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In today’s investment arena, where nearly every physical investment seems to have an accompanying derivative being traded, either for or against, its success, having a firm to turn to that can help sort out all of these alternative asset investment options is a meaningful component of anyone’s contact list. Fortress Investment Group, co-founded by Randal Nardone, seeks to demystify all of these alternative vehicles. Knowing what they are and how to use them will help investors to then decide which they want to use. Anyone long a large position of blue chips can easily make additional money on their investment by betting on which way the stock price seems poised to move.

If invested long-term in a position, shorting it because there is something that is glaringly obvious regarding a downturn in the value is a smart move, or even writing puts, and then calls, are lucrative advanced strategies. Being a long a position does not mean standing still while the market gyrates. Randal Nardone knows that using that position to make money on your original investment is a very sophisticated, and incredibly smart move to make which is why he co-founded this firm.

Randal Nardone has been a Principal of Fortress since 1998 and has also been the Chief Executive Officer since 2013. His positions in firms in the financial industry are not limited to just his work with Fortress Investment Group. He is also the President of Ncs 1 LLC and he is also President and Chairman of Springleaf Holdings. In addition, he is Vice President and Secretary of Newcastle Investment Holdings.

Educated at the University of Connecticut, Randal Nardone received his B.A. in English and Biology, and then went on to receive his J.D. from Boston University. In late 2017, Softbank completed their acquisition of Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion, so all of his education and work in the financial industry appears to be paying off. Softbank has constantly branched out into new areas as it grew near-exponentially and for this reason, it makes sense to have invested in a firm that has also been seeking new areas to branch out into. Both firms have fought to rebrand themselves as they continually redefined their focus. This acquisition made sense.

Brazilian Business Mogul Roberto Santiago

A mogul is defined as a person with great power and many possessions. Although this may have a negative connotation associated with it, it is certainly a desired description to have. Having said that, one of the best moguls that have used this power to great use has been the successful Roberto Santiago. Specifically, Roberto Santiago has earned his mogul status as a thriving business professional. Throughout his career, Roberto Santiago has used his ability’s and tools as an outstanding businessman to help, support, and grown his home country of Brazil as a whole. Having tremendous pride as a Brazilian, Roberto Santiago has made Brazil a priority and a must when it comes to his to-do list. Because of this, Roberto Santiago has had a hand in many helpful resources that have boosted Brazil economically, financially, and socially as well. However, the most successful resource he has given Brazil is the Manaira Shopping Center. As the owner of the shopping center, Roberto Santiago has made sure that it has a flawless operation as a shopping center, top-notch customer service, and plenty of resources and advantages for the people of Brazil as well. Not only has Roberto Santiago met these goals but, he has surpassed them with tremendous success. Here are some of the many advantages of the Manaira Shopping Center and how Roberto Santiago has made sure it meets public demands.


Roberto Santiago & The Manaira Shopping Center

needless to say, Roberto Santiago is a man of the people. because of his non-stop support of Brazil and its people, it is easy to see why he is so admired and respected in his home country. Everywhere he goes, Brazilians make sure to show their appreciation or what he has done. Nonetheless, as for that Manaira Shopping Center, it has everything one would need in a shopping center and some. Whether it’s for leisure or for rains, the shopping center has everything from movie theaters, restaurants, and even banks. As we can see by its many accommodations, the Manaira Shopping Center is easily one of the most popular shopping centers in all of Brazil. Also, as mentioned before, Roberto Santiago has made sure to deliver in any public demand or request that he is given. this has kept a steady and consistent level of attendance at the shopping center. In addition to that, it lets the people know that he cares about what the people think of him and, what he thinks of the people. Unlike many other businessmen with a busy schedule, if Roberto Santiago has to, he will force him into his schedule to ensure public happiness. Furthermore, we can clearly see why Roberto Santiago is such a successful business mogul among many other things.

