I Read Labels

I ended up inheriting my daughter’s little scruffy dog. She had moved into an apartment that did not allow pets. I was happy to take care of her beloved pet and continued with the original food Amy had provided for the dog. I thought that it would be temporary. Days turned into weeks. The dog seemed okay, but much more listless after eating, and considered that he might be overweight as well, so I found a local vet. I was not entirely surprised when he said that Toby was a few pounds heavy but was shocked to learn that it was an enormous strain on his system. Toby was not old enough to be so inactive. He recommended a diet dog food. I headed to the store with a mission. I went to my local store and found the isle for pet food. All of the packages had bright colors and happy dogs. I was even more confused. I asked an employee for help. He explained that his dog liked Purina dog foods. I did not know that they made so many varieties. I recognized the one my daughter had given me and then noticed the Healthy Weight Beneful® Dry Dog Food. I turned both packages to their ingredients and started a comparison. I could understand the Beneful package so much better. I was happy to see apples, carrots, and green beans. After comparing it with a few other brands I saw on Youtube I was convinced by my friend on twitter to give Beneful a try but wondered if Toby would like it. I could think of only one sure way to find out. I put some of each into a bowl. He timidly sniffed at both and started eating the new diet right food. It had passed the first test. Two weeks later I realized that Toby had become much more energetic. His coat was looking silkier and there was less hair left on his bedding. The next Vet appointment confirmed that he had lost some weight and reported that he appeared to be much healthier. I have adopted a new life-style. I started looking at my food labels as well. Toby and I are best friends now. We walk and play together.