Securus Technologies Remarkable Customer Service Acknowledged

The latest recipient of the coveted Gold Stevie Award is Securus Technologies. Securus bagged the Best Customer Service Training Department accolade. The firm is a trailblazer in the provision of technology solutions to clients in the correctional system. The awards, organized yearly, acknowledges the outstanding performers in customer service, sales agents and business development from the corporate world. Winners were feted with an elegant gala hosted at the famous Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.


This year the competition was stiff, mainly due to the number of nominees, which shot up by 10%. The judge’s panel was made up of several experts from the around the world who made autonomous decisions. There were also numerous categories, from which winners were picked, both individuals and corporate institutions. The accolades were awarded to the top three, each receiving Gold, Silver or Bronze in that order.


Danny de Hoyos, executive VP at Securus could not hide his enthusiasm while receiving the award. He said that he was thankful to the judges for acknowledging the exemplary work of their customer service team. He revealed that his team was determined to solve all clients’ issues the first time they called. This strategy coupled up with empathy proved successful as better customer satisfaction was recorded.


Commenting on the issue, the judges reiterated the important role that Securus plays in the society. They also acknowledge the firm’s dedication to improving its services through understanding its clients’ needs.


Michael Gallagher, the mastermind behind Stevie Awards, said that the awards were the fast becoming the most competitive program in their portfolio. He added that this was a sign of the growing importance of sales and customer services to businesses.


About Securus Technologies


The firm provides a myriad of services to its clientele, which is primarily the law enforcement and corrections sector. Its services include investigations, communication and incident analysis just to name a few. Its head office is found in Dallas, Texas.



Holidays While Using Securus

Getting the most from your communication options in the prison system can sometimes be very difficult because of all of the safety measures that have been put into place. It is incredibly important that you look at a system known as Securus to change your life for the better as it has for myself and so many other prison families all over the country. Now that you know that there is a system that you can quickly and easily use without having to worry about it being a problem for you, it will be very easy for you to download this type of software and begin using it right away.


A great thing for you to consider using Securus for is communication during the holiday season. The holiday season is very difficult for almost every single person family out there because their loved one is simply not there with them like they normally would be to be able to celebrate this special time of year. When one of my relatives went to prison around the holiday season, it was something that devastated our entire family and truly put a damper on our celebration that we otherwise would enjoy very much. Being able to use Securus to finally have a deeper connection with my relative in prison allowed us to celebrate the holiday season and a happy or manner.


One of the most important things for you to consider doing is to download the security system so that you can begin using it on a regular basis especially during the holidays when it would otherwise be very difficult for you to make a trip to the prison to see your loved one. This is going to be able to save you a lot of time and money in the long run when using Securus because of how beneficial it can be in your own life and how many people are able to use it with great success.


The way this amazing technology works is by allowing you to feel confident in the fact that you can finally communicate with your loved one without worrying that you always have to make a trip to the prison to be able to see them face to face. Securus is also very quick and easy to download onto a computer or laptop that you already own and it is just a matter of you getting it onto your computer and starting to use it right away.


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Securus Has Made My Work As A Cop Easier

I know that this sounds crazy, but working as a cop is a lot easier because of the video calling system that was created by Securus. I need to have information that often comes from people who are in jails around the country. This is not like the old days when you called the jail and they put the guy on the phone. You have to have an account, and it helps to see these people when you talk to them. That is why I am using Securus, and they even got a BBB certificate which shows that they do this better than anyone.


I have to place calls to guys all the time who might be able to tell me something important, but I cannot leave the city every time I want to just to talk to one person. That is where I can use Securus to see these people on video. I get what I need, and they can see that I am not just pumping them for information without caring about their situation. We usually have nice talks this way, and it helps them to see that I am a human who is just trying to do their job.


The Securus system has helped me to get information many times, and I am very happy with the way it works. They have given me the video calls that I need to talk to people who are most in need, and I am glad that I can keep using it every day. This means that someone that I want to talk to can at least have a nice talk with me without thinking that I am just a voice on the phone. I can also do this above board because these people can see me. There is no hiding with Securus.


Securus Releases Their Best Choice For Prison Calling Technology

Securus has been the best place for people to make prison calls, and there are a lot of people who are trying to make sure they can get their calls into the jails. This means that they are able to make a secure call, and it also means that they can be like me and get in touch when they want to. There are many ways to do this, and I have been able to place video calls with Securus because they have been so helpful.

They also have a lot of information about how police can find people with voice patterns. Their technology is really helpful, and it helps a lot of people who might actually be stuck in jail. I have friends who are in jail for things they did not do, and it is possible that they might get the information that they need from Securus. I hope that Securus will also continue to upgrade their video calling app because it helps them be sure that people like me can make calls to the prison. It is very easy for someone like me to get what I need, and it is also important for me to be sure that I can call when I need.

I have trusted Securus for a long time, and I believe that they are the best thing that has happened to people like me. We are trying to be sure that we can aid my friend and other people who are most in need, and I hope that we can prove that these people deserve more help. The Investigator Pro could help a lot of people, and it I know that the video calling is something that is changing lives every day. Contact with a friend in jail has really helped ease my mind.