Increasing Number of Attractive Real Estate Opportunities Born From Brazil’s Economy

The Brazilian housing market has fallen nearly 20% in the last year according to Moody’s credit rating agency. At this time the stressed economy in Brazil leads to opportunities for investors who are seeking seriously discounted properties, making this a very attractive time to buy.

Exxpon, which is a Brazilian real estate growth company that specializes in high risk investments, is cashing in on this opportunity purchasing high volumes of property for close to a 60% discount. Companies such as this can easily identify properties considered “stranded” as they sift through a surplus of homes for sale. They’re making their contribution to the economy by taking this calculated risk, hoping for future profits.

Construcap has held a presence in Brazil since 1944, being one of the oldest and reliable construction companies of its kind in the country. They attribute their growth and success to the way they are constantly developing and adopting technological improvements with great regard to their social responsibility and the importance of environmental concerns.

As real estate companies quickly snatch up properties for investments, they give fuel to companies such as Construcap by keeping communities alive and growing instead of sitting stagnant during economic downturns. It is active in many areas such as commercial construction, airports, roads and highways, industrial buildings, railways and infrastructure for sea and river ports. They also have a hand in oil, gas, mining, metal, manufacturing, automotive and power infrastructure with over twelve thousand (12,000) employees.

The risk taken by the real estate companies is valuable to other companies. This is a continuous part of the return of a stable economy as these communities can become revived instead of sinking completely. The people in the communities that are employed at companies like Construcap can continue to hold onto jobs, seek new ones and be a part of the growing economy that is all a delicate balancing act as large companies like the ones mentioned rely on each other to take chances, invest money in the future and give the economy the jump start it needs at the right time and place.