Marc Sparks Lending A Helping Hand

Marc Sparks is a businessman in Texas. Throughout his career, he has owned and started many successful businesses. Throughout his work with these businesses, he has created a career that has led to many opportunities. Due to the success in his career, he has able to help others that are underprivileged and in need of extra resources.


Marc Sparks has been a part of many businesses that have created his successful career. Some of his ventures include Timber Creek Capital a private equity firm, GlobalTec Solutions a company that provides analysis products, Reliant Healthcare a healthcare management company, Agency Matrix a company that provides business office solutions, Splash Media a media marketing company, Bonn Oir a vodka manufacturer, Uncle Marc Food Delivery which is a food delivery service for restaurants. These are just some of the many businesses Marc Sparks has been a part of. These successful businesses are some of the reasons that Marc Sparks is a successful business man an entrepreneur.


Besides his success in the world of business, he has made huge moves in the field of giving back to others. He is a part of Habitat For Humanity where he has helped to build homes for others, he volunteers at The Samaritan Inn a homeless shelter for those in needs. He created Sparky’s Kids foundation which is a foundation that helps underprivileged youth. He also donates large sums of money to an organization that helps kids get their high school diploma. His philanthropic donations and efforts is a passion for him and his desire to help others continues to grow.


Marc Sparks has built a career that is full of many accomplishments and successes. With his success, he has created foundations and donated time and money to hep others who are in need. Sharing his wealth and time is something he is able to do because of the accomplishments he has achieved in his career.



An Investment Manager Becomes The CEO Of A Company He Has Served All His Life

Tim Armour was elected to the chairmanship position of Capital Group by the company’s board of directors in July 2015. At the time of the announcement, Tim was already serving the firm as the chairman of management committee and Capital Research & Management Company (positions he still holds until today).

Together with the presidents of the company’s management committee, Tim Armour is expected to continue working with the other committee members to formulate, communicate and foresee the implementation of the overall business strategies and also, oversee the company operations. Tim’s appointment to the chairmanship was part of a succession plan that Capital Group had been working on for several years, but was finally implemented when the former chairman Jim Rothenberg passed on.

Timothy Armour has over 34 years of investment experience which surprisingly he has acquired from Capital Group. He joined Capital Group as The Associates Program’s participant. At the beginning stages of his career, he served as an investment analyst covering global telecommunications as well as the US service companies.

The Los Angeles-based investment manager is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in economics obtained from Middlebury College. An American-based financial services firm, Capital Group, is among the oldest and biggest investment management companies in the world, managing assets worth $1.39 trillion. The company was founded in 1931, in Los Angeles, California and it runs offices in different parts of the world namely America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

The privately held firm offers a wide array of financial products, besides the 40 mutual funds it provides through its subsidiary, American Funds. Some of the firm’s other products include collective investment trusts, investment services for individual high net worth investors in the United States, private equity and numerous other products for individual and institutional investors across the globe.It is safe to say that Capital Group is in safe hands because it is in the hands of a man who has worked there all his life.

Secrets to Investing by Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen, a top investor, and banker in Brazil, said that banks in Brazil are able to tackle tough times by having knowledge of the market and experience. It was originally on that to provide a sense of security the banks led only to firms and individual who have high credit; despite the tough economy, major private banks experience a rise in shares. This leaves people with small credit to go to public institutions of just forget about getting financial assistance at; this affects the economy of the country negatively. Brazil is an attractive country, the natural resources and opportunity for growth of infrastructure makes in a target despite the unstable economy; again, it is the largest country in the continent and a very enormous food producer.

Igor Cornelsen gave the bare-bone of banking, before investing he says, you should know the basics so you can make wise decisions; he gave four basics. The first one, the real value of the real; the currency of Brazil has been overvalued, this make exports to lose competitiveness and create a currency deficit on Devaluation of currency will increase investments in industry and exports to be competitive, and the currency account too will stabilize.

Second basic according to Igor Cornelsen, Brazilian banks have ten major players. There only ten major private owned and state investment and commercial banks keeping in mind that Brazil has the largest economy in South America. The ten are Caixa Economica Federal, Banrisul, Banco Bradesco, Citibank Brazil, Banco Itau, Santander, Banco do Brasil, HSBC, Banco J Safra and
BTG Pactual.

