A Review Of How ClassDojo Is Enhancing The Learning Experience

In many schools learning is left to the students and teachers to take care of. Parents are only invited to contribute to the process towards the end of the terms and this does not offer the needed exposure for the students to effectively deal with the problems they are presented with while learning. There are many challenges that require the inclusion of both teachers and parents in the decision making process and in the event solutions are delayed, students lose a lot. However, such kinds of scenarios are no longer things to worry about because the ClassDojo application is offering awesome solutions that are ideal for both teachers and parents.

ClassDojo is a new mobile application that has been offering teachers, parents and students a seamless way of connecting in conversations that are useful to the development of the students. Parents are allowed to share video messages and teachers can do the same in real-time, which allows teachers to offer feedback to parents regarding the progress of students. One of the major benefits of the application is that in the event of a problem among students, respective parents are able to be invited to help in the delivery of a solution that allows their students to resume learning.  Based on angel.co.

Since inception in 2012, the App has been adopted by 2 in 1 schools across the U.S. and is gaining in popularity. Most K-8 schools use this application and it has grown to a community where parents and teachers are able to control the progress of students by offering them an opportunity to conduct their studies free of problems. It offers many features for free and the founders are not focusing monetizing it, but getting it to grow to become one of the most useful tools for learning.  Check them on their linkedin.com page.

More about the application
ClassDojo is a mobile application that was founded in 2012 that created a learning community where students, parents and teachers can share. This is a tool that has helped to improve the classroom experience by availing new tools that are allowing parents to take part in supporting the learning of their children.

Today, at least 90 percent of schools in the U.S. use the ClassDojo application. It is a perfect platform, where students can air their issues and parents and teachers can deal with any challenges immediately they are posted. With immediate ways of dealing with problems, students gain more by having a conducive learning environment.

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