The Career of Betsy Devos is Not Slowing Down in 2018

With an already significant career in place, Betsy Devos achieved a major advancement when she was appointed by President Trump in 2016 to be The Secretary of the Education in Washington, DC. This has been the culmination of her life’s work in education in Michigan. As a persuasive leader and businesswoman, she and her well-known husband, Dick Devos, have been leaders in business and education and philanthropists in the Republican Party in Michigan as well as the national party.


Both the Devoses came from influential families, but Ms. Devos’s appointment to Washington, D.C has been the culmination of her career. Most of her family are respected in strategic business adventures and advancing education, so Betsy naturally fell into working to for better education for students in Michigan where she was born.


Ms. Devos was instrumental in establishing charter schools and other programs that enabled students in low-class situations to attend higher-rated schools that would allow them to have a better chance at success. Today, Detroit has the largest concentration of charter schools in the U.S.


Betsy Devos’s father-in-law is founder and CEO of Amway, the multi-million dollar, multilevel marketing company, which has become a household name around the globe. Betsy and Dick are heirs of the Devos Family Foundation, and together, they have donated over $140 million to benefit new educational endeavors and the Republican Party.


There is a strategic business sense that flows through all generations of the Devos family. They are known to be movers and shakers in the business world both in Michigan and the U.S. Ms. Devos is also co-founder with her husband of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is the first premier charter school that is directly on the grounds of the Grand Rapids Airport. The school specifically prepares students for advanced careers in the aviation industry within a charter school structure.


In Washington, Betsy Devos is developing a reputation of having extreme tenacity, though she appears simply sophisticated. In a recent election, Senate passed her with a 51-50 vote for the position of a cabinet officer. Vice President Mike Pence cast the tiebreaking vote, which only confirms her upward success.


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Ara Chackerian in Business and Philanthropy

Ara Chackerian is most known for establishing the company of TMS Health Solutions that he co-founded in 2007. Ara Chackerian has been serving as the General Partner of the business. TMS Health Solutions provides transcranial magnetic stimulation to patients that have treatment-resistant depression. Additionally, Ara Chackerian is an investor and a philanthropist. He is also working as the Managing Partner of the ASC Capital Holdings LLC. The business invests in healthcare companies that are still in their early stages.

The career of Ara Chackerian has always revolved around investments and entrepreneurship. His interests are directed towards the health technology business and services in the field as well as other healthcare businesses. Ara Chackerian has founded or -co-founded the Embion Provider Links, IMS Health Solutions, BMC Diagnostics, and Pipeline RX, to name a few. He is a member of the board for a number of companies in their early stages as well. Those are mostly located in the bay area of San Francisco. In addition to that, Ara Chackerian works on environmental causes through his investments He directs resources to Limonapa S. A. which is working on sustainable reforestation in Nicaragua. Ara Chackerian also donates regularly to organizations focused on youth development such as the non-profits JUMA Ventures, Nor Luyce, and the CREA Nicaragua, among many others.

The idea for the TMS Health Solutions stemmed from the long-time efforts to establish a network of Northern California centers for diagnostic radiology. Ara Chackerian and his business partner worked on that network for more than a decade and wanted to expand their services and expertise. The received a suggestion to d something in psychiatry which led to them working in transcranial magnetic stimulation. The concept was rather new at the time, and it was a promising and result-driving treatment for some forms of depression. For more details visit his page.

Ara Chackerian is strongly interested in digital healthcare. He follows closely the development of telemedicine and apps that provide digital assistance. Ara Chackerian believes that such apps have a strong potential if designed correctly. Such apps can also pinpoint the onsets of depression in terms of communication. Visit his website

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George Soros Donates $18 Billion to Open Society

George Soros has given what is believed to be one of the most substantial donations by a private donor to a given foundation. The beneficiary, Open Society Foundations, received $18 billion from the hedge fund manager who has also been providing financial support to the Democratic Party especially in the just concluded 2016 presidential elections. The foundation is now second after Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as the largest charity organization in America. According to one official of the agency, Soros plans to leave a significant part of his fortune to the foundation.

About Open Society Foundation

The Open Society Foundation was started by Soros more than three decades ago. One of its principal roles is to support democracy and human rights in different parts of the world. Its presence in over 120 countries has made it one of the most influential organizations in the world. Over the years, the group has fought dictatorship and promoted human rights and the rights of the minority in the society. In the recent past, the foundation has paid particular attention to America, concentrating on protecting the rights of gays and lesbians and also reduction of use of excessive force by the police.

During the 2014 Ebola outbreak, the foundation provided financial aid to different treatment centers. The foundation has also supported other groups such as the Roman art and cultural center. After the 2016 presidential elections in America, Soros donated $10 million to help in the fight against violence that resulted from the hatred that characterized that election. The foundation’s spokesperson Laura Silber says in the last thirty years, they have used around $14 billion.


The History of George Soros

Early Life

George Soros was born about 87 years ago to Hungarian Jews. His family narrowly survived the Nazi atrocities by concealing their Jewish roots. They used the same tactic to help other families hide from the Nazi. He then left the country after the war and went to the UK to study economics and then to USA where he prospered and emerged as an expert in finance and investments.

