Why TOWN Residential is Considered a New York Real Estate Powerhouse

TOWN Residential is a prominent NYC real estate company that specializes in residential luxury rentals, sales, marketing, and new development projects. The company is keen on defining New York neighborhoods and offering quality luxury residential properties to its trusted clientele.

Background of TOWN Residential

The company burst into the New York real estate scene back in 2010. As a new startup, it quickly rose up the tough real estate market in New York to become one of the most profitable companies in the city. It identified a market niche in the luxury property market within the city and immediately exploited it. Effective management has allowed the company to become highly successful in under 5 years of operation.

Today, Town Residential has firmly cemented its place as part of the top crème of the New York Real estate space. It has successfully established a firm foundation and continues to build on this foundation to ensure its dominance within the luxury market. Its customer service has been praised as best-in-class in the sector.

Products and Services

TOWN is currently an integral cog within the real estate landscape of New York. The company has specialized in the leasing, marketing, and sale of luxury residential property developments that include retail and commercial. In its short time in the market, TOWN has succeeded in establishing a high standard of service and excellence within this lucrative industry.

Management of the Company

Perhaps the biggest asset that TOWN Residential has is its competent, hardworking and experienced team of employees. The firm is led by a skilled management team that includes founder and current CEO, Andrew Heiberger. Andrew has successfully steered the real estate startup since its inception in 2010. The company’s Chief Operating officer is Jacqueline Pestana.

In the sales department, there are 4 managing directors including Ari Lefauve, Juliet Clapp, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Dorothy Sexton. Other departments in the company include Marketing and Leasing, New Development, corporate & Creative, and Commercial.

All the staff of TOWN possess unrivaled industry knowledge and years of collective experience. By establishing a winning formula of quality leadership and unique organizational culture, TOWN has proven that indeed, human resource is one of the most important assets that a business owns.

The excellence of TOWN’s management is proven by the company’s numerous industry accolades including Best Firm to Work For. In 2015, it was honored as one of the 50 best companies to work in within New York City.

TOWN New Development

This division focuses on all new development projects carried out by the company. In order to remain relevant and retain a competitive edge, TOWN has identified the need to become innovative and offer customers value for their money. The New Development division is tasked with market analysis and research, pre-development planning, Marketing, branding, advertising, and carrying out active sales operations.

TOWN New Development has established a rich network of industry specialists including contractors, architects and interior designers. It is concerned with maximizing value to meet and exceed customer expectations. Today, TOWN Residential has proven that it is an industry force to be reckoned with.

Real Results with The Real Estate Mavericks

Realtors who stay in the profession have a combination of skills that make them truly right for the job. Those skills include a background in finance, economics or law, a strong feel for the marketplace and also an emotional intelligence that helps them to connect with the needs of their clients. What many have found is that even after the changes brought to the profession through the Internet, clients still want to know they are being guided by a realtor who knows their business and who cares about connecting the right buyer with the right home.

Now, as the market picks up after a lengthy downturn following the economic meltdown of 2008, many young professionals are turning to real estate as a career. What many of the larger firms are now realizing is that greater skill sets are needed for those beginning careers in this new real estate economy. That’s why many firms are now hiring coaching experts to help realtors hone those very important skills. The good news is that they’re finding that those who have gone through coaching classes are seeing better results. Sales numbers are higher, and realtors who are selling well are committing to the profession for the long term. All of this is great news for the real estate profession over all.

The Real Estate Mavericks
Greg Hague
Greg Hague

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How the Tech World is Changing the NYC Real Estate Market

The tech industry is booming and New York City is receiving the benefits of the move of tech from its bastions in California to the East Coast. As New York City is desirable for both businesses and employees with its status as a premier metropolis and its extensive public transportation network, tech companies are finding it increasingly desirable for their operations. This article will discuss the ways in which the tech industry is rejuvenating the cities real estate.

Despite the high prices and demand for NYC apartments for rent, many of the units are outdated by modern city standards. This is partly because New York City is an old and storied city with a lengthy history and strict regulations regarding creating new buildings. The tech industry’s move into the city has rejuvenated many commercial spaces by adding in new and unique spaces that these entities are pressuring landlords to renovate. In the future, this will lead to more desirable or at least interesting architectural spaces for commercial buildings.

The meatpacking industry and the Chelsea piers area have been a crime center in years past but have now been revitalized by the tech industry moving in.

Beyond that, residential centers have also grown up with the tech industry and has become more desirable as a result. Finding apartments or space in these now hot areas have become difficult and it is important to work with an real estate agency such as Town Residential who can help to find affordable and unique properties to lease in these locations. Contact them and ask their experienced professionals to help you find the up and coming neighborhoods so you can live where the action is. Town Residential has many professionals on staff who grew up in NYC and are aware of the different areas, their unique characteristics, and what units are available.

If you are in the tech industry and are looking for a new and unique space of your own, contact Town Residential to see what spaces are available on the market. Town Residential is experienced in locating unique spaces on the market and helping to negotiate terms for these spaces that are beneficial to buyers. Town is experienced in the NYC market which is unique a different from other areas.