Andrew Rocklage is a Businessman on a Mission

Andrew Rocklage is a businessman, attorney and entrepreneur. Armed with a Juris Doctor (JD) from Suffolk University Law School and a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Rocklage is on the forefront of the business and entrepreneurial world. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage:

He is located in Boston, Massachusetts and has a significant understanding of business. Currently, he is the owner and operator of a very innovative and popular indoor recreational facility – Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

He is well versed in the importance of customer service and building a company culture that fully supports customer service. Such customer service is essential to a successful and profitable operation. It is an important and essential component to building a business and branding the identity for that business.

To add to the high level of professional and company culture, Rocklage hires some of the most talented team members in the business. He screens candidates very carefully to find the individuals that are a right fit for the company.

Sky Zone always receives great reviews about the customer service and the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. Because of his ability to hire the right staff, Andrew Rocklage is set to continue his streak of business success for the future.

He has also exercised his legal background working in the technological industry as a corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. Andrew Rocklage has a wide range of experience in the legal field that he incorporates into the business field to provide strong strategies that keeps him on the cutting edge of the industry and a step or two ahead of the competition.

Rocklage is not afraid to take on challenges that others tend to shy away from. The more unique the challenges are, the more motivated and inspired he becomes and he always makes a solid commitment to carry through with strategies and solutions.

Andrew Rocklage also likes to travel and explore new places and meet new people keeps his perspective fresh. This gives him the motivation to continue to ride the wave of business opportunities well into the future. He is always open to launching a new business venture and does not feel restricted by location or circumstance or to the Boston area, where he currently works.

Rocklage is an inspiring leader and a tremendous business mind. His enthusiasm for business has alloed him too distinguished himself as an innovator. He employs thinking that some characterize as unconventional, but he reaps great results with just about everything he takes on.

He is well aware that every challenge has a solution and he does not stop until he finds the solution and because of his leadership, his team does the same. .