Philanthropic Activities

In 1970, he started his investment company, Soros Fund Management and used the profits he made to start Open Society Foundation. The organization reflects his firm belief in the philosophy of Karl Popper that societies can only succeed in presence democracy, freedom of expression, and the individual rights.

Soros first philanthropic work started in 1979 when he provided financial support for the education of black South Africans under the then apartheid government. He provided financial assistance to different cultural groups that enhanced the exchange of ideas in the Communist Hungary. After the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, George Soros started the Central European University to support critical thinking in the region.


Over the years, Soros activities through Open Society Foundation have been seen in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. In all his activities, he has been agitating for accountability, transparency, and democracy in governments. He was among the first crusaders of medical marijuana movement in America. His recent donation to this foundation will see his donation to the foundation he started total to over $30 billion in the last 30 years. Read this story at

The Giving Nature of Dick Devos

The person we become when we grow up is determined by the upbringing we receive as a child. This is the case for Dick Devos and his wife, Betsy Devos. Dick Devos was born in a rich family of Richard Devos. From an early age, he was taught how to do business. These business lessons came along with the importance of helping the unfortunate people in the society. This was through actions and teachings. His father is hailed as amongst the richest people in the free world. He has an estimated wealth of $5.1 billion. This means that Dick Devos has a hand in most of his father’s businesses and ventures. Dick Devos is married to the 11th secretary of education of the United States.


Most of their philanthropy is managed through the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. This is an organization that has its roots in the year 1989. Since then, the organization has been part of many projects helping thousands of people in the Michigan area and across the United States. It’s estimated that since its establishment in the year 1989, the organization has dished over $189 million to philanthropy. Most of this money goes to charity donations as well as political donations. In the past, the two have been criticized for making large charitable donations to hide the outsized political donations they had made previously.


Dick Devos has lived in the state of Michigan his entire life. He even attended the Forest Hills public schools. Since then, Dick Devos has been involved with his father’s businesses. Professionally, he holds a degree in business administration from the prestigious Northwood University. He has also attended Harvard Business School but failed to graduate due to personal reasons. In the year 2015, Dick Devos revealed that he had made charitable donations of $15 million. Dick Devos is passionate about the education system. From time to time, he says that the current system has failed many Americans in pursuit of the American Dream. His love for education may be the reason why most of his donation goes to this sector. 26 percent of the 2015 donation went to this sector.


In the same year, he revealed that he had spent approximately $5.3 million on political donations. This makes it a third of the money he dished out that year. He has been a member of the Republican Party for a while even vying for the 2006 Michigan gubernatorial seat but lost to the Democratic candidate. However, Dick Devos also minds about other institutions in the society as the rest of the money goes to these institutions. These institutions include religious organizations such as churches and community service institutions. Some of the money goes to arts, civic leadership and health institutions.


Philanthropy in another Level: Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a man that many of us cannot equal. Dick DeVos is not only the loving husband to Betsy but also a father to four adorable children. As a father figure, he has been able to nurture his children into responsible young men and women. At age 61, Dick has accumulated wealth amounting to billions of dollars. Despite his riches, Dick DeVos has remained humble. For a very long time, Dick has had involvements in business, politics, and philanthropy. It is in 2006 that Dick decided to follow his political ambitions and vie to be the Governor of Michigan. He has also had the opportunity to work for the Michigan State Board of Education. As an entrepreneur, Mr. DeVos has worked for the Consumer Goods Distribution Company, Orlando Magic, Windquest Group, and also had the opportunity to head Amway, his father’s brainchild. Therefore, Dick has had the chance to discover what the universe has to offer.



Over the years, Dick has learned the power of giving. To this end, he has partnered with his wife and other family members to support courses that seek to alleviate the lives of poor people. It is only recently that it came to a realization that DeVos had given $139 million in support of just courses over the years. A large proportion of these finances went to education. As it turns out, education is the pillar of any successful society. Therefore, Dick DeVos has always believed in providing an adequate education for all. Dick’s love for giving was inspired when he made a visit to Potter’s House Christian School with his sweetheart, Betsy. The sight of struggling parents at the institution was disheartening, and the duo purposed to help low-income families put their children through education so that the children could at least uplift the living standards of their societies once they graduated. Since that day, Dick has been extremely passionate about giving. Together with Betsy, they have come up with the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, an organization that has offered million of dollars in support of civic, religious, educational, social, economic, and artistic groups for more than two decades.



In a bid to expand education in the United States of America, Dick opened a Charter School to teach high school students on how to fly planes. In this facility, interested candidates are not compelled to pay for tuition since the institution gets its support from aviators with a kind heart like that of Dick DeVos. Dick is also passionate about art. He believes that talent needs a chance to grow. To this end, Dick and Betsy have often supported ArtPrize, a competition that seeks to find the best art talent. He is also a staunch supporter of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. In all his years, Dick has accomplished what many of us only imagine.