Andy Wirth Sets Sight on Clean Energy Movement


Andy Wirth was recently appointed to the Reno Airport Board and he has already begun to make his voice heard in the media. Stepping up to support energy, Wirth went into detail on how a move away from dirty coal power could help fix both the environment and the economy. As reported by the Reno Gazette-Journal, With has quite a bit of stake in how the environment is when considering the fact that his place of employment relies on a great natural experience for visiting skiers who are visiting the Lake Tahoe Region. Wirth went on to drop an enlightening op-ed, expounding on his position.

The push for clean energy, as Wirth pointed out, has started to gain real momentum within the Reno City Council when they voted to support the Clean Power Plan. Wirth championed the idea because it moves the city toward renewable energy while doubling down on their efforts to keep elected officials and utility companies aware of the need for change. Wirth called the Clean Power Plan a “moment” and said that it was time to “make this region the leader and example of true clean energy.” He pointed out that a healthy environment would naturally lend itself to helping to fix the economy, as well.

Looking past simple politics, Wirth called the need for clean energy ‘apolitical’. He pointed out how air quality has been diluted, droughts have caused harm, and an increase and forest fires affect everyone. He pointed out the disastrous effects of huge carbon footprints and how their own region has played a big part in the pollution of the planet. He went on to point out how the Reno area has a great chance to work with solar and geothermal energy while getting away from the dirty energy produced at the Valmy coal plant.

Andy Wirth has been making waves ever since assuming leadership of Squaw Valley Ski. He is a nature aficionado and a survivor of a dramatic skydiving accident.