Highland Capital’s Road to Excellence – Led by James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas based and SEC registered investment advisory firm, with over $32 billion in assets. Highland specializes in credit strategies, and is the world leader in global alternative management. Hedge funds, distressed situations, emerging markets, natural resources, pension plans and endowments are just a few of Highland’s areas of expertise. Highlands unique strategies of diversification guarantee low risk and high yield investments. Highland is a global firm with offices in Dallas, New York, San Paulo, Singapore and Seoul.

The firm was founded by Jim Donderoand Mark Okada when their partnership purchased a stake in PAMCO. The next year Highland was born, and there was no holding the young firm back. Under Dondero’s leadership Highland expanded its global footprint to emerging markets. Dondero’s plan is called the four-factor-alpha which produced an 80 point increase in less than a month’s time. The four-factor-alpha plan’s main focus is on hedge funds, and Dondero’s strategy out performs any other plan in the market by using small-cap instead large-cap picks. Highland manages the largest CLO in the world worth over $21 billion dollars.

Dondero started his career with American Express as a portfolio manager and as a corporate bond analyst at Protective Life’s GIC. His experience with those firms inspired him to pioneer the use of the CLO as safe road to high gain and low risk investment. A CLO is a Collateralized Loan Obligation. The CLO offers the investor an opportunity at high gain return through the use of public and private investments.

Dondero’s outlook for the market in 2015 is optimistic, and he expects emerging markets to offer high yield returns. According to Dondero crude oil prices will bounce resulting in the stock and bond markets experiencing higher returns. He predicts a normalization of crude prices by 2016, and the dollar and other commodities to level off. India is choice for a solid overseas market, but he expects Brazilian and Russian markets to go on the down trend. He also predicts the deflation led by China to continue.

He earned degrees in both accounting and finance, and is CFA and CMA certified. He holds nine board seats across 20 industries. He acts as Director of MGM Holdings and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and his other affiliations are too numerous to name but include American Banknote Corporation and NextBank Capital.

Slyce Visual Search Company Provides Excellent Mobile shopping Experience

With the current revolution in the digital world, you would be surprised with what you can do with your smartphone. The unending demand of apps by many smartphone owners has resulted too many tech-based companies venturing in this lucrative business. Purchasing a quality product of interest, at a cheap price can cause headache, with the increase in number of retailers distributed around US. Slyce is a company based in Toronto that has come up with a visual search technology to effectively recognize objects and use the recognition memory to connect consumers with retailers online. All you need to do is to take a snapshot of the product of interest and upload it on this app.

Slyce app is an exceptional one; the company offers technology as tool to work under major product websites know as White-label solution.  The software is simple to use and operate; it works by first determining the type of product and then highlighting its properties. It allows consumers to continue checking out items from multiple retailers just after single entry of payment information. Assuming it is a shirt the app will compute and avail details such as colour and pattern, size, number of buttons and the space between them, number and location of pockets, texture and shape of the collar. This diverse information provided by this app enables consumer to select the product that appeals to him, since all matching product will also be displayed. Retailers can also benefit from this intelligent innovation, at the comfort of their own smartphones they can compare what they offer to their competitor products.

Slyce acquired Tel Aviv-based Pounce app for &5 million in shares, cash and earn-out incentives. The app has been tackling one of the complex and hard mobile shopping. Both Consumers and retailers can now easily access any information on magazines, circulars, daily business journals and skim through a series of deals with just a simple click.

Its early entry into the business will ensure its technology achieves live integration, by recruiting of more retail partners and creation of new platforms. For instance, toward the end of 2014 the app supported major brands such as Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay.

Heads Propaganda: The Business Companion

Founded in 1989, when there was minimal knowledge on advertising, Heads Propaganda changed the field of advertisement in Brazil. Heads Propaganda eventually became the face of advertisement in Brazil as the agency considered their customer’s need paramount. Claudio Loureiro founded Heads Propaganda, and he is the agency’s CEO.

Mr. Loureiro aimed at helping business people in Brazil not only to advertise their products but also to expand their markets to the right people at an opportune time. The agency was appropriate for the business owners since Heads Propaganda provided well-fit advertisement fitting their company’s needs. Heads Propaganda is well-known not only for the talent at their disposal regarding the field but also for their attractive designs and well-placed advertisements.

Advertisements are gradually growing from a “can do” to a “must do” necessity in businesses today. The change of situation is because decent products or services as well as offering unique services at a pocket-friendly prices is not enough to attract consumers towards certain products. Therefore, the need to attract consumers to business products or service made advertisement agencies a company’s best friend. Heads Propaganda fulfils more than the role of best friend to a business companion since the organization helps the enterprises to identify and market their products to a suitable market. Heads Propaganda makes the eases the work for their clients since they not only suggest appropriate places their advertisements but also the frequency of the advertisements to appear so as to reach their goals.

