Building Confidence through White Shark Media

At White Shark Media, increased growth through enhanced marketing campaigns is one of their primary goals for your business. As a digital marketing company that serves a growing need in the online business community, White Shark Media offers solutions–when you have a business, you want to ensure that people find you! With all of the competition online, there are ways to place your advertising campaigns over all the others. Disqus officially stated that White Shark Media provides just such an opportunity through a wide range of knowledgeable professional services.

The high approval rating of White Shark Media is increasing. Ranked as one of the top growth companies in todayÕs competitive online markets (, White Shark Media offers a high level of technological expertise as well as popularity. The people at White Shark media have established an exceptional rapport with their clients, making it possible to update their platform to meet customer needs.

In this growing market and the fast-moving changes that are revolutionizing the ways people do business, the combination of understanding technological advances as they occur and also understanding client concerns is rare. White Shark Media meets both needs with acumen. They listen to client concerns, follow up with necessary changes and recommendations, and put the information out there. At one blog (, interested readers learn out how the company deals with compliments and complaints. They listen to their customer base carefully and make suggested changes on their website. Improvements in ease of access and a better communication platform assure growth and success.

The people at White Shark media have a positive attitude that exudes throughout all of their promotional communications, which can be found on YouTube segments with ease. Andrew Lolk explains how the enhanced marketing campaigns have increased accessibility on Iphones, which is an increasingly important aspect of online advertising to reach wider buying audiences (as stated on their Youtube video).

CEO Gary Garth represents the White Shark media platform in an amiable approach, which adds a personal touch to this digital marketing agency. The overall promise of White Shark media gives its customers the confidence necessary to focus on business solutions company growth. As a specialized company that offers practical and innovative solutions in the online marketing field, clients will also be pleased to know that White Shark media includes the added benefits of a professional PR approach.

Successful Business Tips offered by Chicagoan Business and Marketing Leaders

Rising to be a successful business and marketing leader does not just happen in a snap, but rather it takes a careful planning, hard work, dedication and patience. Some of the success tips that are offered by the Chicagoan business and marketing leaders are as follows:

Rising to be a successful leader in a market that is already dominated by well-established players is almost unlikely. Rather than start battling over the saturated, broad markets, it is better to get a narrow market and provide some specialized products or services. A smaller market will much easily get you in a position of becoming a leader, like Majeed Ekbal.

Do not wait until perfection so that you can launch your products. Rather, execute and iterate constantly. You must put in mind that a product or service will never achieve perfection, and it will definitely not be at its launch. Once you get your product in the market, pay attention to the feedback of your customers and consider their needs, wants and concerns. Do your best to come up with innovations, adapting to market changes and staying some steps ahead of your competitors.

The customers control the modern-age technology-driven world and the social media. Whatever they say has the power to make or break businesses. A survey that was conducted on consumers found that 90% of respondents claimed that positive online feedback determined their buying decisions. The same survey showed that 86% claimed that negative reviews had direct and negative impact on their purchasing decisions. With this, it becomes important to provide a product or service that is of high quality and able to satisfy consumers and they will in turn become your brand ambassadors.

Coming with creative advertisement and marketing strategies is important so as to reach customers and build awareness of the brand. Be ambitious with the marketing strategies and look for ways that are new and creative to market your products and connects with consumers.

Among the Chicagoan Business and marketing leaders, Majeed Ekbal stands out as among the best leader capable of bringing success to the city. Ekbal is a senior executive in marketing. His experience that is of over 15 years makes him adept in broadening new business operations. He has worked well with other development partners, budget management and direct and digital marketing. Mr. Ekbal is full of business ideas and he shares them with young entrepreneurs.

Meet Flavio Maluf-The Business Mogul

The name Flavio Maluf is almost a global brand. It is virtually a household name in Brazil. However, some people may not have a clear idea of who Maluf is even if they have heard the name before. Maluf is a renowned Brazilian entrepreneur and a career mechanical engineer. He is the long-serving president of Eucatex and the GrandFood Group. The GrandFood Group owns several brands that include Golden and the Premier Pet.

The professional mechanical engineer, who is an alumnus of the Alvares Penteado Foundation, is married to Jacqueline Torres and is a proud father of three kids. He was born on December 2, 1961, and he lives in Sao Paulo. The business mogul has scaled the ranks to become a high-profile manager during his illustrious career in the industrial sector. He was ultimately appointed as the Eucatex President. Eucatex is among the leading multinational firms in Brazil. Mr. Maluf has been working in Eucatex Group from the year 1987. It is worth noting that during his stay at the mega-firm, he has served in various capacities to get where he is now. In 1997, he assumed the presidency of the entire Eucatex Group a position he holds up to date. He has been focusing on making the firm conform to the current market trends competitiveness.

Maluf’s Achievements at Eucatex

Maluf pioneered the application of the eucalyptus that grows in Oceania in the manufacture of tissue papers. The eucalyptus can adapt to virtually any environment, grow fast and can also be used in the manufacturing pulp, wood for construction jobs, charcoal, and paper. Eucatex is currently considered a leader in the manufacture of, panel, paints, doors, flooring. It is also used in producing acoustic ceilings, for insulation, plates, and other wooden housewares. On top of contributing tax to the Brazilian economy, the firm also partakes in charitable initiatives, anti-drug campaigns, and works with hospitals like Idio Carli maternity. The maternity was once referred as Santa Emilia.

Eucatex, under the able leadership of Flavio Maluf, opened a branch in Argentina, and it plans to expand to other countries in the Latin America. It invests in the genetic technology that is a modern form of fertilization technology that is prevailing in the botany field. Eucatex has been certified by the FCS for more than 20 years. The certification ensures the quality of products offered by the firm while conferring it with the respect that it deserves from its customers.

Heads Propaganda: The Business Companion

Founded in 1989, when there was minimal knowledge on advertising, Heads Propaganda changed the field of advertisement in Brazil. Heads Propaganda eventually became the face of advertisement in Brazil as the agency considered their customer’s need paramount. Claudio Loureiro founded Heads Propaganda, and he is the agency’s CEO.

Mr. Loureiro aimed at helping business people in Brazil not only to advertise their products but also to expand their markets to the right people at an opportune time. The agency was appropriate for the business owners since Heads Propaganda provided well-fit advertisement fitting their company’s needs. Heads Propaganda is well-known not only for the talent at their disposal regarding the field but also for their attractive designs and well-placed advertisements.

Advertisements are gradually growing from a “can do” to a “must do” necessity in businesses today. The change of situation is because decent products or services as well as offering unique services at a pocket-friendly prices is not enough to attract consumers towards certain products. Therefore, the need to attract consumers to business products or service made advertisement agencies a company’s best friend. Heads Propaganda fulfils more than the role of best friend to a business companion since the organization helps the enterprises to identify and market their products to a suitable market. Heads Propaganda makes the eases the work for their clients since they not only suggest appropriate places their advertisements but also the frequency of the advertisements to appear so as to reach their goals.

Claudio Loureiro managed to attract clients such as Petrobras, 3M, Caixa Segurador, Grupo Boticario, as well as Arbor to the Heads Propaganda. His good leadership skills, as well as hard work, is evident as Heads Propaganda is the largest privately owned advertisement agency in Brazil. Mr. Lourerio graduated with a Bachelor of Law at the University Pontifica at Parana. His efforts in advertisements were recognized as he won the 1997 Colunistas Award for the best advertising professional of the year. Apart from advertising, Mr. Loureiro also has ventures in other fields. For instance, he is a producer as he was among the associate producers for the movie “Rio, I Love You.” Additionally, Mr. Louriero featured at TEDx as a speaker. Truly under Claudio Loureiro, Heads Propaganda is a business companion.


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