Bruce Levenson, The Hawks Team Owner

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a prominent business person on wikipedia in the United States. He is the United Communications Group (UGC) Co-founder and partner. He also owns the Atlanta Spirit, LLC. For more than twenty-seven years now, Bruce continues to elevate the company’s business strategies and plays a prominent role in its business acquisitions. He has also served as one of the boards of directors in the Newsletters and Electronic Publishers Association. He also worked as a director at Mr. Bruce is the leader, and president of the “I have a Dream Foundation” in Washington and has indulged himself in many protuberant and charitable events. He has an Arts Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Washington as well as a law degree from American University, which is in Washington, DC.

Atlanta Hawk Group owned by Bruce Levenson is working to finalize the sales of the NBA team to Anthony Ressler. It was not to be put public until the process of selling was completed. It was however announced that the deal had come to an agreement, and Ressler said that he respects the NBAs approval processes and wishes luck to the Hawks in their endeavors. Levenson affirmed that he intended to sell his share to the Ressler group in September. Steve Konin, who is the Hawks’ Chief Executive Officer, will be part of the plan of the new ownership group. The sale of the franchise Philips Arena goes into the seventh month of negotiations of sale. The bids span to date ten in April. This information was told to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by people with reliable sources of that knowledge.

The entire process had taken until the month of June for the process to be completed. Bruce, who is the current controlling leader, announced the sales intention in September as a result of the controversy that had begun in the franchise. The bankers who were brought on board by Bruce sold the Hawk at a lower price than the one he had stated earlier on of at least 900 million dollars. However, early this year the Hawks were valued at 825 million dollars. It was later announced that it was to be sold to the highest bidder who turned out to be Ressler with a bid of 730 million dollars.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball team competes in the National Basketball Association and has a great winning record. It was established in the year 1946 and joined the national basketball association in the year 1949. Currently, hawks performance has been over a vast period of not winning in 57 seasons consecutively. The Hawks team has a clean record of at least 60 games that have been won. In January, the Hawks made a record that has never been held before by being the first team to go 17-0 in a calendar month.