George Soros Protecting Minorities

George Soros is known as one of the most active philanthropists in the world. He single-handedly funs his global organization – Open Society Foundation and has directed more than $32 million and counting to it from his personal bank account. George Soros is also famous for his establishment of the Central European University in Budapest which is now the leader in social sciences in the region.For George Soros, the Open Society Foundation has been the center of his life and career. The Open Society Foundation focuses on spreading kindness, helping people in need, protecting minorities, and holding governments accountable for their actions. The name of the organization also signifies it main priorities as it carries the name of a philosophical concept, the one of an open society. Open society became important to George Soros back when he was studying at the London School of Economics before he moved to New York City in the United States.

Over the course of his life, George Sorors has learned the true power of money. According to his own words, money is what makes the world go round. He learned that after watching how the only reason he could lead a relatively normal life was because his father paid off an official back in Budapest to take him in. Later George Soros lived in England where banking was one of the few respected jobs, and so he studied Economics and Finance. After he moved to New York, George Sorors worked on Wall Street, and money proved to be the driving force of the city. Today in 2017 in the United States money is the main topic of discussion. With a president whose purpose in life is business, politics has turned into a land for business deals and bank account growth. George Soros was quick to realize the hidden agenda behind Trump’s candidacy for president, and so he started donating to the political campaign of the opposition.

Even though Hilary Clinton did not win, George Soros is working harder than ever to give more power to organizations that work for people instead of against them. George Soros has been targeted by the Republican speakers, but he has made it clear that his foundation and his philanthropy will oppose very illegal behavior of any institution including Trump’s government. George Soros has stated time and again that Trump is the embodiment of discrimination, negligence, and ignorance which prompts George Soros to double his efforts to protect minorities such as refugees, immigrants, the LGBT community, and more. In the meantime, many have wished for Soros to be president as his giving and acceptance of people has inspired millions of people to try and withstand the hardships of the next four years.

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Brown Modeling Agency, Embracing Perfection to Realize Profound Standards in the Modeling Industry

Since the Brown Agency opening, the company’s models have been showcased running for major prestigious brands which include Dell, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, and Loreal among many others. The Brown Agency is a commercial talent and more so, a modeling agency that was brought into the picture in 2010. It is part of the world’s renowned Brown Agency Family and has grown tremendously in the industry taking the leading ranks. The primary vision of the agency is to reach big market expectations and standards which are yet to be accomplished in Austin.

According to MarketWired, Brown Modeling Agency has had its models make special appearances in several platforms which include the Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and the Dallas Fashion Week among other shows. Justin Brown, Brown Modeling Agency’s president and CEO, often attributes the company’s success to the talent of the team. He later adds that they find pride excellence and that means that they work with the very best, molding them to fit in the larger competitive market level. It is, therefore, not surprising that the agency is known for its high professionalism in producing the most elegant and reliable talent Austin can afford.

Justin Brown who is now 35 years of age grew up in Susanville, California, as a shy child who was unlikely to break any rules. At age 18, he moved to Southern California and joined the modeling business. He began gathering tactics from the different firms he worked with, familiarizing with the tricks of the trade. He learned that for any success to be reached, the models had to look right and equally got the proper photos. He says that they had to place up to 30 percent of the talent, which was risky but yet a high mark in the industry.

In October 2015, Wilhelmina Austin got the possession of Heyman Talent South and re-opened it as The Brown Agency. With the two being the largest agencies in the region, there were great expectations at hand considering the combined efforts of their unique strongholds and capabilities. The Brown Agency now stands as the sole full-service agency present in Austin, and among the few available in Texas. With Justin Brown in control, the move made the agency among the most respected modeling talent agencies in Central Texas.

Heyman Talent-South has a history of building an empire in acting talent and was the most successful in Austin. With the combination of the two companies, Brown Modeling Agency now has a broader portfolio of clients, offering experienced talents and building greater opportunities countrywide. The Brown Modeling Agency will have its headquarters in Austin and still have offices in Dallas and a station in Los Angeles. Justin comments that this merging is a major breakthrough and would see a growth strategy in their service to their distinct clients and talent.

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James Dondero and His Investment Adventures in Various Markets and Industries

James Dondero, the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, is known for risky investment adventures with in-depth analysis and greater market insights. His investment areas including markets and industries are vast, and he looks for opportunities around the world. It should be noted that he co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 with collateralized loan obligations, and currently, it is worth more than $15 billion. As an alternative investment firm, Highland invests from American Airlines to Argentina. Dondero keeps a mindset of “puzzle solving” when he makes investments. The mutual fund from the company, Highland Global Allocation fund showed an increase of 29.6% during the last 12 months. While other funds hold around 400 securities, Highland fund holds less than 200.

