University Assigns Wikipedia Articles Over Essays

Lecturers over at the University of Sydney have decided to carve a new route for students in order to increase creativity, dedication, and interest while writing academic papers. Instead of the usual essay these lecturers have assigned students the tasks of making Wikipedia revisions and creating correctly informed Wikipedia article creation. While the majority of schools are against using Wikipedia the teachers using this new technique believe that student’s will put more effort into their writing when they know they’ll have an audience larger than just their teacher. Since Wikipedia’s strict guidelines harbor incorrect information without proper source material to be published these students not only received feedback from their professors they also received feedback from professional Wikipedia editors employed by site itself.

Wikipedia, the world’s largest known online encyclopedia, is one of the most recognized sources of information available to everyone. No matter what type of business you run a major part of sales, reputation, and brand recognition is getting a good word in about your company or product. That’s where Google Search steps in and aids the public in their quest for information, product reviews, and company reviews. Wikipedia links to the item searched on Google pop up as one of first five links and research has shown 87% of Google users don’t scroll past the first page of results. This makes Wikipedia a prime source of advertisement that can be seen across the world with one simple click.

Veteran writers employed by Wikipedia have spent years perfecting the art of informative and well written pages about a myriad of topics ranging from massive corporations to individuals in the limelight. Under Wikipedia’s strict guidelines editors and authors are not allowed to post biased information or promotional content of any kind which can give an unseasoned writer a few problems.

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