Blogger Takes 7-Day WEN Hair Challenge for Glossy Healthy Hair

Most of us wash daily with shampoos full of harsh detergents. We think we’re doing a good thing, but California stylist Chaz Dean says there’s a better way. He should know, because Chaz Dean developed the revolutionary no shampoo method that delivers strength, shine and manageability back to hair. That’s why Bustle blogger Emily McClure took a 7-day challenge to see if the WEN hair system could improve her limp, greasy locks.

Emily snapped selfies each day for readers to judge her WEN hair progress, and she kept a little journal of her hair care. The blogger chose the FIG cleansing conditioner, designed to add moisture, shine and bounce.

She had seen Chaz Dean’s popular TV infomercials on featuring celebrities with gorgeous, glossy hair. They were using a no lather shampoo and finding their hair reacted much better to the WEN system. Chaz Dean believes so much in his company, that he has not used a lather shampoo on his many clients or himself since 1993.

Emily began a daily wash using the WEN system on Ebay, and each time she followed the routine, her hair transformed into a voluminous, shiny result. Too bad she didn’t remain loyal to the entire 7-day challenge. Emily admits one time she shampooed at night instead of in the morning, hoping her hair would still look manageable for the entire day. She claims her hair turned greasy and fell flat.

Another day, Emily skipped a wash with WEN, because she had too busy a schedule at work on twitter and had to get moving. Her hair looked limp and would not hold a curl or style.

When Emily returned to the daily WEN cleansing, her hair immediately returned to a healthy bounce and shine, so much so, that her friends even noticed the difference one evening after work.