Skout Surveys Online Friendships

In February, the second observation of International Online Friendship Day, marked the importance the role that social media plays in our increasingly connected lives today. Skout, a popular mobile app that allows people to connect, chat and meet, hosted more than 680 million connections last year, enabling people all over the world to increase their social circle. Skout also took advantage of the Online Friendship Day to conduct a survey to find out what’s trending in online social networks and the results are contrary to pundits who feel many people are wary and suspicious of starting online friendships.

A surprised statistic that was discovered is three out of four people maintain online friendships with people they have yet to meet. And as a testament to our trust in online relationships, eighty-three percent of these same individuals stated they would like to meet their online friends in person one day. Flash back to the past, where having a pen-pal in another country gave people an intimate glimpse into other cultures. The same is true today, as sixty-four percent of Americans surveyed, stated they have online friendships with people in other countries. Meeting people in different lands online can be especially fulfilling for older adults to deter loneliness.

How about for the socially awkward persons in our society. Online friendships can be a welcome treat for those who tend towards nervousness and anxiety in social situations. This is by far not condoning online relationships as preferable to face-to-face relationships, but it is recognizing that a certain percentage of our population has always been on the fringes of being socially accepted. With 62% of Americans surveyed say they have at least five online friends, and 41% say they have at least 10, it would seem to be a good way to practice interaction skills.

With mobile technology making it so much easier to communicate on the spot, you’re not necessarily tied to a computer, sitting a dimly lit room. As a matter of fact, Skout’s survey found that ninety-two percent of people used their smartphone versus a computer. And fifty-nine percent related that the engage in daily communication with online friends. Maybe it’s time to stop viewing social networking with negative connotations. It is obviously working for many people who are enjoying staying in touch with others, even if it is online. With social networking apps like Skout, getting to know people in New Orleans, London or even the community a few miles away from your home, can only offer exciting experiences to enhance life.

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Handy Is The Best Home Cleaning App In The World

Nobody likes to clean their home, especially when they have many other things to do that prevent them from having enough time to comfortably clean their house without being in a rush. Cleaning up a home is not that difficult in terms of how much knowledge one needs to have to complete cleaning tasks, but in the sense that it takes a very long time to clean a home in its entirety. Doing the dishes, sweeping and mopping, and picking up items laying around all take a very long time, especially in a medium to large-sized help. It takes even longer to do all of this if one does not have any help and has to clean up by their selves.

Hiring people to clean one’s home is very nice because it is relaxing to come home to a clean house without having to have cleaned up any, but it has traditionally been expensive and reserved for those with large amounts of disposable income. Luckily for homeowners, there is a new app called Handy. Handy features many listings of home cleaners that are available to lend their services to homeowners and renters nearby.

Since Handy was founded four years ago by Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, there have been more than a quarter of a million applications to list cleaning services on this revolutionary app. Only around seven thousand cleaners have been accepted into the website, all of which have had to submit to background checks. It is actually very difficult to be listed on Handy, even though many other hosting sites or apps such as Craigslist allow its users to post for free, without having to be submitted to background checks or any other type of pre-employment screenings.

So, how much does Handy on apple app charge its customers for arranging the deals? Absolutely nothing. The only money that is expensed out of the deal is the money that the house cleaning professional receives, which is a little less than a 20% fee from the sum of the transaction. This is very reasonable, considering that the average price of a listing on Handy for one hour of cleaning services is around $22. This means that cleaners are making at least $17 an hour, which is a great value for doing nothing more than cleaning homes.

If one is interested in learning about Handy and how to use it, it’s very easy. Simply download the app for free, then open the app and fill out information about where one is located. There will be a list of home cleaning service providers near the customer, all of which will be different and offer different services. All users of Handy are essentially guaranteed to find someone to clean their home because it is so easy to use and there are so many listings on their site, everybody is sure to find something that fits them perfectly.

Way Most People are Using Skout in Search for Love

Getting a platform where one can express feelings can help many people get some peace in their lives. Dating is one of the things that have been controversial with new systems coming in place to help couples have better times together. Most people shy away from approaching people they would like to get into a relationship with. This is nature and there is nothing that can be done to change the behavior of some people. However, there are systems and platforms that can be created to ease the experience and to make it easier to connect with different people. Using Skout, a dating application and website, has been seen as one of the many ways through which one can access love. Many people who have used Skout can attest to the fact that the application offers a seamless infrastructure to help people connect with potential partners.

One of the reasons using Skout has been seen as the best alternative is because it eliminates the disappointment that comes with approaching someone for the first time. The application offers the user adequate details about different members, who are also searching for love. So, before initiating a conversation, one clearly understands what the other person wants and the kind of relationship he/she is looking for. This helps one to make an informed decision before proceeding.

The fact that there are hundreds of members in Skout makes it an ideal platform to find a perfect match. One is offered the freedom to choose from among hundreds of members, who are also in a mission to search for a partner. This is unlike the traditional options, where you may be forced to take longer before identifying a partner. It is also cheaper compared to other options as there is no travel needed. Everything is done through online access and one is always in a position to afford some few minutes go get online for the business.

Due to the availability of many users on the dating platform, getting the exact match calls for some effort and dedication. This is because there many people and all come from different locations and cultures. Therefore, getting the right person becomes a bit challenging. This is something that Skout has identified and to make the process easier, they have created a flawless system that allows the system to easily browse through different individuals using certain criteria. One of the criteria that can be used when searching is using age as a sorting factor. This allows one to get people who lie within a certain age bracket. More complex sorting features are available to help users make a more detailed search.

Treading through the Skout application is also made more secure when compared to what other platforms offer. The system is fairly encrypted and secured with modern software to guard al details that are supplied by members.