Way Most People are Using Skout in Search for Love

Getting a platform where one can express feelings can help many people get some peace in their lives. Dating is one of the things that have been controversial with new systems coming in place to help couples have better times together. Most people shy away from approaching people they would like to get into a relationship with. This is nature and there is nothing that can be done to change the behavior of some people. However, there are systems and platforms that can be created to ease the experience and to make it easier to connect with different people. Using Skout, a dating application and website, has been seen as one of the many ways through which one can access love. Many people who have used Skout can attest to the fact that the application offers a seamless infrastructure to help people connect with potential partners.

One of the reasons using Skout has been seen as the best alternative is because it eliminates the disappointment that comes with approaching someone for the first time. The application offers the user adequate details about different members, who are also searching for love. So, before initiating a conversation, one clearly understands what the other person wants and the kind of relationship he/she is looking for. This helps one to make an informed decision before proceeding.

The fact that there are hundreds of members in Skout makes it an ideal platform to find a perfect match. One is offered the freedom to choose from among hundreds of members, who are also in a mission to search for a partner. This is unlike the traditional options, where you may be forced to take longer before identifying a partner. It is also cheaper compared to other options as there is no travel needed. Everything is done through online access and one is always in a position to afford some few minutes go get online for the business.

Due to the availability of many users on the dating platform, getting the exact match calls for some effort and dedication. This is because there many people and all come from different locations and cultures. Therefore, getting the right person becomes a bit challenging. This is something that Skout has identified and to make the process easier, they have created a flawless system that allows the system to easily browse through different individuals using certain criteria. One of the criteria that can be used when searching is using age as a sorting factor. This allows one to get people who lie within a certain age bracket. More complex sorting features are available to help users make a more detailed search.

Treading through the Skout application is also made more secure when compared to what other platforms offer. The system is fairly encrypted and secured with modern software to guard al details that are supplied by members.

Bruce Levenson, The Hawks Team Owner

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a prominent business person on wikipedia in the United States. He is the United Communications Group (UGC) Co-founder and partner. He also owns the Atlanta Spirit, LLC. For more than twenty-seven years now, Bruce continues to elevate the company’s business strategies and plays a prominent role in its business acquisitions. He has also served as one of the boards of directors in the Newsletters and Electronic Publishers Association. He also worked as a director at TechTarget.com. Mr. Bruce is the leader, and president of the “I have a Dream Foundation” in Washington and has indulged himself in many protuberant and charitable events. He has an Arts Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Washington as well as a law degree from American University, which is in Washington, DC.

Atlanta Hawk Group owned by Bruce Levenson is working to finalize the sales of the NBA team to Anthony Ressler. It was not to be put public until the process of selling was completed. It was however announced that the deal had come to an agreement, and Ressler said that he respects the NBAs approval processes and wishes luck to the Hawks in their endeavors. Levenson affirmed that he intended to sell his share to the Ressler group in September. Steve Konin, who is the Hawks’ Chief Executive Officer, will be part of the plan of the new ownership group. The sale of the franchise Philips Arena goes into the seventh month of negotiations of sale. The bids span to date ten in April. This information was told to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by people with reliable sources of that knowledge.

The entire process had taken until the month of June for the process to be completed. Bruce, who is the current controlling leader, announced the sales intention in September as a result of the controversy that had begun in the franchise. The bankers who were brought on board by Bruce sold the Hawk at a lower price than the one he had stated earlier on of at least 900 million dollars. However, early this year the Hawks were valued at 825 million dollars. It was later announced that it was to be sold to the highest bidder who turned out to be Ressler with a bid of 730 million dollars.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball team competes in the National Basketball Association and has a great winning record. It was established in the year 1946 and joined the national basketball association in the year 1949. Currently, hawks performance has been over a vast period of not winning in 57 seasons consecutively. The Hawks team has a clean record of at least 60 games that have been won. In January, the Hawks made a record that has never been held before by being the first team to go 17-0 in a calendar month.

