Sahm Adrangi Presents on Short Selling Fraud

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the Kerrisdale Capital Management Company. Kerrisdale mainly focuses on long-term investments and special event-driven situations. It is also very research-oriented and includes industries such as mining and biotechnology. Under Adrangi’s leadership, the company also specializes in short activisim exposing short-selling advertising.

Sahm Adrangi recently did a presentation about short selling advertisement fraud with Kase Learning. In it, he stated that Kerrisdale regularly posts new findings on their website,, Twitter, and Seeking Alpha. He used the Wikipedia definition of ad fraud, which is defined as the practice falsely representing the number of data events and click conversions for the sake of generating more profit.

How that sort of ad fraud typically works is when a company is looking to spend x amount on advertising. Sometimes, their ads end up on artificial websites that are viewed only by bots and bot nets. The majority of those bots are designed by Eastern European hackers who get that profit instead of a legitmate publisher that actual users can see.

The more that ad fraud is discovered, the more hesitant that business owners will be to post online ads. It is often the intermediaries who are making the ad fraud so pervasive. They are the ones who are benefitting the most from the clicks and the exchanges. If a company is found to have at least a 25 percent exchange, from what Sahm Adrangi says, that’s usually when a short activist lets the business owner know what’s going on.

Sahm Adrangi states that in the case of click fraud, instead of humans making the clicks, it’s often the bots that are entering in all the data. Those sites are often blank with no visible content to the human eye. Vague display ads are another. In the case of videos, there’s often a large amount of other videos behind and around them. The one-pixel videos displayed in the vague ads are another. The videos end up being charged to the business owner but don’t actually get seen by anyone. As a result, Sahm Adrangi recommends going to the company site to watch their videos.

Freedom Checks Are On Their Way

The new tax plan has passed and businesses can expect benefits that are coming with these tax breaks. American taxpayers will also experience an increase in their wallet as 34.6 billion is set to be distributed next month. That said, their investments will give Americans the reason to expect money. Doug Smith who lives in Joplin Missouri at age 46 is set to receive $24,075. Another woman who’s 50 years old living in Tulsa, Oklahoma is getting $66,570. Mike Reed of Golden Colorado who will be taking in the highest amount of $160,923.

It all depends how you invested and what payment you will receive. The above examples show there is an abundance of money to be obtained. It all started when Matt Badiali inform the world in a video about Freedom Checks. He stated no matter how old you are you will get to benefit from these checks. It doesn’t matter if you make a lot of money or what you have in the bank. Everyone who was in the market prior to July 1st can collect on these checks. Matt Badiali comments this could be the biggest cash grab in history when it comes to the private Freedom Checks program.

The way it works is that if 90% of any company’s revenue that is made up from storage, transportation or natural resource production and processing, they are eligible. Is also required that the stakeholders of the company received their Freedom Checks. For the small amount of $10 anybody can be a stakeholder. You should not confuse this program with medicare or social security. However, if you receive high social security you get larger Freedom Checks. Matt Badiali has an investment opportunity that is called the Master Limited Partnership or MLP. They are publicly traded allowing for tax-related advantages.

Profits are not taxed until a payout is made to investors. It also gives more cash flow to businesses like those that have gone public. MLPs are in the business industries of oil and gas and transportation. They find new wells for oil and gas to be transferred ported through a pipeline. Additionally, they refine oil in fields that are located in the United States.

Success in life with The Midas Legacy

You can have the life you deserve. Everyone wants to achieve financial wealth and better health, and The Midas Legacy can help you get there. They want to help each person reach the desired level of success and health they want. They can help anyone reach this target.

They are able to help individuals reach their desired level of success by offering capital to those who have the potential and ability to help others in certain business areas. Those areas include finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, and natural health.

The entire process begins when a person consults with the company. When the client becomes a member on, then that person will receive a guide called The Midas Code, which is free. Then experts within the group will help the member get into the desired area of business they want to be involved with.

Experts within the company include those involved with the stock market, real estate, publishing, and more. These experts have the knowledge and experience to help any member wishing to live a happier and healthier life.

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Jim Samson is just one of these experts. He is a well known author, trading expert, entrepreneur, and success in the real estate business. He has about 20 years in the real estate industry and can help any member who wishes to be better off financially and retire early.

Mark Edwards is the natural health guru within the company on He is able to help you become healthier, the natural way. He is the one the drug companies don’t want you to be aware of. Many people think they need expensive medications to become healthier, but he will help you do that without giving your hard earned money to the drug companies.

Sean Bower is another example of an expert in the group. He is a best selling author and publisher in the area of finance. He can help anyone become wealthier by unlocking their secrets of wealth management.

The Midas Legacy contributes and gives back to the community. They consistently give to charities like The Wounded Warrior Project, which helps American military veterans. They also give to the Give Hope Foundation, and many more.

The Midas Legacy is the group for those who wish to live a life where they are able to retire early and with better health, the natural way. Peace and happiness can be reached, The Midas Legacy way.

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Brian Bonar: A Financial Wizard

The “Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance” award is going to none other than Brian Bonar. He’s the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation , and rightfully so, given his impressive achievements in the field of Finance.

This prestigious award is only presented to those with an indelible body of work, and that includes professional accomplishments and their ability as a viable leader. Only two male and female recipients are eligible for being named executive of the year, so that’s what makes the “Who’s Who” award such an outstanding feat.

Brian Bonar is a thirty year veteran in the financial field with professional management experience, along with overseeing the various tasks and operations for Dalrada Financial Corporation. His role as the CEO and chairman of the company depends solely on his ability to properly handle employee and employer benefits and the shares and bonds of the company products.

Dalrada Financial Corporation produces a wide selection of employee programs that exponentially raises the bar for business efficiency, and these of course include benefits, risk management insurance, financial management, and promotional services. This is just the tip of the ice berg on why Bonar is receiving this top honor. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

And when he wasn’t doing a great justice to the world of Finance, he was off at Stafford University with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. His past ventures are also all of the makings of a massively established businessman.

He was a founder and managing member of AMS Outsourcing, President of Allegiant Proffesional Business Services, Vice President in Sales and Marketing at ITEC Imaging Technologies, CEO and Founder of Bezier Systems, Sales Manager at Adaptec, Vice President in Sales and Marketing at Rastek Corporation, and Procurement Manager at IBM; quite a busy individual. And his hobbies include boating, golfing, and spending time with his family as well.

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