The Dog Food Industry Is Getting A Makeover

Just the thought of popping dog food in your mouth may make you squirm; Richard Thompson does just that to show how technology has changed dog food in recent years. Thompson is the CEO of the Freshpet Inc. brand, and is no stranger to having a bite of dog food. In fact, he regularly checks batches of food fresh right off the production line in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The factory is the only one that produces industrial refrigerated pet food line on the market and is using innovative techniques to change the way our pets eat. A trend that is catching like fire in the pet food industry and leading to exciting changes is to feed your pet the way you would your family. Consumers are looking for healthier and fresher options than traditional dog kibble or canned mush to feed their furry family members leading to a 45 percent increase in gourmet food sales in the U.S. since 2009. Many brands are hopping on board and striving to come up with creative and fresh meal options for the modern pet. Beneful brand dog food, for example, is a brand that includes fresh vegetables and quality proteins in their foods and has a line of wet dog food that if plated would look like dinner you would serve your family. Upon opening a cup of Beneful Wet Dog Food Beef & Chicken Medley you can easily identify the ingredients such as green beans, carrots, rice, and chunks of chicken and beef. The food itself is almost a direct opposite of traditional canned mush that was once opened and plopped into a dog bowl. Along with traditional chicken and beef medleys, they now offer on twitter a flavors such as Tuscan Style Medley, Mediterranean Style Medley, Romana Style and a variety of Chopped Blends. As brands like Beneful catch onto the trend of fresh and healthy gourmet food pet parents will feel better about the quality of dinners they serve to their precious pets. More about the fresh pet food industry and the original article released on the Daily Herald can be found here.

Is Your Dog Food Healthy?

There are a multitude of dog foods available on the market today. Unfortunately, not all of them are good for your dog and would be considered “junk food” if it were put in human terms. Your dog deserves a healthy diet that is well balanced and full of nutrients that focus on their specific needs. With many dog foods failing to provide the ingredients necessary for your dog to live a healthy, fulfilling life, you must do your research and determine what is best for your dog.

Beneful dog food is one of the most popular dog foods known in the United States. Because of their reputation, they receive the majority of sales from pet owners and they also have been acclaimed as one of the best manufacturers in the world.

While Beneful dog food is an amazing food to feed your pet, there are other well known dog foods that take your pet’s health into consideration with every bag, or can, of dog food that they make. However, when you are making your decision, you must take the advice of your vet into consideration as well.

Each Dog Has Specific Dietary Needs
Not only does every breed have its own dietary needs, every pet has their own needs as well. Your dog’s health, health conditions and age can factor into whether they should or should not consume a certain type of food. Just like humans, pets can develop allergies to various food ingredients.

Dogs Verses Grain
While dogs may need some grain in their diet, they do not need a dog food that is mostly comprised of grain. The main ingredient in their food should be meat. Even though this is a well known fact, many dog food companies (especially off brands)tend to use grain as their main ingredient. This can seriously damage your dog’s digestive health and decrease their lifespan dramatically.

Your pet deserves to live a long, healthy, happy life that is free from health concerns and digestive upset. The more you know about your pet and their dietary needs, the happier they will be, and the better care you can provide them from the inside out!