Learn More About the Achievements of Susan McGalla

Susan was raised in Liverpool, Ohio. Her father was a football coach of a local club. Susan pursued and achieved a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business from the Mount Union College. Currently, she serves as a member of the College Board of Advisors. She is married to a wealth manager known as Stephen McGalla. Susan McGalla is an astute business lady and an executive consultant from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Her career is marked by hard work, results, and a lot of dedication. She is an expert in retail positioning, business management, and fashion branding. She once served at the American Eagle Outfitters company as the president, and also she has served at the West Seal Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer. Currently, she sits on the board of HFF Inc, which is a firm that provides services in the real estate. Susan also sits on the boards of the Magee-Women Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She is a former director of Allegheny Conference on Community Development and a former trustee of the University of Pittsburgh.

She began her long career at the Joseph Home Company. It is here where she served in various managerial and marketing solutions. At the American Eagle, she was in charge of divisional merchandise as the buyer of female clothing. She later worked for the same company in various managerial positions until she rose to be the president and the chief officer in charge of merchandising. Before she became the president and the chief merchandising officer, she was in charge of the company’s American Eagle brand. As the company president, she oversaw the launching of the company’s 77kids and aerie brands.

Her tireless work ethic and inborn confidence made her get several job offers, but she ignored many willingly to start her career as a private consultant. Susan McGalla exited from the American Eagle on prnewswire in 2009 and established herself as a private consultant in the retail and the financial investment companies. She was appointed by HFF to be a board of director in 2009. In October the same year, she was able to succeed Ed Thomas as the CEO of the West Seal Inc. During her stay at the West Seal company; McGalla had the duty of developing and executing a brand strategy positioning while at the same time working on a 3-5 year budget for strategic planning and creative process. She was able to fill both the executive and the middle management levels in the company. Before she left West Seal, the company was able to improve on quality and product trends, something that is clearly evidenced by the target customer research.

In July 2012, she parted ways with West Seal company. She founded the P3 Executive consulting, and also became the Director in charge of strategic planning and growth at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan McGalla is an excellent model of success to many young women who are thinking about careers in business.

Andy Wirth Sets Sight on Clean Energy Movement


Andy Wirth was recently appointed to the Reno Airport Board and he has already begun to make his voice heard in the media. Stepping up to support energy, Wirth went into detail on how a move away from dirty coal power could help fix both the environment and the economy. As reported by the Reno Gazette-Journal, With has quite a bit of stake in how the environment is when considering the fact that his place of employment relies on a great natural experience for visiting skiers who are visiting the Lake Tahoe Region. Wirth went on to drop an enlightening op-ed, expounding on his position.

The push for clean energy, as Wirth pointed out, has started to gain real momentum within the Reno City Council when they voted to support the Clean Power Plan. Wirth championed the idea because it moves the city toward renewable energy while doubling down on their efforts to keep elected officials and utility companies aware of the need for change. Wirth called the Clean Power Plan a “moment” and said that it was time to “make this region the leader and example of true clean energy.” He pointed out that a healthy environment would naturally lend itself to helping to fix the economy, as well.

Looking past simple politics, Wirth called the need for clean energy ‘apolitical’. He pointed out how air quality has been diluted, droughts have caused harm, and an increase and forest fires affect everyone. He pointed out the disastrous effects of huge carbon footprints and how their own region has played a big part in the pollution of the planet. He went on to point out how the Reno area has a great chance to work with solar and geothermal energy while getting away from the dirty energy produced at the Valmy coal plant.

Andy Wirth has been making waves ever since assuming leadership of Squaw Valley Ski. He is a nature aficionado and a survivor of a dramatic skydiving accident.

