Some HVAC Tips from the HVAC Professionals Goettl

Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical, inc. was founded by the two brothers Adam and Ted Goettl, who are the grandchildren of one of the original founders in the Goettl’s brand of heating and cooling services. The Goettl family has deep roots in the heating and cooling industry, ranging as far back as before the Great Depression in 1926, when seven years later the three brothers Adam, Bill, and John, moved from their original location in Mansfield, OH, to Phoenix, AZ. They set up shop in the great state and ever since then the brand has been Arizona based.

The brothers have passed on their teachings in the industry in providing a high quality service to businesses and homeowners in the central and norther Arizona area. They have an impressive resume under their belt, having worked on projects ranging from tract housing developments and large commercial projects since first founding the company in 1987.

The experts at Goettl suggest that homeowners especially employ a few specific tips, in order to maximize the amount of cool air they are receiving versus how much money they are spending each month towards their electric bill. This includes adding tint film to your windows, if you don’t already possess high quality tinted windows in your home. This film will help deflect the sun’s rays and heat away from the home. On the same note, weatherproofing should be done to all cracks in the walls, windows, and doors that could be leading to excessive amounts of cool air seeping out and warm air coming inside.

Another pro tip to keep in mind is to turn up the temperature. This may sound counter-productive, but by staying as close to 78 degrees as you can, you will save money. The lower the temperature is turned on your thermostat, the higher the bill will become, due to the larger amount of energy being expended to account for that lower temperature.