Igor Cornelsen’s third basic is to pay attention to China; China being Brazil largest trading partner, growth in Chinese economy leads to growth in Brazil’s economy on Crunchbase. China is Brazil’s biggest competitor in exports of industrialized goods, and should always keep competitors closer so as to monitor the markets.

Lastly, Mr. Cornelsen said a fresh face would turn things around. Having a new member who was not previously there might help the economy improve. A person with expertise in the field will come up with new strategies to make everything better.

Mike Baur Offers An Amazing Avenue For Talented Entrepreneurs To Build Ideas

Mike Baur has been on the headlines several times highlighting the positive effect he has offered to the world of entrepreneurship. He is the founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, an incubation center where talented startups can nurture ideas and get the needed support to build their portfolios. Mike Baur, through this center, offers a three months incubation program, which covers a number of topics including financing for those who lack the financial muscle to launch their ideas. Most importantly, the Swiss Startup Factory provides room for expert intervention, in which case entrepreneurs are able to interact with industry leaders.


Having such an environment allows startups to come up with even better ideas and to configure their arrangements for growth and success. Many of the entrepreneurs whose ideas were refined through this program are successful individuals running successful businesses in various specialties. The Swiss Startup Factory is an environment that brings together creative individuals and professionals who avail tools needed to speed up the progress of small ideas and later transition into bigger plans. Currently, the Swiss Startup Factory is the biggest incubation facility in Switzerland and its influence has continually been spreading across the country.


Business strategy formulation

Having a good idea is not enough for a business to succeed. There is need to have a strategy that is functional and designed to offer easy management. Most startups fail because they lack the strategy and capability to handle the stress that comes with entering into a new environment and this is one of the things the Swiss Startup Factory is looking to address. Having a clear strategy that points to the future and spells out the growth pattern of the startup makes the implementation process easy.


Post accelerator support

Once the three months incubation period is over, that does not mark the end of support to the startup. The Swiss Startup Factory monitors the progress of the startup for an additional five months to ensure all the ideas shared during incubation are adopted and used to build the business.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a renowned venture capital and the entrepreneur behind the establishment of Swiss Startup Factory. He worked in the banking industry for almost 20 years before he made a decision to exit the industry for entrepreneurship in 2014. He immediately went ahead and founded an incubation facility, the Swiss Startup Factory, which has been offering support to young entrepreneurs pushing for the development of their creative ideas.



Anthony Petrello a Lifetime of Support and Success

Tony Petrello is an amazing leader based out of Houston Texas who operates within the oil and gas drilling industries. His long tenure as Chief Operating Officer for Nabors Industries continues to be a shining example of exactly how resilient and reliable Anthony is.

Anthony Petrello has a large presence as a philanthropist, his efforts of which him and his wife have grown very fond of. His career stands out as a shining example of how someone can be a businessman while actively being an incredibly influential charitable worker. Petrello’s role as the COO for Nabors Industries has had a large global impact on companies all over the world setting a standard for those in command.

How Petrello’s Philanthropy Began

Unfortunately Anthony Petrello’s daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth. The birth of his daughter pushed Anthony and his wife Cynthia to want to do something to help others in need. Raising a daughter with cerebral palsy proved to be a challenge that would impact Anthony Petrello with his career at Nabors Industries and as a philanthropist.

Continued Support

Anthony and Cynthia Petrello have donated $5 million dollars to help support the initiatives of the Texas Children’s Hospital. The couple has further pledged another $2 million dollars to be donated in the future. Their support continues to be an invaluable gift to the hospital that has allowed it to continue its search for cancer cures and treatments, especially for children with neurological disorders as inspired by their daughter.

The Perfect Role Model

Anthony’s support and success are thanks to a lifetime of hard work. His rise to COO of Nabors Industries has allowed him to spread a global message of generosity and support. Their daughter Carena’s illness has inspired the Petrellos in a professional and charitable manner to continue to share this message to youth and adults alike. Anthony Petrello serves as a businessman for youth to have as a role model in which to strive for personal success and also learn how to support charity and help strengthen others. Petrello’s work as COO has continued over the last several decades to be an incredibly inspiring leadership that is sure to continue for years to come.

