ID Life Products for Healthy Living

People that are interested in getting in shape will need a blueprint for how they will eat healthier and work on losing weight. What a company like ID Life does is provide the necessary supplements that people need to carry out a better plan for their daily routine.

There are a plethora of supplements available in various types of forms to help those that are on a journey to weight loss and better physical fitness. The supplements come in things like grape and vanilla flavors. There are abundant number of shapes for people that are trying to lose weight, but there are also protein shake supplements for those that need to replenish their body after they have been working out. This tends to be one of the best sellers for ID Life because it provides a powder-based formula for regaining electrolytes and nutrients that are depleted during workouts.

ID Life is also a company that sells other products like protein bars for people that are in need of energy. This company even sells sleep night aids for those that have trouble resting. The overall goal for ID Life is to put people in a better place when it comes to their health needs. This is a company that is revolutionizing the way that people add supplements into the mix when it comes to getting help. It has become the type of company that is leading the way when it comes down to products that are safe and reliable.

Products from ID Life like hydrate allow people to mix drinks together that can provide a level of hydration that allows people to skip all of the sugar related products that people usually consume when they are trying to hydrate.

The number of products that are sold by ID life are growing, and the most important takeaway that most people will find is that this is high quality protein. This is why the large majority of customers are utilizing ID Life Products. They want access to high-quality products that will eventually help them improve their quality of life.

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Brazilian Business Mogul Roberto Santiago

A mogul is defined as a person with great power and many possessions. Although this may have a negative connotation associated with it, it is certainly a desired description to have. Having said that, one of the best moguls that have used this power to great use has been the successful Roberto Santiago. Specifically, Roberto Santiago has earned his mogul status as a thriving business professional. Throughout his career, Roberto Santiago has used his ability’s and tools as an outstanding businessman to help, support, and grown his home country of Brazil as a whole. Having tremendous pride as a Brazilian, Roberto Santiago has made Brazil a priority and a must when it comes to his to-do list. Because of this, Roberto Santiago has had a hand in many helpful resources that have boosted Brazil economically, financially, and socially as well. However, the most successful resource he has given Brazil is the Manaira Shopping Center. As the owner of the shopping center, Roberto Santiago has made sure that it has a flawless operation as a shopping center, top-notch customer service, and plenty of resources and advantages for the people of Brazil as well. Not only has Roberto Santiago met these goals but, he has surpassed them with tremendous success. Here are some of the many advantages of the Manaira Shopping Center and how Roberto Santiago has made sure it meets public demands.


Roberto Santiago & The Manaira Shopping Center

needless to say, Roberto Santiago is a man of the people. because of his non-stop support of Brazil and its people, it is easy to see why he is so admired and respected in his home country. Everywhere he goes, Brazilians make sure to show their appreciation or what he has done. Nonetheless, as for that Manaira Shopping Center, it has everything one would need in a shopping center and some. Whether it’s for leisure or for rains, the shopping center has everything from movie theaters, restaurants, and even banks. As we can see by its many accommodations, the Manaira Shopping Center is easily one of the most popular shopping centers in all of Brazil. Also, as mentioned before, Roberto Santiago has made sure to deliver in any public demand or request that he is given. this has kept a steady and consistent level of attendance at the shopping center. In addition to that, it lets the people know that he cares about what the people think of him and, what he thinks of the people. Unlike many other businessmen with a busy schedule, if Roberto Santiago has to, he will force him into his schedule to ensure public happiness. Furthermore, we can clearly see why Roberto Santiago is such a successful business mogul among many other things.

George Soros Protecting Minorities

George Soros is known as one of the most active philanthropists in the world. He single-handedly funs his global organization – Open Society Foundation and has directed more than $32 million and counting to it from his personal bank account. George Soros is also famous for his establishment of the Central European University in Budapest which is now the leader in social sciences in the region.For George Soros, the Open Society Foundation has been the center of his life and career. The Open Society Foundation focuses on spreading kindness, helping people in need, protecting minorities, and holding governments accountable for their actions. The name of the organization also signifies it main priorities as it carries the name of a philosophical concept, the one of an open society. Open society became important to George Soros back when he was studying at the London School of Economics before he moved to New York City in the United States.

Over the course of his life, George Sorors has learned the true power of money. According to his own words, money is what makes the world go round. He learned that after watching how the only reason he could lead a relatively normal life was because his father paid off an official back in Budapest to take him in. Later George Soros lived in England where banking was one of the few respected jobs, and so he studied Economics and Finance. After he moved to New York, George Sorors worked on Wall Street, and money proved to be the driving force of the city. Today in 2017 in the United States money is the main topic of discussion. With a president whose purpose in life is business, politics has turned into a land for business deals and bank account growth. George Soros was quick to realize the hidden agenda behind Trump’s candidacy for president, and so he started donating to the political campaign of the opposition.

