Slyce Visual Search Company Provides Excellent Mobile shopping Experience

With the current revolution in the digital world, you would be surprised with what you can do with your smartphone. The unending demand of apps by many smartphone owners has resulted too many tech-based companies venturing in this lucrative business. Purchasing a quality product of interest, at a cheap price can cause headache, with the increase in number of retailers distributed around US. Slyce is a company based in Toronto that has come up with a visual search technology to effectively recognize objects and use the recognition memory to connect consumers with retailers online. All you need to do is to take a snapshot of the product of interest and upload it on this app.

Slyce app is an exceptional one; the company offers technology as tool to work under major product websites know as White-label solution.  The software is simple to use and operate; it works by first determining the type of product and then highlighting its properties. It allows consumers to continue checking out items from multiple retailers just after single entry of payment information. Assuming it is a shirt the app will compute and avail details such as colour and pattern, size, number of buttons and the space between them, number and location of pockets, texture and shape of the collar. This diverse information provided by this app enables consumer to select the product that appeals to him, since all matching product will also be displayed. Retailers can also benefit from this intelligent innovation, at the comfort of their own smartphones they can compare what they offer to their competitor products.

Slyce acquired Tel Aviv-based Pounce app for &5 million in shares, cash and earn-out incentives. The app has been tackling one of the complex and hard mobile shopping. Both Consumers and retailers can now easily access any information on magazines, circulars, daily business journals and skim through a series of deals with just a simple click.

Its early entry into the business will ensure its technology achieves live integration, by recruiting of more retail partners and creation of new platforms. For instance, toward the end of 2014 the app supported major brands such as Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay.