The Supreme Court Puts An End To A 226 Years Same Sex Marriage Stand Off By Legalizing Gay Marriage Countrywide

For over 226 years supporters of same-sex marriage have been fighting for legal recognition of this union under the laws of United States. In the more than two centuries period that this crusade has been going on, they have been making major steps to the right direction. Over the years, this group supporting same-sex marriage has been able to win some of the public support on their agenda. Their breakthrough came in when the then presidential aspirant and current president of United States, Barack Obama expressed his support for same-sex marriage. The supporters of same-sex marriage had up to recently only manage to convince a few state governments throughout the country to allow these marriages to take place. This group was facing a major challenge from some state governments which went ahead and banned these marriages. This group took the matter to the Supreme Court for a legal ruling.

Recently the Supreme Court made a ruling that legally allowed same-sex marriages to take place all over the country. In this decision, the courts overruled the laws that had been placed by state governments across the country banning same-sex marriages. In its ruling, the Supreme Court stated that it was the constitutional right of every individual in the nation to associate with any other individual of their choosing. This court stated that the same-sex marriages were not in anyway an illegal act, and it could not establish a good enough reason not to legalize it. The gay marriage supporters celebrated this ruling which gave them victory over a 226-year-old brawl. The supporters of this agenda said that it was the time that every group of people in America got recognized by the constitution and protected by the law.

According to Sam Tabar, a famous attorney, the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage is a major break through to the human rights and legal sectors. He says that this ruling has put out the judicial systems in the United States as a just and fair and serves to protect the minority equally. Apart from being an attorney, Sam Tabar is also an international capital strategist based in New York City.

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