Thor Halvorssen Brings Activism To Modern Youth

For a number of decades modern societies in the west have often been accused of being apathetic towards the future of the world; human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has spent the last two decades trying to inspire young people to be politically aware and active. The Venezuelan born film producer and activist divides his time between movie production and his main focus of assisting those who are living in closed societies; Halvorssen has recently been publicizing the growing Oslo Freedom Forum that has become a must visit for all political activists.

Thor Halvorssen has been looking to inspire others with his own brand of human rights activism for a number of years and does so by taking every opportunity to bring his work to those who may not traditionally understand political activism. Halvorssen has provided his own brand of commentary on a range of subjects, including the 2016 Presidential race in the U.S. that saw him become a guest on the right wing Fox News TV channel.

Halvorssen understands just how important it is to engage with young people about the way they see the future of the world in a political sense, which has inspired him to become a patron of the Children’s Peace Movement; this movement looks to link children in northern European countries with those living in war torn areas of the world. As a half Norwegian individual, Thor Halvorssen has promoted the Children’s Peace Movement across northern Europe.

Understanding the way the world is changing and the fact a new breed of business leaders are becoming economic and political experts has seen the Human Rights Foundation play host to many technology based executives who have an interest in protecting human rights. Leaders from new media groups, such as PayPal and Google have all interacted with Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation to gain a better understanding of problems in various parts of the world.