Claudio Loureiro managed to attract clients such as Petrobras, 3M, Caixa Segurador, Grupo Boticario, as well as Arbor to the Heads Propaganda. His good leadership skills, as well as hard work, is evident as Heads Propaganda is the largest privately owned advertisement agency in Brazil. Mr. Lourerio graduated with a Bachelor of Law at the University Pontifica at Parana. His efforts in advertisements were recognized as he won the 1997 Colunistas Award for the best advertising professional of the year. Apart from advertising, Mr. Loureiro also has ventures in other fields. For instance, he is a producer as he was among the associate producers for the movie “Rio, I Love You.” Additionally, Mr. Louriero featured at TEDx as a speaker. Truly under Claudio Loureiro, Heads Propaganda is a business companion.

Writing Your Way to a Better Article

There is room for improvement in everything people do, including writing. Even the most prolific authors still have a thing or two to learn, especially if they want to create better articles. The key is to look at a piece with an objective eye and search for weak points. Developing good habits along the way certainly doesn’t hurt either, such as checking the facts, being concise and ask for help when it’s needed.

To the Point

Some people have a talent for taking the most roundabout path to make a simple point. In some cases, that’s an excellent tool for building anticipation, but in others, readers lose their way. Wikipedia writers should get straight to the point to keep a reader’s attention. That doesn’t mean one should use fewer words, but rather necessary words. This keeps the reader flowing from one point to the next.

Fact Checking

Always check the facts. This is a critical step, whether writing a fictional or non-fictional piece. This does include properly citing one’s sources, even if one believes something falls into the “common knowledge” category. After all, references support the facts, thus support the validity of the article. Even fictional pieces have a degree of truth, check the facts to keep the story consistent and on point. The more a piece presents unsubstantiated facts, the less likely a reader is to trust the article.

Get Your Wiki

Writing a factual article isn’t easy, not considering the research and fact checking involved. The veteran Wikipedia editors at Get Your Wiki are more than willing to lend a hand, though. They can do anything from editing a piece to writing an entire article. Get Your Wiki will also ensure the piece is properly formatted and supported by reliable references.

Spell Check

There is no reason for anyone to publish an article rifled with misspelled words considering the number of spell checkers available. Not to mention, most word processors provide the option to spell check an article before saving the document. Admittedly, spell checkers won’t catch everything, but that is a reason to use more than one. K

Highland Capital Management By James Dondero

Investors today have to make a lot of financial decisions while keeping track of many details that they do than they did a generation ago. Instead of doing it themselves, they may have to choose from hundreds of management companies – or they may have no luck at all in this volatile market. And of course, there is always the right way for individuals and businesses to handle money. There is no need to do it the way others do or the way it was done before. What is important is creating a management system that can work for you or the business, as a whole. Some businesses hand over the task of managing capital and other tasks related to the business into the hands of a responsible company like Highland Capital Management. This company is an alternative investment management firm that oversees hedge funds, distressed and structured investment funds. The firm has professionals who are highly skilled in the finance and investment field. Highland Capital Management or HCM invests in a wide range of investment venues such as fixed income, hedging markets and global public equity. Its main focus is on high yield bonds, leveraged loans as well as structured products.

Professionals at Highland Capital Management combine various approaches of investment that tend to work better for investors. These professionals are bound to be far better than many ‘do-it-yourself’ investors out there. It is much simpler and affordable to have someone in charge of investment than to try to handle situations without adequate knowledge and experience. It is also smart to create portfolio for investing in the market yourself, but it is easier to have one consolidated account for all investment activities in one place like this firm.

Highland Capital Management couldn’t have been successful without its president and co-founder James Dondero. James David Dondero popularly known as Jim is from Dallas TX and currently oversees his company’s strategies and operations in various sectors including institutional and retail products. James Dondero has a number of years of experience in credit markets. He is one of the original pioneers in CLO or Collateralized Loan Obligation strategy. James Dondero became the chief investment officer of Protective Life where he worked in its GIC subsidiary before starting Highland Capital Management. Within a span of five years, he was able to grow this startup to $2 billion in investment fund.

James Dondero graduated from University of Virginia in accounting and finance. He is also a certified management accountant and chartered financial analyst. Dondero served as the board of director for American Banknote and MGM Studios. He is the chairman of the board for NexBank, CCS Medical Corporation and Cornerstone Healthcare. He has contributed to many magazines in business and finance as well. His ideas and strategies have reached millions of businesses out there. James Dondero has been quoted in numerous publications as well because of his ability to make the most complex management topics understandable in simple terms and strategies workable to the average investor.