Even though Hilary Clinton did not win, George Soros is working harder than ever to give more power to organizations that work for people instead of against them. George Soros has been targeted by the Republican speakers, but he has made it clear that his foundation and his philanthropy will oppose very illegal behavior of any institution including Trump’s government. George Soros has stated time and again that Trump is the embodiment of discrimination, negligence, and ignorance which prompts George Soros to double his efforts to protect minorities such as refugees, immigrants, the LGBT community, and more. In the meantime, many have wished for Soros to be president as his giving and acceptance of people has inspired millions of people to try and withstand the hardships of the next four years.

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Roberto Santiago Success with Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a renowned entrepreneur, blogger, video producer, and scriptwriter. The successful investor is known for establishing Manaira Shopping Mall. Founding the shopping center showed his interest in real estate sector. Manaira Shopping Mall is the largest shopping mall in Paraiba with a visit rate of over 1.6 million persons per month and occupies more than 92,000 sq. Meters. It is strategically located and among the most attractive malls in Joao Pessoa.


About Roberto Santiago


Roberto Santiago is of Paraiba origin. The 59-year-old entrepreneur graduated from the University Center of Joao Pessoa with a Business Management Degree. He holds a diploma certificate from Pio X-Marist College. Mr. Santiago has worked hard to achieve his current accomplishment. His vision and brilliance have made it possible for him to overcome challenges.


Santiago started his professional journey as a blogger who used to write about Brazil history. He joined the film production and started entrepreneurship over the decades. He worked in a small café in Santa Rosa to acquire business management experience and skills that he implements today.


The legendary businessman wished to set up a haven that encompasses leisure, sales, and tour center under one roof. In 1987 he started putting his ideas into action, and he acquired a piece of land where he constructed the Manaira Shopping Mall. The facility is the only shopping mall in Parable with the leading gross leasable area. He is the owner of Mangabeira Shopping Mall.


Manaira Shopping Mall


Stores at Manaira Shopping Mall are its biggest attraction. The business website has links to various stalls found in the facility. Shoppers can access information relating to fashion stores, furniture stalls, electronic supplies, sports shops, household items outlets, and gift centers. Manaira offers all commodities needed by the buyers.


Mr. Roberto Santiago designed the shopping mall to not only provide shopping solutions but also serve tourists. It has amenities where you can relax and play your favorite indoor game or watch a movie. The 3D cinema rooms resemble the stadium sitting arrangement to make sure other people will not hinder you when viewing the films. The 11 movie theatres have technologically advanced entertainment hubs. People enjoy watching the 3D screens and other extras like popcorn and ice cream.


Domus Hall is the home to live concerts, cultural festivals, or theatrical performance. Visitors can learn about the Brazilian culture through the performed art. The live exhibitions are not just for sale but a great way to educate foreigners about the local beliefs and way of life.


Restaurants at the mall serve various Brazilian delicacies. The food courts and hotels also offer bar services and a place to watch games. Shoppers can access other essential facilities like education in the college mall and banking services.


Sheldon Lavin’s Past Experience Paid Off

Sheldon Lavin was not always going to be a major player in the food industry. In fact, he had no interest in the food industry when he first began his career and it was something that he did not put much thought into when he first started out with the companies that he worked for in the past.

Sheldon Lavin was a financial advisor and he worked in investments. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that he has been so successful with OSI Goup. Since he was an investor and knew the right risks to take in the past career that he had, he was confident that he would be able to continue that with his new career. Taking on the OSI Group was something that was somewhat risky for Sheldon Lavin but also something that he knew he had to do to be successful in the field.

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When Sheldon Lavin first started working with OSI Group, he was not an insider. He had never worked in the food industry before and he came into a company that was focused on selling their food to McDonald’s and McDonald’s only. He wanted to change that but still wanted to keep the mega-chain as one of the company’s top customers. By strategizing like he did in the financial world, he was able to come up with ideas to help him be a better brand ambassador and make things better for the OSI Group while still managing to keep their original message (and customer) in mind.

Since Sheldon Lavin has taken over as the CEO of OSI Group, he has managed to make the company better than it ever was in the past. He caters to many different restaurants and chains now but he also works to make sure that he is providing the same great service to McDonald’s. While this remains OSI’s best account, it is something that people are able to enjoy. OSI Group have different lines for different types of restaurants and that helps them to offer the food solutions that nearly any restaurant in the United States would ever want to have.

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