I Scored Big By Switching My Family Over To FreedomPop

Being a mother who has three children, I think everything is expensive. Since all my children are teenagers, I felt we all needed to stay in touch with one another, so getting cell phones was absolutely necessary. The only problem with getting cell phones is the fact that they would cost a fortune, and a company I chose to get service from was charging our entire family $300 each month for service. I was bewildered by all of those charges, and I switched to FreedomPop when I found out about their service prices. We all had our own cell phones that worked on FreedomPop when we made the switch.

Since FreedomPop offers unlimited plans that start at $20 each month, I knew it was a good choice to switch over to their company. I don’t know why the other company was charging such high fees for our cell phone service. Making the switch to FreedomPop has saved me $220 each month, and that’s a lot of money to save for a family of four. I still can call my kids whenever I need to, and the best part about the plans we have is the fact that the data is included.

Not only do we get all the text messages and phone calls we can use but data as well. The data is extremely important because of the fact that I use it for my GPS whenever I have to drive the kids somewhere that I’ve never been before. All my kids love applications, and one kid in particular loves playing games, so having the data is that much more important to them. Since the data is always usable, even if it’s at 3G speeds, I never have to worry about an extra bill for the data that they are no doubt overusing.

I’ve added an extra gigabyte of 4G LTE data to my phone for certain purposes, and it only cost me an extra five dollars each month, which is still an incredibly great deal. I love that when we traveled to another part of the United States, we still were able to use our phones freely because FreedomPop has great coverage. I’ve done a FreedomPop review on my own to prove that they are the company to choose when looking for great cell phone service. I’m also impressed that it wasn’t necessary to buy new phones for the family because FreedomPop accepts unlocked phones from other carriers.

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FreedomPop Makes Big Plans for Europe

FreedomPop is sweeping across the globe. The budget mobile phone company originated out of Los Angeles, and has become a worldwide success story. The idea of a budget mobile service offering free phone, text, and minutes was just too good for over one million U.S. customers to pass up.

Now, the good people of Europe are finding FreedomPop deals too good to pass up. Fierce Wireless has the whole story.

FreedomPop has made it clear the company intends to launch a “free MVNO service in Europe with 25 carriers”. These plans were announced in very early 2016, and the plans are on track to be carried out. FreedomPop does have a strong foothold in the United Kingdom. The company has only been running in the U.K. for about a year, and the subscriber numbers are well into the 250,000 range. A lot of investment capital has been spent on building up FreedomPop in the U.S. and the U.K. $190 million is one figure mentioned. The company has a lot to show for its fundraising, and its business model does make sense.

FreedomPop does not only offer free services. The free services are the baseline in which customers can then expand. Procuring a second number delivers a fee to FreedomPop. Someone may wish to buy an additional 500 MB of data for $10. For those who just want the free service, the company is fine with that as well.

What is the next big thing planned by FreedomPop? The company is looking to launch a massive global hotspot across 25 countries. Afterwards, the number is to be increased by 40 more countries. FreedomPop truly is ambitious.