Moving beyond EOS’ Sweet Mint

I have long been a proponent of the sweet mint flavor of EOS’ lip balm for not only the quality of the lip balm, but also the subtle but refreshing flavor of it. This is no surprise to people who know me as I Am a big proponent of all things mint; from toothpaste to iced tea.

I also like good quality products and am willing to pay slightly more for products that are all-natural and don’t taste like Vicks Vapor Rub, like many of the mint lip balm flavors sold by Blistex and Chapstick do. EOS sources all natural and organic oils for their lip balms and do not add in artificial ingredients which make them a cut above the competition.

While I still love the sweet mint lip balm, I was seeking a change and happened upon EOS’ vanilla mint lip balm (I know, again with the mint) and honeysuckle honeydew. While it won’t replace sweet mint as my main lip balm, it certainly will serve a place in the repertoire for its varying and unique flavor. Useful link on

Vanilla mint is more complex than the sweet mint and contains the earthy undertone of the vanilla orchid bean. It has a hint of sweetness that compliments the mint flavor, but doesn’t overpower it. It is enjoyable and subtle in flavor, but interesting and complex as well and makes for a great flavor combination.

EOS’ honeysuckle honeydew was also an interesting choice. More mellow than other fruit flavored lip balms that I have tried, it compliments those who don’t like overpowering lip balms well. For me, it is the perfect combination of a mellow lip balm to augment my heavy mint rotation.

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While the sweet mint flavor from EOS will remain my favorite lip balm, I finally have some options to mix in and create some needed variety in my life.  Additional article on

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