Mikal Watts Seeks Farmer Litigants for Class Action Suit Against Syngenta Corn

Mikal Watts of Watts Guerra LLP negotiated a $750 million settlement for U. S. Rice farmers with Bayer Crop Sciences for Bayer’s destruction of the U.S. rice export prices. He expects this legal victory to apply to Syngenta Biotechnology who failed to use due diligence when they introduced new strains of corn which contaminated the U. S. corn supply and could not be exported to China until 2014. Syngenta knew, when U. S. farmers purchased their corn, that their corporation had not applied for China’s approval of the new strain of corn. China is the largest importer of U.S. corn.

Mikal Watts is seeking farmers who purchased Syngenta corn in the years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and were damaged through contamination of their crop or through the inability to export Syngenta corn and the ensuing devaluation of U.S. corn prices. Watts explains the steps to necessary to participate in the class action civil litigation against Syngenta Biotechnology. He explains that the statute of limitations began when the farmer or plaintiff became aware that he has a course of action against Syngenta corn, but the statute of limitations varies by state.

Archer Daniels Midland of Louisiana (ADM) served Syngenta Biotechnology with a civil petition for negligence, unfair trade practices, and violations of Louisiana’s consumer protection laws. Their petition is a 19-page complaint, which ADM is pursuing in Louisiana because ADM and Syngenta are Minnesota corporations doing business in Louisiana.

China consumes 25 percent of all exported corn and has the right as a sovereign nation to refuse to accept “genetically-modified corn.” In 2011, the National Grain and Feed Association noticed Syngenta Biotechnology of China’s zero-tolerance policy for the modified corn, but Syngenta did nothing. American farmers suffered billions of dollars in losses.

Mikal Watts is confident that the judge will rule in favor of the U.S. corn farmer. A July 15, 2015 San Antonio press release announced, Mikal Watts is “encouraging farmers to sue the Swiss seed producer Syngenta” for selling seed for corn which China refused to import. Court orders have been filed in the multibillion dollar corn litigation.

Watts and Guerra have extensive experience launching multimillion dollar class action suits for catastrophic accidental injuries, toxic torts, defective products, refinery negligence, and civil litigation against commercial shipping, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies.

Why Bruce Levenson is Washington DC’s Number One Entrepreneur

Bruce Levenson is the famous entrepreneur responsible for the success of the United Communications Group as well as the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Atlanta Philips Arena, a place where performers hold concerts and sports games are often played. He is also owns significant stakes in TechTarget, a popular media outlet that spun out of the United Communications Group.

Levinson, along with his very good friend Ed Peskowitz founded the United Communications Group, a media company that sells subscriptions to newsletters that provide facts and figures usually seen as statistics in newspapers and magazines. The UCG creates newsletters in thousands of verticals, from gas, healthcare, technology and energy amongst many others. His company, the United Communications Group is also the principal owner and operator of the popular Android, Blackberry and iOS app GasBuddy, an application that helps drivers find the lowest local gas prices.

In the early 2000’s, he along with his friend Ed Peskowitz decided to purchase the Atlanta Hawks for close to $200 million. Along with the Atlanta Hawks, he also purchased the Philips Arena as well as the popular NHL team the Atlanta Thrashers, although his partner and himself eventually chose to sell the franchise to an outside investor for an undisclosed sum of money

For Bruce Levinson and Ed Peskowitz began building the United communications group, which made them both hundreds of millions of dollars, he worked at the Washington Star newspaper as a journalist. In addition to his work as a popular and published journalist, he obtained a law degree in night school after work.

Bruce Levinson is a huge stake owner and a popular tech company called TechTarget, a company that provides very detailed specs and information on enterprise hardware purchased mostly by corporations. In addition to his principal stake in the organization, he is also rest on the board of the organization. He served on its board from 2000 until he retired from Company operations in 2013.

Bruce Levinson, entrepreneur is also a very active philanthropist, donating lots of money to organizations that reach out to help low income children pursue a formal college education.

Being born into a very rich Jewish heritage, that can be traced all the way back to Israel, his grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. He has donated nearly $10 million, and continues to donate a significant amount of his money to Jewish foundations such as the US Holocaust Museum as well as SEEDS for Peace and Birthright Israel, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute amongst various other noble causes.


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