Mikal Watts Seeks Farmer Litigants for Class Action Suit Against Syngenta Corn

Mikal Watts of Watts Guerra LLP negotiated a $750 million settlement for U. S. Rice farmers with Bayer Crop Sciences for Bayer’s destruction of the U.S. rice export prices. He expects this legal victory to apply to Syngenta Biotechnology who failed to use due diligence when they introduced new strains of corn which contaminated the U. S. corn supply and could not be exported to China until 2014. Syngenta knew, when U. S. farmers purchased their corn, that their corporation had not applied for China’s approval of the new strain of corn. China is the largest importer of U.S. corn.

Mikal Watts is seeking farmers who purchased Syngenta corn in the years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and were damaged through contamination of their crop or through the inability to export Syngenta corn and the ensuing devaluation of U.S. corn prices. Watts explains the steps to necessary to participate in the class action civil litigation against Syngenta Biotechnology. He explains that the statute of limitations began when the farmer or plaintiff became aware that he has a course of action against Syngenta corn, but the statute of limitations varies by state.

Archer Daniels Midland of Louisiana (ADM) served Syngenta Biotechnology with a civil petition for negligence, unfair trade practices, and violations of Louisiana’s consumer protection laws. Their petition is a 19-page complaint, which ADM is pursuing in Louisiana because ADM and Syngenta are Minnesota corporations doing business in Louisiana.

China consumes 25 percent of all exported corn and has the right as a sovereign nation to refuse to accept “genetically-modified corn.” In 2011, the National Grain and Feed Association noticed Syngenta Biotechnology of China’s zero-tolerance policy for the modified corn, but Syngenta did nothing. American farmers suffered billions of dollars in losses.

Mikal Watts is confident that the judge will rule in favor of the U.S. corn farmer. A July 15, 2015 San Antonio press release announced, Mikal Watts is “encouraging farmers to sue the Swiss seed producer Syngenta” for selling seed for corn which China refused to import. Court orders have been filed in the multibillion dollar corn litigation.

Watts and Guerra have extensive experience launching multimillion dollar class action suits for catastrophic accidental injuries, toxic torts, defective products, refinery negligence, and civil litigation against commercial shipping, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies.