Marc Sparks Lending A Helping Hand

Marc Sparks is a businessman in Texas. Throughout his career, he has owned and started many successful businesses. Throughout his work with these businesses, he has created a career that has led to many opportunities. Due to the success in his career, he has able to help others that are underprivileged and in need of extra resources.


Marc Sparks has been a part of many businesses that have created his successful career. Some of his ventures include Timber Creek Capital a private equity firm, GlobalTec Solutions a company that provides analysis products, Reliant Healthcare a healthcare management company, Agency Matrix a company that provides business office solutions, Splash Media a media marketing company, Bonn Oir a vodka manufacturer, Uncle Marc Food Delivery which is a food delivery service for restaurants. These are just some of the many businesses Marc Sparks has been a part of. These successful businesses are some of the reasons that Marc Sparks is a successful business man an entrepreneur.


Besides his success in the world of business, he has made huge moves in the field of giving back to others. He is a part of Habitat For Humanity where he has helped to build homes for others, he volunteers at The Samaritan Inn a homeless shelter for those in needs. He created Sparky’s Kids foundation which is a foundation that helps underprivileged youth. He also donates large sums of money to an organization that helps kids get their high school diploma. His philanthropic donations and efforts is a passion for him and his desire to help others continues to grow.


Marc Sparks has built a career that is full of many accomplishments and successes. With his success, he has created foundations and donated time and money to hep others who are in need. Sharing his wealth and time is something he is able to do because of the accomplishments he has achieved in his career.



Homeowners Read This Before Using Airbnb

Are you considering renting out space in your home via online platform Airbnb? If so you may want to pump your breaks. There are a few issues hosts often overlook when considering using Airbnb to generate a little extra income. Before you allow a stranger to rent out your home, here are a few things you must understand.

Your Insurance Will Not Cover Your Paid Guest

If you read over your homeowners insurance policy, you will more than likely see a clause that clearly excludes commercial activity from coverage. Most insurance companies will view short term rentals as a commercial activity. This means if a claim is filed against you, the insurance company will not cover it.

Before you rent out your home on Airbnb, take a few minutes to contact your insurance provider. Find out what you need to do to ensure you are covered if a tenant decides to file a claim against you.

Tenants Come With A Lot Of Risks

Most homeowners get so caught up in the possibility to generate extra income that they fail to think about all the risks that come along with allowing a complete stranger to come into their home. When someone comes into your home you are responsible for what they do. That means if they are doing illegal activities in your home, you may be on the hook for it.

If someone gets injured, you are responsible. If your home is damaged in any way, it will ultimately come out of your pocket to get it fixed.

Who Is Richard Blair?

Richard Blair is a Registered Investment Advisor for the company he founded in 1994, Wealth Solutions. He grew up around teachers and knew it was something he wanted to do once he was older.

The goal of Wealth Solutions is to provide the kind of financial advice that changes lives. Blair wants to help as many individuals, families and small business owners plan for a successful retirement.

Over the years Blair has spent thousands of hours honing his knowledge and learning as much as he can about money and how to make it grow. If you are interested in learning how Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions can help you plan for your financial future, visit

Igor Cornelsen And The Secrets To Successful Investing In Brazil

Igor Cornelsen knows more about successfully investing in Brazil than anyone in the world. Over the last few decades he has shared his knowledge and advice with countless people and has helped to make them rich. These days as the proprietor of Bainbridge Investment Incorporated he continues to share investment advice with serious investors that want to know the secret to making money in Brazil. He guides them by sharing information he has gathered during his decades as a top executive in Brazil’s most successful banks and businesses. The accuracy of his advice has made Cornelsen a legend in Brazil.

Many people are just becoming aware of the investment potential in Brazil. They see the infrastructure projects being done in advance of the Rio Olympics. They see the incredible amount of natural resources the country has. They are impressed by the country’s immense size, its amazing beaches, and potential as a tourist destination. And they see dollar signs. This makes them want to run to Brazil and plunk down their investment dollars in hopes of reaping a huge windfall. But investing in Brazil can be tricky and without help from someone with knowledge of the businesses, the government, the laws, and the economy, people can lose their investment.

That’s where Flickr’s investmet guru Igor Cornelsen comes in. For decades he has been showing investors how to make money in this mineral-rich nation. Cornelsen’s experience as an executive with various Brazilian banks and companies has given him a unique insight and understanding of the Brazilian economy and the forces that drive it. That’s why serious investors have long sought him out when they wanted to know about opportunities to make money in Brazil. Cornelsen has been able to steer countless people to the right companies and shown them effective strategies to help them get rich investing in Brazil.

There are several key pieces of advice Igor Cornelsen gives to investors. The first is to understand the laws regarding investing in Brazil or align yourself with someone that does. He also recommends investors connect with the local population to better understand their needs and what sectors of the economy have the best chance of growing. Cornelsen also advises them to invest for the long term. Another important piece of advice he gives investors is that they should make small investments in a wide range of companies and resist the urge to put all their money in are few seemingly ‘can’t miss’ businesses.  The investment advice doled out by Cornelsen is based on decades of research.