Another major success of Dondero is his investments in Argentina. When the Argentina debt debacle started in 2012, Dondero and his team performed an extensive research about the country and found that it has natural resources to come out of the financial crunch. By 2014, it started acquiring the sovereign debt of the country significantly, and at one point of time, it reached 24% of the fund’s assets. After the election in 2015, the country showed a recovery in the economy which also showed an appreciation of the local currency against Dollar. It means that firm purchased for 70 cents on the dollar, and it later moved to 120 cents on the dollar. Dondero also helped the company to benefit from Vistra Energy, which even Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway destined to lose at one time.

In 1993, Dondero and his partner Mark Okada collaborated with an insurance firm to launch Highland Capital Management. They initially focused on providing credit solutions and quickly moved to other areas of alternative space. The company floated its first alternative mutual fund in the year 2000 under the leadership of Dondero.Dondero is also very enthusiastic about philanthropic activities, and he contributes to many charitable organizations that connect to societies better. Reasoning Mind is a charitable initiative by him which designs tech-based mathematics curriculum for various classes from pre-kindergarten to seventh grade. Dondero completed his graduation in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia. Visit his official website :

Anthony Petrello and How He Is The Definition of Success

Anthony Petrello is an American businessman located in Houston, Texas. Anthony had attended both Harvard and Yale University. He had graduated from Harvard Law School with a Then from Yale University, he had obtained a BS and MS degree in Mathematics. Anthony’s career launched in 1979 when joining a law firm known as Baker and McKenzie. He was the Managing Partner of the firm from 1986 to 1991.In 1991, Anthony Petrello joined Nabors Industries. From the time he first joined to 1992, he was positioned as the Chief Operating Officer. Anthony then became the president of Nabors Industries in 1992. in 2003 he was positioned as Deputy Chairman until 2012. Since 2012 he has been the Chairman of the Board.

Outside of Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has achieved at being a partner with other industries as well. Anthony is the Director of a company called Steward and Stevenson LLC. He has held this position since 2011. He is also positioned as Director at Texas Children’s Hospital and a company known as holding several positions at Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has received $27,512,939 in compensation for the year of 2015. $1,580.077 of this compensation counted as his base pay or, salary. A bonus is also counted as part of the compensation. He had received $7,727,000 as a bonus. In equity, Anthony received $16,863,656 as stock reward value. The rest of the compensation is labeled as “other” which he received $1,342,206. These values then add up to the $27.5 million he had received.

Llyod Grove, Anthony’s former college roommate, is a writer of a publication known as the Daily Beast. After recognizing Anthony, Llyod had written a piece about him. In the piece written, Lloyd has nothing but good words to say. He comments that Anthony Petrello was a smart person who had a passion for math. He goes on to summarize his years of success and congratulates him. From reading this article one can only make the assumption that Anthony is a professional businessman and that he is up for a lot more success in the future.

Rona Borre Narrates Her Success Story

Rona Borre serves as the chief executive officer at a woman-owned staffing company based in Chicago, Instant Alliance. In her recent interview, she confessed founding the company from a spare bedroom in 2001. Rona outlined the need for having great work ethic. She further mentioned the need to offer unique products and services.

During the interview, Rona stated that her success comes from the good relationship she established with her clients. In her statement, a good rapport is key to developing customer confidence. It also sets the pace and culture of operating the company. As a result, the good relationship makes both clients and recruits fit into the enterprise.

She added that hiring the staff of her company was challenging. While starting up, she outsourced experienced account executives. Hiring these experts was desirable, but on the contrary, it brought financial crisis in her firm. Being a start-up company, the resources were insufficient to meet their salary expectations.  For the full interview, hit

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For this reason, Rona settled to train her own staff to avert these challenges. To boost her business, she also came up with excellent data analytic systems to aid in cost-effective decision-making. Lastly, Rona’s success is as a result of her objective leadership skills.  Related article on

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