Shaygan Khedapir: Business and Technology Executive

Shaygan Khredapir is a technology managerial and business person based in the United States of America. He was born in the year 1960 in London, United Kingdom. Shaygan holds a Ph.D. degree after completing his bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering qualifications attained from the University of Cornell. He has had some achievements and contributions in the world of technology, governance and business. He has contributed to the FIOS, which is a package internet access, phone and cable television service that operates over a fiber-optic communication net to more than six million people in thirteen states in the United States. His contribution on the Pingit is a mobile money transfer in the United Kingdom. This system was launched by Barclays in the year 2012. Revolution program at Barclays is one of his achievements. At Juniper Networks where he helped achieve an integrated Operating plan as the chief executive officer.

Throughout his career, he has struggled to build work-driven team force to drive the necessary change that matters not only to the customers but also to the employees, the public and the investors at large. He has overlapped and innovated numerous traditional boundaries of disciplines across multiple production sections worldwide. He was recently announced as the new CEO of Juniper Networks, which is a pioneering networking company in the entire Silicon Valley. Preceding to the proclamation Shaygan was the chief operations and technology officer of the Barclays Bank group. He joined Barclays in the year 2011and became the chief worldwide operations and operations officer. He has been a promoter and steered the bank to see development and by leading the cultural change essential for revolution into a 21st-century development process. While in Barclays, he also saw the innovation of products like Pingit that has changed people’s lives.

He worked on network routing, management, and control. Over time, he became the company’s chief information’s offices. It earned him respect because of his constant innovation and bringing new products on their schedule. In the year 2000 when this company merged to form Verizon Communications. He served as the premier of Verizon’s Commercial district. He had a great contribution to that company or introducing diversification of services offered like the introduction of a greater range of automation operations and telecommunication services. He formed small teams that handled the formulating innovation of new product ideas. It was the time his team of seven thousand people led by him implemented the FiOS fiber-optic initiative. It has been argued as one of the largest substructure programs in the entire United States. It has become a twelve billion dollar business over the years and had a thirty-five percent market saturation where it runs.

He wants a well-organized performance around business ground rules. From a buyers perspective, Shaygan always made it possible to lead technology in the companies that he served to greater heights than he found them.

Way Most People are Using Skout in Search for Love

Getting a platform where one can express feelings can help many people get some peace in their lives. Dating is one of the things that have been controversial with new systems coming in place to help couples have better times together. Most people shy away from approaching people they would like to get into a relationship with. This is nature and there is nothing that can be done to change the behavior of some people. However, there are systems and platforms that can be created to ease the experience and to make it easier to connect with different people. Using Skout, a dating application and website, has been seen as one of the many ways through which one can access love. Many people who have used Skout can attest to the fact that the application offers a seamless infrastructure to help people connect with potential partners.

One of the reasons using Skout has been seen as the best alternative is because it eliminates the disappointment that comes with approaching someone for the first time. The application offers the user adequate details about different members, who are also searching for love. So, before initiating a conversation, one clearly understands what the other person wants and the kind of relationship he/she is looking for. This helps one to make an informed decision before proceeding.

The fact that there are hundreds of members in Skout makes it an ideal platform to find a perfect match. One is offered the freedom to choose from among hundreds of members, who are also in a mission to search for a partner. This is unlike the traditional options, where you may be forced to take longer before identifying a partner. It is also cheaper compared to other options as there is no travel needed. Everything is done through online access and one is always in a position to afford some few minutes go get online for the business.

Due to the availability of many users on the dating platform, getting the exact match calls for some effort and dedication. This is because there many people and all come from different locations and cultures. Therefore, getting the right person becomes a bit challenging. This is something that Skout has identified and to make the process easier, they have created a flawless system that allows the system to easily browse through different individuals using certain criteria. One of the criteria that can be used when searching is using age as a sorting factor. This allows one to get people who lie within a certain age bracket. More complex sorting features are available to help users make a more detailed search.

Treading through the Skout application is also made more secure when compared to what other platforms offer. The system is fairly encrypted and secured with modern software to guard al details that are supplied by members.

Bruce Levenson, The Hawks Team Owner

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a prominent business person on wikipedia in the United States. He is the United Communications Group (UGC) Co-founder and partner. He also owns the Atlanta Spirit, LLC. For more than twenty-seven years now, Bruce continues to elevate the company’s business strategies and plays a prominent role in its business acquisitions. He has also served as one of the boards of directors in the Newsletters and Electronic Publishers Association. He also worked as a director at TechTarget.com. Mr. Bruce is the leader, and president of the “I have a Dream Foundation” in Washington and has indulged himself in many protuberant and charitable events. He has an Arts Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Washington as well as a law degree from American University, which is in Washington, DC.

