Thor Halvorssen’s Views

Thor Halvorssen was interviewed by Fox News’ The Intelligence Report about the heat the Bernie Sanders has caught lately about the well-known fact that he wants us to live in a socialist country. The first order of business and statement by the interviewer was that the people that are for him and want to vote for him have no clue what socialism really is. She wanted Halvorssen to explain the definition of socialism to the people watching in the hopes of beginning the interview with some clarity on this hot topic. When asked what does socialism look like in essence, he explained without a simple answer but with a more educated stance.


Halvorssen ( said that we could describe socialism in many different ways depending on what perspective you want to look at it. One is the historical definition or the academic perception. It is as he says possible like in the case of Sweden and Denmark have a democratic government with socialist policies. It works if you don’t use it like countries like Venezuela who sets prices a certain way because it wants to and then causes major shortages and then a humanitarian crises ensues.


In Venezuela, his father was a political prisoner and his mother shot by Chavez as well as a cousin who is currently in prison there. He has a great personal knowledge of what socialism that has been used in a way to mask policies that abuse the public purposefully.
One of the highlights of the interview was that he boldly stated that he gave the largest contribution to Bernie Sanders for his campaign that was legally allowable. The interviewer was noticeably taken aback by that statement and asked why he did it. Halvorssen stated that he would much rather take a risk on Sanders because he understands his platform and at least it’s not like the front-runner for the democratic party that has taken millions of dollars from countries like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and other dictatorships. He is in favor, it seems with Bernie Sanders as the lesser of two evils and not socialism.