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Not Just Fabletics: Don Ressler

Mixing the internet with beauty has proven to be a ludicrous and profitable market, in the last few years, but Don Ressler has excelled at creating some of the most well known brands. An early start in the world of business gave Ressler a taste of success, when he sold to Intermix Media. From then on, the bar was only raised for Ressler. Joining forces with the then COO of Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg, a new media idea was born: Alena Media. For a time, the hub of e-commerce focused business did well, until the parent company Intermix Media was sold to News Corp. The takeover allowed the profitable project to fall to the wayside, frustrating Ressler and Goldenberg; the pair decided to try their hands at striking it out on their own.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg gathered a group of other Alena Media alum, and spent two weeks brainstorming in Goldenberg’s living room. Intelligent Beauty became the new brain-child of this knowledgeable pair. When Intelligent Beauty was founded, Ressler wasted no time in recreating a direct-to-consumer business model, giving the company a perfect way to use the internet to it’s advantage on. The first venture of Intelligent Beauty was an online cosmetics and skincare boutique named DERMSTORE, a well known and well loved storefront. Two years later, the Intelligent Beauty team launched SENSA, a popular weight-loss system.

Even if you haven’t heard of the first two of Ressler and Intelligent Beauty’s ventures, it’s almost impossible not to have heard of JustFab. Launched in 2010, the subscription based fashion retailer became wildly successful. In the first two years of JustFab’s life, six million people subscribed to the service, earning Ressler and Intelligent Beauty a strong foothold in the online beauty market.

Don Ressler continued to help bring innovation to the company. After a look at analytics from JustFab’s customer base, Intelligent Beauty realized that most of the people buying their products were parents, quickly giving way to the birth of JustFab Kids.  Ressler and Intelligent Beauty went on to introduce Fabletics with spokesmodel Kate Hudson. Both of these new branches of JustFab did extremely well for Ressler and his team, and led to the inevitable introduction of the JustFab menswear line, FL2.


update: JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group

Raj Fernando And His Business Prowess

Raj Fernando is a well known business person based in Chicago. He is the founder as well as the CEO of Chopper Trading. Prior to forming the firm, Fernando was a star trader for the Chicago board of trade as well as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Between 1996 and 2003, Fernando served on the CBOT floor. Additionally, since 1997, he has been a member of the exchange. He was a cash bond trader in 2002 when he established Chopper Trading.

Fernando prefers to hire “A” players for his firm, Chopper Trading. He approaches hiring in a unique way. Unlike his competitors that take in 30 prospective employees and put them through a training program that results in three hires, Fernando does the opposite. Fernando’s process is a lengthy and an involved. His objective is to bring in employees that will retire from the company at some point. There is one rule that governs hiring in Chopper Trading. When hiring, the focus is on the people that want to join the company and contribute to its growth. According to Fernando, it is more like a marriage and his firm does not want people that will make it miserable.

Apart from his exceptional trading prowess, Raj Fernando also supports numerous philanthropic causes in the United States. In Chicago, Fernando is a governing member for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, he is one of the members of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

He is a leading fundraiser for Democratic candidate along with their causes. He has helped raise funds for the William J. Clinton Foundation. Fernando also helped raise funds for President Barack Obama. According to a 2011 Washington Post story, Fernando’s Chopper Trading was the third leading fundraiser for the Obama’s re-election campaign. He was appointed to be part of the International Security Advisory Board that was in charge of advising Hillary Clinton, the then Secretary of State.

Fernando opted to operate from Chicago due to its diversity and strategic positioning. Additionally, it brings people, businesses, and professionals together from all backgrounds. Fernando went to Beloit College. He obtained a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in economics and history.

James Dondero Goes the Extra Mile

James Dondero has been very successful in the credit and equity marketplace. He is currently the President and Co-Founder of HCM or Highland Capital Management. They are based out of Dallas but have offices worldwide including New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo. HCM currently has over $18 billion of assets under their management.

