End Citizens United Targets Vulnerable Republican Seats

The upcoming midterms look to be promising for Democrats. The polls indicate great enthusiasm for Democratic voters and the interest in getting big money out of politics is strong. People want to take back power from the lobbies that have taken over politics and it seems that this is the perfect chance. End Citizens United is one of the most important PACs behind the recent grassroots efforts to fight big money in politics and they have their eyes set on taking on 20 Republicans they believe are higlhy vulnerable in 2018. If their work pays off, we may be able to turn things around and change them for the better.

The Republicans most at risk of being replaced are in California. California is generally a left leaning state and that opens up an opportunity to change things if the right moves are made. End Citizens United feels confident they will be able to make a big difference because the Republicans in California appear to have much greater involvement in big money politics than others do. This means a grassroots movement based around giving people the power to fight back against the likes of corporations could do exceptionally well in the 2018 midterms.

End Citizens United has a goal shared by a vast majority of voters. Most people do not want to see corporations treat donations as free speech and they want to see their voices heard. The current political market seems to favor this kind of sentiment and the interest in fighting back against the work of the corporate interests is exactly what End Citizens United is about. The end goal of fighting the unfortunate ruling of the Citizens United ruling is going to take time to change, but we can make significant inroads if we act whenever possible in finding a way to solve things.

California is going to be an interesting place when th 2018 mid terms come around. Although it isn’t attracting as much attention as certain other races, nobody can deny that the seats up for grabs this year are scaring Republicans. Their lost in Alabama last year has proven that there is a way for Democrats to make a comeback when the conditions are right. Many people want to believe that Trump and the economy will keep big money politicians safe. We can certainly see for ourselves that this isn’t going to be the case and that a tidal wave is coming. The only question is how large the tidal wave is and who will be caught in it. If End Citizens United has its way, we’re going to see a lot less of the big money types in our politics come November 9 2018.

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Marc Sparks Helping Talented Entrepreneurs through Spark Tank

Marc Sparks is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist based in Dallas, Texas. Although he doesn’t have much of a formal education, having only graduated high school with a C+ in the year 1975, he has successfully founded and operated more than a dozen companies. He attributes all his success at what he does to his keen instinct. He also acknowledges God in everything that he has acquired. Marc has also written a book “They Can’t Eat You,” which can be found on Amazon. The book elaborates on his success journey.

Marc Sparks believes that with great success, comes greater responsibility. This is the reason why he is involved in numerous projects, giving back to the community and helping others raise their social statuses. It was in endeavor of this great course that Sparks decided to start Spark Tank.

The idea sparked from Lynne Sipiora, whom he met over 15 years ago and together have started a number of charitable projects. Lynne saw potential in entrepreneurs who had excellent ideas but had to means to materialize them. She managed to convince Sparks that tapping on such high raw talent would achieve high success, both for the entrepreneurs and the community.

Sparks welcomed the idea and together they started the Spark Tank. Spark Tank is a program that allows entrepreneurs get access to a $ 5, 000 grant to develop their ideas. This program is sort of a competition where applicants that have been recruited are given opportunity and resources to showcase their talent and what they would do if they got the grant. Read more:  What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From a Presentation and They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success

The recruitment for this program will be happening around mid- July of this year. All applicants are supposed to have filed their applications by then.

After the recruitment, those selected will be allowed to present their ideas on a designated date in August. Here the applicants will address the Spark Tank panel, will have to show their creativity, innovativeness and passion. Also, they will need to elaborate on what adjustments they would make to match the success achieved through their projects.

So who are eligible to apply? Companies in most industries are free to apply, including arts, human service and animal service. However, faith- based charities, United Way Charities, National Charities and Political Action Committees are not eligible for this program.

Through this program, Sparks hopes to reach to entrepreneurs within and without the boundaries of Texas. Entrepreneurs, who have the passion and everything else that it takes to succeed but do not have the capital. This program is bound to make the dreams of many seed entrepreneurs come true.

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