and the activity staff brings over your easel and paints.

You end your day back in your own apartment. The television is playing your favorite movie and the phone rings. It is your grandson. He says he is coming to visit with you on Wednesday. You talk and laugh with your family and then hang up the phone. Your family can see how happy you are at the Manse on Marsh in California. They were scared when they first mentioned it to you but now they can see you are happy and thriving with your extended family at Manse.  Check out a review to know more about what the facility has to offer in day to day living.

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