Stood the Test of Time

Highland Capital Management has become one of the largest alternative credit manager companies in the world. Their goal has remained constant throughout the years, which is to provide low cost alternative strategies to fit the client’s needs. They administer value through unique products and protecting investor’s capital. Highland Capital Management continues to grow and currently has more than 180 employees. They specialized in investment solutions including hedge funds, private equity, CLO’s, ETF’s, and mutual funds. Highland is independently-owned and has a diverse range of opportunities for institutional investors and retail.

The Beginning

James Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he received a degree in accounting and finance. He is a Certified Management Accountant and has a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Before he started Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero managed funds for American Express and was employed with Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as their Chief Investment Officer. He serves on several boards including Banknote, MGM Studios, NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical Corporation.

Above and Beyond

Giving back to the community has always been a high priority for James Dondero and his firm. The philanthropic endeavors include the Dallas Foundation, the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, veteran support, education, and health care. The Dallas Foundation joins donors to nonprofits with the goal of improving life for those who live in and around the North Texas area. James has dedicated himself to generously giving back financially and with his time. The employees at Highland Capital Management have followed the example that Dondero has set and also reach out to the community through volunteer work. They have seen a need and have extended a hand to help those less fortunate. James Dondero knows how important people are and is willing to go the extra mile.

The Changing Industry of Retail

Retail is an industry that has had to deal with a lot of change in recent years. As Amazon and other online places grow in popularity, a lot of people are looking at the retail space for innovation. The old retail companies are struggling to grow and make a profit. This is bad news for people who work in the industry. Kenneth Goodgame is a person who is an expert marketer and retail merchant. Over the past few years, he has done a great job of helping other people succeed in this area. Retail companies must learn how to deal with the changing industry overall. If you want to take the next step in this area, he is a great resource to use. His company is called True Value, and it only uses the best of the best marketing strategies for companies. Over time, they have a proven model of success that should be applied by everyone.

Kenneth Goodgame

From an early age, Kenneth Goodgame has always been interested in retail and marketing. He has used that passion to become one of the leaders within the industry. This is a great story about how one person can make such a large impact on others. If you are looking for ways to become more involved in your company, changing the marketing layout is one of the best things that you can do. Over time, anyone who is looking to change the face of marketing in their business should look at them for help. They have a track record of success that spans a lot of time, and in this way they have done a great job of helping other people.

Future Growth

Many retail companies are looking for ways to grow their future companies. In time, many companies stagnate because they keep doing things the same way over and over again. There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to enhance their company’s growth and build up for the future. If you want to take the next step with your business, this is a great way to do so.

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Goullet Slaying the Business World

Often when you look into the backstories of wildly successful people, you’ll see that they came from humble beginnings and slowly worked their way up over the years to get where they are today. That was true of twenty-eight year old single mother and Welfare recipient J.K. Rowling, and it was also true of the man we’re going to profile in this post, John Goullet. Mr. Goullet’s first position was as a Computer Consultant for another company, where he proved himself and eventually worked his way up to the position of IT Staffing Account Executive. It was after this wealth of experience that John Goullet decided to start his own IT staffing company, in the year 1994.

Any successful executive that the cornerstone of any successful business strategy is to have a clear understanding of the people who you’re working with. It’s exactly this focus on people that’s informed Mr. Goullet’s own business strategies since the very beginning. He’s worked tirelessly to get a handle on the ever-changing business climate, as well as the information technology staffing needs that his clients have. He likes to use this information to then match both the work style and personality of the consultants he works with, along with fully utilizing their inherent skill sets.

Beyond his work with the company he founded in 1994, Info Technologies Inc., he also serves as the Chairman for a company called DIVERSANT LLC. In the short time since his initial position of Computer Consultant, Mr. John Goullet has dramatically streamlined systems processes for a variety of companies, learned how to help people work well together and optimize their work styles, and understood the business climate in this country in order to use it to the advantage of his company. It’s unclear where Goullet might go in the future, whether he’ll head up a new company or stay with the one he first founded. But no matter where he goes, it’s certain that Mr. Goullet will take him a fine-tuned ability to key into the most important aspects of what makes a business successful. His past has already proven this.