Facts about Eric Pulier that will Inspire You to Pursue Your Dreams

Eric Pulier is an experienced entrepreneur who has also emerged as a prolific author, specifically addressing entrepreneurship and guiding young professionals to help them set up successful businesses. As a young boy, Eric Pulier had a dream to invest in technology and come up with applications and technology that could make lives better.

He was so motivated to pursue this dream that he started learning computer programming from an early age even before he joined high school. At high school, he made a computer database company and was inspired to pursue the dream further when he went to university.

When he joined the Harvard University, Eric Pulier knew pursuing English and American Literature would not be satisfying until he did Computer Science. Therefore, he enrolled for a Computer Science degree at MIT, a neighboring college to the Harvard University. It is during his time as a student at the Harvard University that he was appointed to contribute to a column he called Pulier Leg. On his column, Eric Pulier shared articles about entrepreneurship and technology and was a big inspiration to his peers.

Of career in government
Part of Eric Pulier’s career can be traced to the works he completed for the government. One of the most notable projects he handled is the Technology Exhibition that marked the second inauguration of Bush and Al Gore in 1997.

Among the roles Eric Pulier was entitled to was to arrange the presentation so everyone present could get the real picture of the progress of the government and what lay ahead. He divided them well and covered each topic differently in a manner that was motivating. At the peak of the session, he introduced a live streaming contact with space shuttle astronauts.

Beyond his prowess in entrepreneurship, Eric Pulier has mastered the art of writing and most of his literary works target topics in entrepreneurship and technology. In his publication Understanding Enterprise SOA that was published in 2005, Eric talks about the relationship business and technology have and attempts to explain how the two elements are interdependent. He offers real-life examples using companies in the market that have reaped benefits from the application of both concepts.
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