Twenty Three Layers Takes the Lauren Conrad Approach to Event Planning

In a recent article premier party planner, Lauren Conrad, had the honor of being mentioned as “the millennial Martha Stewart”. That is quite a statement but then she is quite the young woman and the praise is well due. At only 30 years old she has managed to conquer three separate industries with her fashion lines, nine books out eight of which have made the New York times’ bestseller list, now a successful party and event planning firm, more than 10 million followers on social media, not to mention her acting career which started when she was very young, she is a dynamo of success.

It’s not just her successful public life that has everyone around her envious however. She also has a great marriage to musician William Tell of former Something Corporate fame and now a solo recording artist. She attributes her marital happiness to the ability to compromise and her business success to the idea of not stressing too much about the little details and trying to be perfect but rather trying to make sure that everyone is comfortable in any environment.
It is the same philosophy of compromise, attention to detail that is not focused on perfection but rather comfort and natural feel, and a desire to make people genuinely happy that the team behind one of New York’s premier party and event planning companies, Twenty-Three Layers has when it comes to planning a social function for their clients. The firm’s founders have been compared to Conrad in their enthusiasm to please their clients and in their ability to pull off the seemingly impossible with ease. The idea is that the party should be near perfect, but that it shouldn’t BE perfect, t should look and feel as if it came about organically. Jessica Boskoff and Sarah Freedman have one goal for their clients. To create an unforgettable event that will enliven, enrapture and inspire guests in attendance.

The firm has unique and highly coveted relationships with some of the worlds must prestigious locations, vendors, and designers. They happily take on every challenge that is given to them, from a simple personal celebration to a romantic evening filled with whimsy, charm, and flights of fantasy, to a high-level corporate event or meeting to wedding related events that will leave everyone awestruck. No matter the event or party the women of Twenty-Three Layers are ready to take it on.

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