How EOS’ Marketing Helped the Brand Grow

Sometimes it takes more than just a superior product to grow your business. Instead, brands will need to market their product effectively in order to grow. EOS developed a superior product that was sourced with all-natural ingredients such as jojoba, coconut oil, and shea butter and had unique additives included in their balms such as Vitamin C and E which further protected users’ lips. Unique flavors kept the lip balms fresh and enjoyable to use, but the brand needed more to succeed and expand in the marketplace. Here are some ways that EOS lip balm was able to market and grow their brand.

EOS noticed that the buyers of lip balm were interested in products that were organic and natural and they emphasized the inclusion of all natural ingredients sourced in their products. They did the same with the natural flavored they used and the brand was able to grow through word of mouth which showed off the excellent brand loyalty EOS was able to accumulate quickly,

EOS also used their product packaging to market their brand. Most lip balms are sold in these lip balm tubes that are standard in the industry. While these are commonly used for lip balms, the orbs that EOS sells their lip balms in served a dual purpose of being a practical upgrade over the tubes, and also as a marketing tool to help to differentiate the brand. EOS uses colors to match the flavored of each orb they use and are the only major lip balm brand which uses the orb. With these, EOS is able to stand out on shelves of Walgreens and Lucky Vitamin and is a unique product with a premium package.

EOS was therefore able to stand out in the lip balm industry not only for their superior products, but also for the great marketing they do with their products.

EOS Lip Balm Moves Off Shelves

EOS Lip Balm is moving off Target shelves at a very fast rate. It is hard for stores to keep this product on the shelves. There are so many people that are trying to purchase this product. It shines as one of the most innovative products on the market, and Chap Stick is going to have a lot of trouble competing with this company. It wasn’t always a company that sold skin care products at such a fast pace, but this has changed. The changes that have occurred are a direct result of the way that this company has implemented marketing strategies.

It all comes down to the powerful presence of colors and flavors. As noted in Fast Company magazine, EOS is a company that makes people takes notice of two things: colors and flavors. A person could glance over a plethora of similar lip balm products and never really notice any difference between these tubes of lip balm. When someone sees the EOS Lip Balm, by contrast, they are going to know exactly what they are looking at. They are going to recognize this product because of the sphere shaped container. This is the driving force between these products. That is the thing that gets the attention of customers at first glance.

The other thing that makes people take notice of EOS is flavor. There are bountiful flavors that are associated with the colors. That is the thing that has made people appreciate what the Evolution of Smooth is offering. It is one of those types of product lines that just continue to build upon different flavors. This has allowed this company to grow in a major way. People look forward to the flavors. It is the other thing that makes people appreciates what the Evolution of Smooth provides.