Atlanta Hawk Group owned by Bruce Levenson is working to finalize the sales of the NBA team to Anthony Ressler. It was not to be put public until the process of selling was completed. It was however announced that the deal had come to an agreement, and Ressler said that he respects the NBAs approval processes and wishes luck to the Hawks in their endeavors. Levenson affirmed that he intended to sell his share to the Ressler group in September. Steve Konin, who is the Hawks’ Chief Executive Officer, will be part of the plan of the new ownership group. The sale of the franchise Philips Arena goes into the seventh month of negotiations of sale. The bids span to date ten in April. This information was told to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by people with reliable sources of that knowledge.

The entire process had taken until the month of June for the process to be completed. Bruce, who is the current controlling leader, announced the sales intention in September as a result of the controversy that had begun in the franchise. The bankers who were brought on board by Bruce sold the Hawk at a lower price than the one he had stated earlier on of at least 900 million dollars. However, early this year the Hawks were valued at 825 million dollars. It was later announced that it was to be sold to the highest bidder who turned out to be Ressler with a bid of 730 million dollars.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball team competes in the National Basketball Association and has a great winning record. It was established in the year 1946 and joined the national basketball association in the year 1949. Currently, hawks performance has been over a vast period of not winning in 57 seasons consecutively. The Hawks team has a clean record of at least 60 games that have been won. In January, the Hawks made a record that has never been held before by being the first team to go 17-0 in a calendar month.

Learn More About the Achievements of Susan McGalla

Susan was raised in Liverpool, Ohio. Her father was a football coach of a local club. Susan pursued and achieved a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business from the Mount Union College. Currently, she serves as a member of the College Board of Advisors. She is married to a wealth manager known as Stephen McGalla. Susan McGalla is an astute business lady and an executive consultant from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Her career is marked by hard work, results, and a lot of dedication. She is an expert in retail positioning, business management, and fashion branding. She once served at the American Eagle Outfitters company as the president, and also she has served at the West Seal Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer. Currently, she sits on the board of HFF Inc, which is a firm that provides services in the real estate. Susan also sits on the boards of the Magee-Women Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She is a former director of Allegheny Conference on Community Development and a former trustee of the University of Pittsburgh.

She began her long career at the Joseph Home Company. It is here where she served in various managerial and marketing solutions. At the American Eagle, she was in charge of divisional merchandise as the buyer of female clothing. She later worked for the same company in various managerial positions until she rose to be the president and the chief officer in charge of merchandising. Before she became the president and the chief merchandising officer, she was in charge of the company’s American Eagle brand. As the company president, she oversaw the launching of the company’s 77kids and aerie brands.

Her tireless work ethic and inborn confidence made her get several job offers, but she ignored many willingly to start her career as a private consultant. Susan McGalla exited from the American Eagle on prnewswire in 2009 and established herself as a private consultant in the retail and the financial investment companies. She was appointed by HFF to be a board of director in 2009. In October the same year, she was able to succeed Ed Thomas as the CEO of the West Seal Inc. During her stay at the West Seal company; McGalla had the duty of developing and executing a brand strategy positioning while at the same time working on a 3-5 year budget for strategic planning and creative process. She was able to fill both the executive and the middle management levels in the company. Before she left West Seal, the company was able to improve on quality and product trends, something that is clearly evidenced by the target customer research.

In July 2012, she parted ways with West Seal company. She founded the P3 Executive consulting, and also became the Director in charge of strategic planning and growth at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan McGalla is an excellent model of success to many young women who are thinking about careers in business.

Andy Wirth Sets Sight on Clean Energy Movement


Andy Wirth was recently appointed to the Reno Airport Board and he has already begun to make his voice heard in the media. Stepping up to support energy, Wirth went into detail on how a move away from dirty coal power could help fix both the environment and the economy. As reported by the Reno Gazette-Journal, With has quite a bit of stake in how the environment is when considering the fact that his place of employment relies on a great natural experience for visiting skiers who are visiting the Lake Tahoe Region. Wirth went on to drop an enlightening op-ed, expounding on his position.

The push for clean energy, as Wirth pointed out, has started to gain real momentum within the Reno City Council when they voted to support the Clean Power Plan. Wirth championed the idea because it moves the city toward renewable energy while doubling down on their efforts to keep elected officials and utility companies aware of the need for change. Wirth called the Clean Power Plan a “moment” and said that it was time to “make this region the leader and example of true clean energy.” He pointed out that a healthy environment would naturally lend itself to helping to fix the economy, as well.

Looking past simple politics, Wirth called the need for clean energy ‘apolitical’. He pointed out how air quality has been diluted, droughts have caused harm, and an increase and forest fires affect everyone. He pointed out the disastrous effects of huge carbon footprints and how their own region has played a big part in the pollution of the planet. He went on to point out how the Reno area has a great chance to work with solar and geothermal energy while getting away from the dirty energy produced at the Valmy coal plant.

Andy Wirth has been making waves ever since assuming leadership of Squaw Valley Ski. He is a nature aficionado and a survivor of a dramatic skydiving accident.